That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 1

Reefer Madness (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2000 on FOX

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  • Hyde gets out of jail and put on probation. Red decides to kick him out, and Eric decides to tell him he smokes marijuana, too, to keep Hyde in the house.

    The Season 2 finale left us some more suspense to wait for, unlike how the finale of Season 1 did. How will Hyde spare in jail? Will Jackie ever win Hyde's heart? If Jackie never sees Hyde again, will she ever get back with Kelso? Is Fez a possibility? The police department decides to let Hyde get out of jail within less than 24 hours of the incident, but he is put on probation. Red gets upset by this. He's already not planning to bail Hyde out, but it's too late not to do that, since he's already out. With some unwanted "help" (by unwanted, I mean, unwanted from Eric) from annoying 'Daddy's Little Girl' Laurie, Red decides to kick Hyde out. With this announcement, Eric brings up the idea to the gang that he'll just tell Red that he smokes marijuana, too! Bad idea. Anyhow, Jackie tries to spend some quality time with Steven, but it's less than wanted from Hyde. Why did he have to take the blame for the bag? Hyde thinks to himself. He surely regrets it, and Red doesn't know this yet, so he's still all for kicking Hyde out. Jackie admits it to Donna, though, who tells Red and Kitty, much to Jackie's dismay. She doesn't want Donna to tell them! When Hyde's on the streets, (apparently she doesn't know that Hyde said Leo's letting him stay at the Fotohut) she thinks he'll have nowhere to turn but to her! Oh, Lord . . . As soon as Donna tells Red and Kitty all of this, Hyde is all ready and set to go, but gets the 'good news' told to him by Red that he gets to stay in his house, but not without a very long and intimidating lecture that should be good enough to tell Hyde: don't stick up for the little, goodie-goodie, annoying, bratty, snobby, rich-kid cheerleader, Jackie anymore! Even after all of this, it may be hard to believe for some that Hyde still gets to stay in the house. Eric doesn't know this, either, walking into the kitchen admitting that he smokes marijuana, too, moments after Red just let Hyde move back in. If I was Eric, I would of used this excuse: (no copyright, made this all on my own!) "Oh, sorry, Dad. I didn't know you let Hyde back in. I was just saying that because I knew if you thought I smoked it, you still couldn't kick me out, so you wouldn't have to kick Hyde out either." I think that might of worked with the toughest of them, especially Red! But Red says, "No more Mr. Nice Guy." (he's referring to himself, surprisingly) No more fun time for Eric and Hyde. His new rules and everything, takes effect in the next episode.