That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 10

Red's Birthday

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1999 on FOX

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  • Red and Kitty go out to dinner with Bob and Midge for Red's birthday

    It thought that this was a superb episode of "That 70s Show". It's wasn't my favorite episode or the best of Season 2 but it was overall superb. It was hilarious when the ceiling fell apart in the beginning of the episode and then Red says "Happy Birthday to me". Eric getting jealous over Donna and Hyde just because Donna told Hyde about her problems with Bob and Midge was pretty good as well. It was very funny when Kelso hesitated when Jackie said that Kelso doesn't keep any secrets from her. Red doesn't want to go to dinner with Bob and Midge for his birthday but he just decided to do it even though he hates it. It was hilarious when Red and Kitty are at dinner with Bob and Midge but except that Bob and Midge both have dates. Red's golden line was hilarious when he made the birthday wish which was "I wish you all shut up". Bob and Midge's dates were funny. Kelso putting on that helmet was hilarious. Bob and Midge end up having sex with each other in the car. It was very funny when Red and Kitty made love in the basement. The very ending was hilarious when the gang said that something evil happened in the basement because they were wondering what was going on. My score was a little low because some scenes could have been better. Overall, a superb episode of "That 70s Show". 9/10
  • Red wakes up to his birthday with a hole in his ceiling, and then has to suffer more when Bob and Midge take him and Kitty out to dinner with other dates.

    The was a decent episode, but nothing REAL big happened in it. Red celebrates his birthday - however old he is. He wakes up to Kitty flirting, but as soon as they get an opportunity to do anything, a hole in the roof is made, and debris comes crashing to the top of their bed. Even worse: Bob and Midge take them out for dinner for his birthday, and bring separate dates. This only leads to Bob and Midge having sex in the car. But guess what: they still aren't going to date! That would ruin it! What weirdos. From his family, Red got underwear from Kitty, 2-by-4's to repair the roof from Eric, booze from Hyde, and seven dollars from Laurie. I don't know about you, but those kind of gifts to your average person theseadays isn't that much. Except maybe the booze! Well, meanwhile, Donna is upset that her parents are sleeping in different rooms and confides in Hyde in this, only because he is there. Eric gets upset when Hyde tells him that because he believes Donna should be confiding in him, not Hyde. So while Donna, like the hottest girl at high school, is trying to make out with him, he is trying to get her to talk to him. I understand where he is coming from, but hey, if I was him, I would stop whining, and continue making out with just a fine woman!
  • A very good episode :).

    It is Red's birthday, and Bob and Midge want to take him out to a special birthday dinner, but they each have theur own dates!

    Here's the summary for "Red's Birthday":

    It's Red's birthday and the roof collapses so Eric gets him some 2 x 4s to fix it. Bob and Midge take Red and Kitty out for dinner but they each bring a date and ditch them to do it in the car. Eric is mad at Donna for talking to Hyde about her parent's problems instead of talking to him.

    It was a really great episode. Bob and Midge were the funniest of all.

  • The second birthday episode in the series!

    The first birthday episode in the series was Eric's Birthday & now it's Red's birthday! Which is just as good. This episode was great because Kitty tries to make Red's birthday perfect for him & that's just what a wife does. I like how he ended up spending it with Bob & Midge, while Bob & Midge do it in the car. I also like how Kitty & Red do it in the basement & at the end everyone knows something evil happened there. The B plot, didn't fit in to the birthday but Eric's jealousy of Dona & Hyde is priceless, a great birthday episode!
  • Red's Birthday......

    Donna's parents are fighting and dragging Donna into. Hyde happens to be there so she talks to him about it, but that does not sit well with Eric when he finds out.

    Red's Birthday sucks from the start when the roof falls in. Then he gets sucky presents. Then he has to go out with Midge and Bob, who each show up with dates. Great 70's reference and tie in to the show by casting Three's Company Alumns....get it?

    Red decides to enjoy his steak dinner, so he tells every body that his birthday wish is for every body to just shut up!

    No 360 in this episode... :(


  • The Government is out to get you!

    This would have to be the worst birthday ever! It's bad enough that your roof caved in and your smart ass son got you some 2 by 4s, your daughter used her 20 dollars to give you seven bucks and your adopted son swiped some booze from the neighbours to give to you, but you also have to have dinner with Bob and Midge who each bring dates!

    You can see how Red feels tortured in this situation and it is very amusing as is the other plot where Donna tells Hyde stuff that she doesn't tell Eric.

    Overall, both plots were hilarious but were not as good as some of the other classics in season 2.