That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 2

Red's Last Day

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 1999 on FOX
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Red's Last Day
It's Red's last day of work, and he decides to drown his unemployment sorrows at a bar. Kitty sends Eric to pick Red up; he, Hyde and Fez end up drinking with Red instead, leaving none of them in any condition to drive. Kelso gets a van, and christens it the "shaggin' wagon."moreless

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  • red's last day

    That redneck mother song!

    What an episode, and where do I even begin with this one? Great performances all around and moreso they had a great story regarding Red potentially losing his job. During the 1970's there were a plethora of people losing their job with the economy in shambles, and this show, during its first few years, provided an excellent commentary on that. People who were kids could relive these events by watching as adults now, and kids could just laugh along the way. After the first two seasons the 70's just became a backdrop though and the show became just another sitcom.moreless
  • The Forman household takes cover for Red's final day at the plant, but to surprise, he's in a decent mood at morning, only to get drunk at Charlie's Bar with some "friends" also getting laid off.moreless

    It's Red's last day of work at the automobile plant, and at first, he's unusually calm in the morning, surprising the whole Forman household. (Kitty, Eric, Laurie, and Hyde) The guys at the plant invite him to Charlie's Bar after the work day for some drinks, and Red says "no" at first, but after one of the guys says, "I told you he wouldn't go. He hates us," he decides to go anyways. Red gets "sick" and Kitty tells Eric to go get him from Charlie's with Hyde and Fez. But that's non-effective because Red invites the guys for a drink, too, and they start "feeling bad". Haha, funny. So anyways, it is up to Kitty to rescue them from Red's Last Day. All-in-all, the episode was pretty good, but pretty bad in Eric's soul when he's home the next morning and Donna comes over, practically saying last night, she was "ready" to have sex.moreless
  • Kelso and Laurie take off... their clothes.

    Kelso starts to cheat on Jackie by having sex with Laurie in his new van. It's Red's last day of work at the plant and he is extremely depressed, and he's stressed about having to find a new job when the plant closes. After work, he gets extremely drunk. Kitty sends Eric, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez out to get him, but he just convinces them to drink, too. When everyone is drunk, Kitty has to drive and pick everyone up. She has to talk to Red about what he's doing, and why he is doing it. She tells him that he'll find work, and they all go home.

    WOW! Loved the episode!

  • Kelso starts cheating.

    This episode is down right amazing. This doesn't really seem like the teens episode, it was most likely the parents episode. I love the beginning when Kitty tries to kick them out of the table then Red comes & everyone is looking at Kitty. Then Kitty says Amen. Nice save! Its sad how Red didn't get the job, I really wish he did, although I liked how Eric & him had a man to man talk & got drunk, my favorite part is when they're listening to the "Redneck Mother" song. The B plot couldn't of been better, Kelso cheating! I think it's Jackie's fault cause he tried to break up with her to be with Laurie but she didn't let him. A powerful scene is in which Eric & Donna are kissing on the couch & laughing. A great installment to a great series.moreless
  • Red lost his job, and Kelso totally did it with Laurie!...

    This is the wildest, yet funny episode I seen in That \'70s Show! Red loses his job, while Kelso gets his new truck. Without warning, Laurie came in and flirted with him a little, and closed the door, and well..... You know what hapens next.. Lol. Then Hyde tries to convince... Or should I say force, Kelso to tell what happend between him and Laurie in his truck. This is the wildest episode, because it\'s the first time Kelso.... Wel I can\'t really explain it in a properly way... But I guess you know what I\'m talking about, HaHa..moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Red: Look at me, I'm almost 50!

      This episode is set in 1977. If Red is 49, this means he was born in 1928, and would make him 13 in 1941, when the US entered the Second World War, and 22 in 1950, when the Korean War started. If Red had only been involved in WWII at the very end, he would have been old enough, as he would have been 17 in 1945; 17 is the required age for enlistment. However, in Drive In, (season 1, episode 8), Red specifically mentioned being at Guadalcanal, a campaign that was fought between Aug. 7, 1942 and Feb. 9, 1943. Red would have been 14 to 15 years old at this time, meaning that he lied to get into the military.

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Black Betty (1977) by Ram Jam;
      I'm In Love With A Girl (1974) by Big Star;
      I Want You To Want Me (1977) by Cheap Trick;
      Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mother (1973) by Jerry Jeff Walker.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Bob: You know, I had a Ford delivery van in high school. It's a lot of fun until somebody gets preg.....You got to be careful in this van Kelso. You know what I mean?
      Midge: An idiot would know what you mean.
      Kelso: What do you mean?

    • Hyde: I want you to feast your eyes on this very large and flat cargo area.
      Eric: Wow, you could haul plywood in this!
      Hyde: Or Donna.
      Eric: Why would I want to... oh! No, Donna would never do it in a van.

    • Jackie: I'm so proud of [Kelso] that if I weren't already sleeping with him, I'd sleep with him.

    • (in the bar)
      Red: How ya doin', Fez?
      Fez: Oh my God, he knows my name!

    • Red: Normally, you do what your mother says. Sometimes you're a dumb-ass, but mostly you're a good kid.
      Eric: Thank you, sir.
      Red: But this is my last day of work, and I didn't get a party, and I didn't get a gold watch, and I didn't get crap... So let's drink!

    • Kitty: This isn't like you, Red.
      Red: What? I can't have a beer?
      Kitty: No; hanging around with people. You hate people.
      (they both laugh)
      Red: Yeah, I do!

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