That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 14

Radio Daze

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2001 on FOX
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Radio Daze
Donna gets a job at a radio station and Eric gets jealous because on the air she's known as Hot Donna and supposedly single. Red gets Earl fired from Fatso Burger but Kitty makes him get Earl his job back. Leo wants to sell his car to Kelso but then changes his mind and gives it to Hyde.moreless

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  • Donna becomes "Hot Donna"

    Donna gets a job at the radio station, and she is named "Hot Donna". Eric is upset when she claims to be a single woman while on the air at the station. He thinks that it means that Donna is embarrassed of him, and he is jealous of a man at the radio station, and he doesn't know if he can trust Donna at her job at the radio station. Eric fears that Donna might start hanging out with rock stars, and having loads of fun with them, and he fears that Donna will break up with him for the rock stars.


    I think this episode is just okay because the plot really doesn't develop, Eric jealous through the whole thing, it didn't really develop in to something else, Kelso wants to get a car, & Red fires Earl without working with him. which is the most interesting plot because Red feels guilty for once! I like how Kitty said how she loved his Christmas cards, also when Red admits he is guilty. Amazing lines. Leo is so stupid, even though Hyde looks better in the car , it's not fair for Kelso since he sold his soul, it's like an appendix, he doesn't even use it. Anyways, this is just another fight where Eric gets all self-conscious & yells a lot. So there you have it.moreless
  • Donna gets a job

    Once again, Red is responsible for Earl getting fired, this time from Fatso Burger after making a complaint about the burger. Once again, this shows Earl’s character brilliantly in that after getting his job back, he didn’t want to start straight away since WKRP was on.

    Leo and the car was a hilarious plot, Kelso selling his soul by borrowing money off Jackie in exchange for being her errand boy, the bargaining between Kelso and Leo and Leo giving the car to Hyde since he was the son Leo never had (his other son being the one he did have).

    Donna’s job at the radio station was pretty amusing especially Eric’s overreaction and Jackie assuming Donna broke up with Eric but the plot wasn’t as good as Leo’s or Red’s.

    Overall, this episode is where Eric and Donna first start the tension that builds up a little until the season three finale.


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Kelso: Yeah, life just hasn't been the same since I lost the van...

      Kelso lost his van in Ice Shack earlier this season, when it sank into the ice.

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Hot Blooded (1978) by Foreigner;
      Point Of Know Return (1977) by Kansas;
      School (1974) by Supertramp;
      Billion Dollar Babies (1973) by Alice Cooper.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Donna: REO Speedwagon's coming in next week. I'm gonna see if I can get them to sign my boobs.

    • Red (to Earl): I didn't make you too dumb to flip burgers! That's God's fault!

    • (after Leo tells Kelso that he was going to give the car to his son)
      Leo: I can't sell you the car, man.
      Kelso: Oh, man! Ah, I guess I understand.
      Leo: Thanks, man. Hyde, I want you to have this car.
      Kelso: What? No! You just said that you couldn't sell the car!
      Leo: Well, I'm not selling it. I'm giving it to him, man. He's family. He's the son I never had.
      Kelso: You just said you had a son!
      Leo: Yeah, and Hyde's the son I never had.

    • Leo: Okay, I'll sell the El Camino to you for 500 bucks.
      Kelso: 400.
      Leo: 600.
      Kelso: 700! No! Damn! Wait! That's the wrong way. Um...Uh... 500.
      Leo: No...500
      Kelso: Sold!
      Kelso and Leo: Sucker!

    • Earl: Oh, hi Red!
      Ricky: You two know each other?
      Earl: I used to work for him... then he fired me.
      Ricky: I think we both have something in common. Earl, you're fired.
      Earl: What did I do?
      Red (to Bob): Hey, Bob, a job just opened up!

    • Fez: You just sold your soul for a car.
      Kelso: Who cares? Your soul is like your appendix, you don't even use it.

    • Eric: If you know about 'Hot Donna' then you know I'm not her boyfriend. The whole world heard that, ...well people in Canada heard it.
      Kitty: Oh honey, Canadians don't matter!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Red: Oh, Gilligan screwed it up....the Professor worked on that coconut radio for three months.

      Red is watching Gilligan's Island, a half-hour, weekly sitcom that ran from 1964 to 1967 and was then syndicated. The characters were stranded on a desert island; every week they'd try to get off using only what they had at hand, which usually involved coconuts.

    • Donna: He gave me this guitar pick from Foghat.

      Foghat was a British band popular in the States in the 70s. Their biggest hit was Slow Ride, in 1975.

    • Max: Fine, you have a boyfriend, does Elton John.

      While Elton John's sexual preferences are common knowledge today, in the mid-70s, the fact that he was homosexual was not known.

    • Earl: You mean right now? I'll miss WKRP.

      WKRP in Cincinnati was a half-hour sitcom that ran from 1978 to 1982, and starred Howard Hesseman as the DJ, Dr. Johnny Fever. This is also a goof; the license plate sticker in this episode says 1977, however, WKRP began in September 1978.