That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 5

Ramble On (a.k.a. Promise Ring Redux)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman driveway, Eric and Donna are on lying on the hood of the Vista Cruiser; she tells him that she's really happy with their relationship now, and he agrees. She says that they've gone through some important things and survived them, so they'll be able to survive anything; she tells him that when he came to California to get her, she knew that he was the one for her, and she has a present for him to symbolize how far they've come; Eric asks if it's one of those presents that women get for men but wear themselves, but she says no, and gives him a ring box. He opens it up and stares at what's inside; he finally says, "It's a ring." Donna tells him that it's a man-ring; Eric looks less than enthusiastic about it, but hugs her anyway. [Opening credits.] In the Forman kitchen, Eric comes down for breakfast; Red immediately asks what's on his finger and Eric explains that it's his man-ring, and was a present from Donna. Red says that it looks fruity; Kitty says that it's sweet, and goes on to say that she can enjoy these things now, and she's not going to let menopause get to her, as she has a lot to look forward to... like picking out a casket. She begins to cry; Red comforts her and suggests that she still has Eric to look after and he can make Eric cry if she'd like. In the Forman basement, Kelso says that's a big ass ring, Hyde laughs, Fez comes in and says he has his interview at DMV, then compliments Eric's ring. Kelso says it could be a Superbowl ring, but Hyde says no one would believe that Eric was in the Superbowl, maybe that he was the orphan that they won the game for. Kelso says it could have super powers, then imagines what kind of super hero would wear the secret hide-away, the Super Pals (Kelso as Batman, Eric is Superman, Donna is Wonder Woman, Fez is Aquaman, Jackie is Jayna, Hyde is Zan, and Red is Dr. Bald) are checking the status of danger in the world; everything is fine. Superman and WonderWoman come in and everyone immediately notices his man-ring; they laugh at it, and WonderWoman tells them that she got it for him as a present. An alarm goes off, notifying them that the earth is being attacked, but Batman wants to keep talking about the man-ring; Dr. Bald appears on the monitor and threatens them with his zombies, then notices the ring and laughs at it as well... Eric says that he's not going to wear the ring, and is about to put it on the table, but Hyde tells him to be careful, because if he drops something that heavy, he could throw off the earth's rotation. Kelso laughs and tells him that it was a good science burn. In the Pinciotti living room, Jackie comes running in; she tells Donna that Hyde told her that Eric doesn't like his ring. Donna says that it's beautiful; but Jackie tells her that Eric said it was so ugly the Elephant Man would wear it to distract people from his face. She says that if Eric doesn't appreciate it, Donna should take the ring back and buy something pretty for Jackie. At the DMV, Fez is having his interview. Nina, the person interviewing him, tells him that being in the school musical doesn't count as "experience" and crosses that off his resume. Fez suggests that the DMV is like a stage, but she says that it's not. He mentions his special skills, and she tells him that she doesn't see how "a fondness for pie" is relevant; Fez tells her that the DMV is like one big pie-shop. In the Forman living room, Kitty tries to use the remote control to change the channel, but all it does is click; she says that it's on the fritz again, and Red tells her that he thinks that her lady problem is on the fritz, then suggests that it's time for bed. Eric comes in and tells them that Donna is coming over, and he can't find the ring that she gave him; Kitty and Red go upstairs; Donna arrives and tells Eric that she knows that he thinks the ring is ugly. Eric tells her that he's not a man-ring kind of guy; she says that he should have just told her that when she first gave him the ring, then tells him to give it back to her. Eric says that he'll do that as soon as he finds it; Donna is upset that he lost it and tells him that the ring was a symbol of their "loving freaking relationship." Red comes downstairs and tells them that he needs cold compresses and a Bloody Mary as Kitty is talking about adopting a Communist orphan. [Scene change: Eric jumps up and plays air-guitar while Fez dances.] In the Forman basement, Eric is still looking for the ring, and doesn't understand how he could lose something so big. He tells Hyde that it's his fault, because Hyde told Jackie that he didn't like the ring; Kelso tells Eric that Hyde wouldn't stab him in the back like that, just like Hyde wouldn't steal Jackie from him. Eric tells Hyde that he's gossiping with Jackie now and that they're becoming more and more alike, then says imagine what you'll be like in a couple of months... in the Forman driveway, Jackie and Hyde are both dressed in cheer leading outfits, with pom-poms; they do a cheer, and then Hyde tells Jackie that he heard that Eric has no school spirit and that he's going to tell everyone, and they giggle together. Hyde tells Eric that Jackie isn't his girlfriend, then says that he's not the only one who tells secrets. Eric says that's right, then turns to Kelso and tells him that Hyde watches Little House on the Prairie. [Scene change: Donna twirls around and looks up at the camera.] In the Forman basement, in the circle, Donna asks how Eric could lose the ring, and how he could think it was ugly; Kelso tells her that if she were dating him, he'd be proud to wear the man-ring. Hyde tells Kelso to watch what he says, because some people have big mouths, and he looks at Jackie; she says that her mouth is in perfect proportion to her body, and Donna tells them that lots of men wear rings. At the DMV, Nina tells Fez that the interview is finished, but he continues to make puns. She tells him that it's not going to work out; she shakes his hand goodbye and then notices his man-ring. She's impressed and says that wearing the ring shows that he has confidence; Fez tells her that he feels like a king and what is the DMV, if not a kingdom? Nina tells him that he's stubborn, under-qualified and barely speaks English; she shakes his hand and welcomes him to the DMV. In the Forman basement, in Hyde's room, Jackie asks him if he's mad that she told Donna about the ring, then points out that that's what she does. Hyde tells her that if she's going to be his girlfriend, she can't shoot off her mouth. Jackie tells him that he just called her his girlfriend; Hyde denies it, and tells her to shut her mouth. Jackie tells him that she'll shut up if she's his girlfriend, and if she's not, then she'll just tell everyone what he said. Hyde looks at her and says, "Blackmail? Nice!" [Scene change: Jackie struts towards the camera.] In the Forman basement, Eric is still searching for the ring. Fez comes in and tells them that he got the job at the DMV. Eric looks at him and sees the ring on Fez's hand; he tells Fez that he can't believe that he took the ring. Fez points out that Eric has a girlfriend and a ring, while Fez has nothing. Eric points out that Fez has a job now, and tells him to give the ring back. Eric looks at the ring and wonders what Donna was thinking; Hyde tells Eric to think about Bob, and then says that the apple doesn't fall far from the Bob... they think about Bob's fashion sense... in the Pinciotti kitchen, Bob shows Eric his different rings, all of which are ugly; in the Forman kitchen, Bob comes in, horribly dressed and says he's ready to go. Red tells him that he won't go to the game with Bob while he's wearing that horrible jacket, so Bob takes it off, and is wearing a horrible shirt under it; Red says he's simply not going... Eric realizes that Donna never had a chance, and that she just has bad taste. Fez points out to Eric that Donna is dating him; Hyde says that it's only the beginning and imagines the future... in the Forman driveway, Eric comes out with a curly perm like Bob's; Donna tells him that it's foxy. In the Pinciotti living room, Eric tells Donna that he found the ring, and that he didn't lose it at all, Fez took it, so she was blaming him for being the victim of a crime. Donna stares at him; Eric tells her that her apologetic looks is accepted. Donna tells him again that the ring was a symbol, and he wasn't honest about it. Eric says that if she wants honesty, fine, and then says that she has bad taste. She says that she doesn't, so to prove his point, Eric asks what she thinks of the living room, the turquoise and chrome disaster of a room. Donna tells him that she likes it, and it's classy and sophisticated. In the Forman living room, Donna asks Eric what he thinks of the pea-soup chair; Eric says it's great, and Donna tells him that the whole room is an example of bad taste. Red and Kitty come in, and hear what she's saying about the furniture; Kitty yells at Donna that she spent years choosing the furniture. Red tells her that it's nap time again; Kitty asks if he fixed the remote control and picks it up. She tries to turn on the TV with it, but it's still not working, so she throws it on the ground and jumps all over it, then calms down and says that she's flying off the handle. Red tells her that she's not, she's being just as sweet as ever, and Kitty tells him that he's sweet, kisses him and goes upstairs for a nap. Eric turns to Donna and tells her that he told her the truth and they had a fight, while Red lied to Kitty and they've been married for 150 years. Donna says that she doesn't care, she wants him to tell her the truth all the time, but Eric says no, it's like when women ask if they look fat, and they don't really want to hear the truth. Donna tells him that that's different; Eric asks how he could tell her the truth when it would hurt her, then adds that he loves her too much to hurt her. Donna then says that she understands, and it's like when Eric wrote that song for her; Eric looks confused and says that he thought that she loved the song; Donna hastily says that of course she did. Eric suggests that they're just bad with rings, and Donna agrees, and says that when they're married they should just exchange buckets of chicken; Eric says that he could write her another song, and Donna tells him that she's fine with chicken. [End credits: In the Super Pals secret hide-away, in the circle, Donna asks if her outfit makes her butt look fat, and Eric says no; Kelso tells them that he and WonderBoy are thinking of moving in together, and his parents are going to freak out. Hyde and Jackie are kissing; they stop and Jackie says, "Your parents will freak? We're twins!" Red says that no one cares about him, and just because he's evil doesn't mean that he doesn't have feelings.]
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