That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 24

Red Fired Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 08, 2000 on FOX

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  • To Eric's surprise, he and his father are getting along smoothly for a while at Pricemart, and Kelso attempts to not secretly date Laurie.

    Eric and Red are surprisingly getting along pretty well at work, which is nearly killing Eric in shockness, because he's never seen Red this nice to him. Red compliments him on his work ethic, he laughs at a few of his jokes, and he brags about him to his other work employee, Earl. Now Eric realizes that Red is taking all the anger out that he has on Eric on Earl. Earl is a very irresponsible employee and is late all the time, using the excuse "his dog got ran over by a, what's it called?" "A car." "That's it." So going to work is actually pretty good for Eric because he doesn't have to listen to Red yell at him. This ends, though, in less than an episode when Red fires Earl. Now, it's back to Red yelling at Eric, just like old times. That's a shame. Eric's fun starts up and ends all in one episode. Not fair. But at least he gets to watch Kelso make a fool of himself as he tries to openly date Laurie without any secrets. This means Kelso coming to dinner at the Forman household. He tries to win Red over by giving him a five-pack of beer, but wow! It doesn't work! Who could of seen that coming? Surprisingly, Red doesn't kill Kelso, but they have to make a deal. Kelso can't be seen together with Laurie, and he doesn't even want that combination in the same sentence. He can't even say the name Laurie. But as long as Red isn't anywhere to be found, Kelso can make out with Laurie as long as he wants! I think that's a pretty fair deal. I mean, Red isn't going to be following them or anything.
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