That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 2

Red Sees Red

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2000 on FOX

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  • superb


    what i liked- donna running out of eric's room and into laurie's, where she was making out with kelso, kelso and donna under her bed, laurie pretending to pray when red and kitty came in, laurie liking the new curfew, until she finds out it affects her to, laurie lying and saying that the gang was trying to kidnap her, kitty yelling at red, amongst other things.

    a lot of the laughs i got were from laurie in this episode, which is weird because characters like her in tv shows usually annoy me a lot. nonetheless this was a decent outing, and as such my final grade is going to be a B+ or so, i think is fair

  • Red is being twice as tough to Eric and Laurie than he was in the past

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "That 70s Show". The only thing that ruined my score for being perfect was how tough Red was being on both Eric and Laurie (even though I don't like her but I did like her in this episode) especially with Eric and Hyde and gave both of them curfew. I know you have to discipline your kids as a parent but I thought Red was going too far by setting up booby-traps and saying "It's my job to make Eric miserable" or something close to that. There wee very funny moments in this episode which were very enjoyable. "The Foreman Bunch Variety Hour" scene was absolutely hilarious. It was very funny when everyone said that "The Brady Bunch" is crap. It was very funny when Red was doing bed checks. It was very funny when Donna and Kelso were hiding under Laurie's bed and Fez and Jackie were hiding in the basement. It was hilarious when you can see Eric, Donna, Fez, Hyde, Kelso, Jackie, and Laurie in the background while Kitty was talking to Red. Kitty telling everyone how she wants the house to be happy again at the end of the episode was very good. Overall, despite Red being tough, this was a superb episode of "That 70s Show". 9/10
  • Red gets fired up...again

    This episode was awesome and funny. Red is still angry over the fact that eric and hyde are doing drugs and he doesnt just see red he goes insane! lol
    Red traps everyone in the house and raises the disopline to an extreme level including barricading the windows and putting bells on the doors!Meanwhile kitty tries to convince red that he is being too hard on them but red doesnt listen.Kitty tries to lighten the mood including watching the brady bunch but things still remain misrable.Red even goes more mad and tells eric no friends in his house but he catches them trying to escape and tries to make more disopline but kitty talks red out of it and apparently play times back.
  • Red has gone all "Mr. Even Not Nicer Than The Previous Not Nice Guy." on Eric, Hyde, and all of the other gang, and even Laurie!

    Red has far beyond grounded Eric. It's not even grounding when it's intended to be permanent until Eric and Hyde move out of the house. It's hell! Eric can't have his friends in the basement, Eric can't stay out until a time that's before 9:00 P.M. (which is very horrible for 17-year-olds) The new curfew even goes in effect for Laurie! If I was living under Red Forman's roof at this moment, I'd probably shoot myself. I'm sure Red has a gun somewhere . . . This is really frustrating for Eric and Hyde, as it should be. Eric tries to sneak out through his window, and Donna comes through it at night instead of going through the doors. (which, by the way, now have Kitty's "cheery happy bells" on them for sound to let Red know when someone is sneaking out) Hyde has Fez and Jackie come through the basement door and hang out. They hide in his room while Red and Kitty, well, mostly Red, are performing bed checks. Laurie's got Kelso sneaking through her window so she can make out with him. She doesn't get caught either. Donna runs in from Eric's room while Red is performing a bed check in his room across the hallway into Laurie's room. She and Kelso have to hide together under the bed while Red comes into Laurie's room, and sees his daughter fake-praying for her parents and family. Meanwhile, Kelso has a fun time touching and who knows what else to Donna's ass while they're under the bed. Kelso may be dumb in wits, but he's got a great taste in the ladies, and I praise him that he takes advantages of any opportunities he gets, including this one. Even if it does get him hit sometimes, or actually more than half of the time. Things get really out of hand. One night, Eric and Laurie sneak out of their windows and into the Vista Cruiser with the rest of the gang while Red just has to be in the kitchen to eventually see them and catch them. It's 'no more Mr. Nice Guy!' once again, or at least it threatens to be, until Kitty becomes Wonder Woman, and settles things between her husband, son, and Hyde. No more ridiculous curfews. No more happy bells on the front door. No more friends having to sneak around just to hang with Eric and or Hyde. No more frustrating rules, although, if you're Eric and Hyde, you still have to deal with living with Red on a regular basis, which sucks, but it's better than the rules that were started up by Red in the first two episodes of Season 3.
  • Red goes hyper crazy, and fun time is OFFICIALY over!

    When Donna and Eric almost starts... well, you know, red comes in, saying the curfew's over. Don't worry, Hyde and Laurie has some, too. Then, the next day, things are cracked, and Kitty wants her family to watch the Bradys.

    Well, Kitty dreams of her family, with Donna as a Forman (wait, what?) And, then, Eric and Hyde joins Shirly Partridge, Laurie is making out with Shields, and Red is happy, once more.

    In real life, Red is craking down, making sure Hyde and Eric and Laurie don't get out. Undforunatly, they do, and Red comes in to stop them. Kitty comes save the day! Hooray!

    This episode, dispite the knowlodge they really don't have, still gives me smiles, and it just makes me laugh... till the point Kitty tells Fez not to eat things on the floor. But, still, it's a good episode.
  • The second episode of season three.

    Red goes insane when the kids do not follow his very strict curfews because of their personal lives. This episode ties in to Red being extremely strict because he thinks that he has been to lenient with the children (Eric, Hyde, and Laurie, yes, even the princess, Laurie). Red realizes the kids have been sneaking out of the house every night and that the other kids (of the group) have been sneaking in to the house every night. Kitty tries to stop Red from tightening the rules, she feels like he's being to strict with the kids. She says that the house used to be fun, but Red's making it boring, and miserable.

  • "I've got the music in me!"

    I think this is one of my favorite episode of the season. I love the beginning fantasy with the bunch & everyone dancing & singing, that was hysterical. And the partridge family doesn't allow whores! Also my favorite part was the bed checks, First Donna in Eric's bed room & then Donna goes to Laurie's room trying to escape & finds Kelso & her making out, they sneak under the bed & Kelso touches her butt, then Jackie & Fez are in Hyde's room, everyoen broke th rules, then their trying to push the car away, & Kitty stood up & said she wanted it back to normal. An amazing episode, Probably one of the best!
  • Red definitely sees red

    Even better than the first episode of season three, Red sees Red is extremely funny with brilliant jokes such as Red getting more and more strict while the kids find more and more ways to break out.

    From bed checking to window bolting to Christmas bells on the doors as an alarm Red’s methods are worse than ever before which of course brings many more laughs.

    Fez eating stuff off the floor and everyone’s thoughts in the basement were probably my favourite scenes not including Fez’s ant farm story.

    Overall, this episode shows Red’s strict side like no episode before it and is very well pulled off.
  • Alcatraz Forman.

    After finding out that Eric does pot like Hyde (for apparently "a week"), Red issues a curfew for the three at home, while Fez, Jackie, Kelso and Donna have to do all they can to stay under Red's radar.

    This results in a series of hilarious duck and cover operations and attempted escapes, all which Red responds to with increased security, such as nailing the windows shut and acting like a head security gaurd by standing outside the house at night.

    When the kids try to sneak out all at once and Red attempts to discipline them even further, Kitty finally has enough and orders Red to stop all this discipline and stays home when he refuses so she can take back the house.

    Overall, a great episode with Red acting like even more of a hard-ass jerk than usual.
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