That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 2

Red Sees Red

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Come And Get Your Love (1974) by Redbone;
      I've Got The Music In Me (1974) (sung by "The Forman Bunch");
      Sunrise, Sunset (1964) (sung by Kitty, Charo and Gene Simmons).

  • Quotes

    • Eric and Hyde (to Shirley Jones): Hi, mom!
      Kitty: Mom?
      Shirley Jones: That's right, Kitty.
      Eric: We're Partridges now!
      Hyde: This is gonna be great! I'm pretty sure I can nail Susan Dey!
      Kitty: No! Partridges? You can't live in a bus! There's no toilet!

    • Hyde (his thoughts): Stop looking at me! Stop looking at me! Stop looking at me!
      Jackie (her thoughts): Please look at me. Hey! Psst. I love you, Steven! I have secret love powers. Look at me!
      Donna (her thoughts): Hmm. I have twenty nine teeth. No, that can't be right. One, two, three…
      Fez (his thoughts): Jackie's in love with Hyde and I have nothing! Oh, look, I found an M & M! (picks up the "M & M" and puts it in his mouth) Oh no! (spits it out)
      Eric (his thoughts): My life sucks. (looks around) Okay, I really hope no one smelled that.
      Kelso (his thoughts): All right! I'm the best looking person in this room. No. In this whole town. No! No, in this whole state. No!

    • Kitty: What are you doing?
      Red: Oh, just nailing his window shut. For his own good!
      Eric: What if there's a fire?
      Red: Well, then I guess you can just light your dope with it, dopehead!

    • Fez: Mrs. Forman? May I tell you a little story about oppression?
      Kitty: Okay.
      Fez: Once, I had an ant farm. And they would not build their tunnels. I was furious, so I became very strict and stern with my ants. First they feared me and everything was fine. But eventually, the ants broke out and attacked me. So I had to kill them.
      Kitty: So, um, you think we're being too hard on the kids?
      Fez: Well, I don't know about that. I just wanted to let you know that I'm really sad because my ants are dead.

    • Kitty: Okay. And, let's watch some TV because that makes us all happy. Okay, here we go, The Brady Bunch Variety Hour's on.
      Red: Oh, who the hell gave those people an entire hour?

    • Red: Jeez, I wish I had a quarter for every time I caught you making out with the neighbor girl!
      Eric: Wish I had a quarter for every time you embarrassed me.
      Red: I wish you did, too. 'Cause then you'd be a millionaire and you could find
      someplace else to live.

    • Red: Never surrender, Kitty, never retreat. We're winning! The fact that Eric was desperate enough to climb out his window shows that everything is working. (he smiles triumphantly)
      (Kitty nods and smiles nervously)

    • Donna: How long 'til curfew?
      Eric: Uh...about one minute. Now Donna, I'm not bragging, but, if you're properly motivated, I can actually do it in that amount of time.
      Donna: You don't have to tell me.

    • Red: Look. What they did is bad. But you sneaking around with Kelso, that's just… unpleasant.
      Laurie: But daddy, I'm not seeing Kelso.
      Hyde: Untrue!
      Eric: A damnable lie!

    • Donna: Kelso, get your hand off my ass.
      Kelso: It was an accident!
      Donna: It's still there!
      Kelso: Still an accident!
      Donna: Kelso... Your hand is still on my ass
      Kelso: Yeah. (grins)

    • (Eric walks into his room to find that Donna is there.)
      Eric: Wow, I didn't know you delivered.

    • Kitty: Where do you think you're going?
      Laurie: To... night church?

    • Eric: I love the Bradys ... hey, remember the one where Mr. Brady went insane and put bells on all the doors?
      (he and Hyde laugh)
      Red: Did you see the one where Greg was a real wise-ass, so Mr. Brady took him outside and cleaned his clock?
      Laurie: Did you see the one where I hated living here?
      Hyde: That one's my favorite.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Eric (to Red): What now, Ho Chi Minh?

      Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 – September 2, 1969) was the leader of North Vietnam from 1946 to 1969, acting as Prime Minister from 1946 to 1955, and President from 1955 to 1969. During that time, he introduced Communism to Vietnam; his supporters saw him as a dedicated Nationalist who wanted to unite Vietnam, but his detractors saw him as an opportunity-seizing Communist who created an authoritarian government, involved Vietnam in a war that ruined the country and left a legacy of economic policies that rendered Vietnam poor. He is also held responsible for both the invasion of South Vietnam, which resulted in the deaths of millions of citizens, and the actions of the Viet Cong, who terrorized the South Vietnamese.

    • (during Kitty's imagined "The Forman Bunch Variety Hour")
      Kitty: You boys can't run away. Who's going to do the square dance with Shields & Yarnell?
      Eric: Let Laurie do it... she's been making out with Shields all day.
      Laurie (guiltily): That's a lie!

      When Laurie turns around and says "that's a lie!", she has heavy white make-up smudged all around her mouth area. Eric said that she'd been making out with Shields all day; Shields and Yarnell were traditional white-face mimes, popular in the mid-70s. They made many appearances on TV variety shows such as Kitty's imagined "The Forman Bunch Variety Hour."