That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 24

Red Fired Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 08, 2000 on FOX

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  • Red has been acting very nice to Eric at work

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". It was a very funny episode and I really liked it. Red acting much nicer to Eric was very funny and Eric getting suspicious about it was also hilarious. Kelso feeling lonely because he and Jackie are broken up was very funny. Kitty's lines were very funny in this episode. I thought it was hilarious when Hyde said "Kitty, no offense but I don't those two are dumb babies" and then both Kitty and Hyde laugh and then Kitty responds "That's not funny Hyde". Red calling his employee Earl's dog dumb was very funny. Fez was hilarious especially when he said "What's so great about Jackie? all she did was call you names but if it helps, I'll call you a name... you idiot" and then Kelso responds "Thanks Fez". Hyde's talk with Kelso and Kitty's talk with Laurie was so hilarious. It was very funny when Red is screaming at his employee Earl for a long time and Eric is listening to him through the door screaming at Earl with his lungs. Jackie and Laurie's argument and then Kelso yelling "You got burned" was hilarious. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • To Eric's surprise, he and his father are getting along smoothly for a while at Pricemart, and Kelso attempts to not secretly date Laurie.

    Eric and Red are surprisingly getting along pretty well at work, which is nearly killing Eric in shockness, because he's never seen Red this nice to him. Red compliments him on his work ethic, he laughs at a few of his jokes, and he brags about him to his other work employee, Earl. Now Eric realizes that Red is taking all the anger out that he has on Eric on Earl. Earl is a very irresponsible employee and is late all the time, using the excuse "his dog got ran over by a, what's it called?" "A car." "That's it." So going to work is actually pretty good for Eric because he doesn't have to listen to Red yell at him. This ends, though, in less than an episode when Red fires Earl. Now, it's back to Red yelling at Eric, just like old times. That's a shame. Eric's fun starts up and ends all in one episode. Not fair. But at least he gets to watch Kelso make a fool of himself as he tries to openly date Laurie without any secrets. This means Kelso coming to dinner at the Forman household. He tries to win Red over by giving him a five-pack of beer, but wow! It doesn't work! Who could of seen that coming? Surprisingly, Red doesn't kill Kelso, but they have to make a deal. Kelso can't be seen together with Laurie, and he doesn't even want that combination in the same sentence. He can't even say the name Laurie. But as long as Red isn't anywhere to be found, Kelso can make out with Laurie as long as he wants! I think that's a pretty fair deal. I mean, Red isn't going to be following them or anything.
  • I guess he hasn't drank coffee in years....

    Red is starting be nicer to Eric at work, since there's a bad employee, Earl, who's getting all of Red's attention. But when Red fires Earl, and Eric stands up for him, Eric is back in Red's line of fire. Meanwhile, Kelso decides to date Laurie openly, and they both get lectures from Hyde and Kitty.

    DVD summary- Eric and Red bond at work until Red fires an employee they both make fun of, and Kelso bravely risks Red's wrath by openly dating Laurie.

    This episode was quite good. Hehe, I said quite. :P It was a truly funny episode, like all of the episodes. 9.7
  • Earl gets canned.

    The A plot I din;t like much & thought was just a bit boring, I guess Red & Eric's work life doesn't interest me much, oh & I hated that Earl guy, he was such a pain. I think the only thing interesting is that when Eric is listening against the door & Red's voice becomes demonic. I loved that! Anyways the B plot made up for it a little by having Laurie & Kelso dating in public, of course Red doesn't like the sound of it, my favorite part is when Hyde & kitty lecture Kelso & Laurie, I love those split screens hots!
  • I guess Earl isn't short for Early

    This episode had a solid Red and Eric plot with Red actually being nice to Eric which doesn't last long when Red fires Earl and yells at him for fifteen straight minutes. However, my favourite scene is not in this plot.

    Most of the hilarious scenes come out of Hyde and Kelso's plot with great quotes such as Hyde's "That's not new, that's where every man has gone before!" and the conversation between Hyde and Kelso and Kitty and Laurie, the end of the scene being as funny as the rest of it (Laurie: Okay, are you finished with this little lecture?
    Kelso: Okay, are you finished with that pizza)

    Overall, Hyde and Kelso's plot is the funniest though Red and Eric's isn't bad either.