That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 14

Red's New Job

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2000 on FOX

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  • Both Red and Eric try to get jobs at Point Place's new Pricemart. Meanwhile, Laurie, all of a sudden, wants a real relationship from Kelso, that doesn't include just sex.

    Red goes out for job as supervisor for a new business opening up in Point Place called Pricemart. While Bob is worried that Pricemart will make his "Bargain Bob's" go out of business, Red is eager for the job. Eric 'teases' that maybe he should get a job there too, but Red tells him NO. But Eric secretly tries to get a job as a cashier and succeeds. He finds this out at the wrong time. Red is eager for the phone to pick up later that day, and he gets excited when Pricemart announces that the guy under the name of Forman got a job - Eric - as cashier. Red gets pissed, but Eric keeps the job anyways. So, Red goes out for the position of cashier, originally, but then decides that he wants the job of superviser. Thanks to being quite frigtening, he scares the guy into giving him the superviser position. Then he fires Eric for about 5-8 seconds or so, then gives him his job back as long as it doesn't interfere with his schoolwork. Meanwhile, Kelso runs into a brick wall while cheating on Jackie with Laurie when she doesn't feel like having sex, but rather talking. Kelso considers dumping her but then Laurie threatens to tell Jackie about them, so for now, he's stuck with talking instead of having a physical, sexual relationship.