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  • Well its was based on the life of Eric Forman, but I dont know what will happen now.

    Such a good, but took a turn for the worst, Eric (Topher Grace) and Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) have decided to leave the show. Usually when the main character and the funniest character leave, that means its over. But the show creators have decided to keep it going without them for 2 more seasons. Bad choice. It just won't be the same.
  • "That 70's Show" follows the lives of the Foreman Family, specifically son Eric Foreman and his friends as they go through their lives during the second half of the 1970's in Point Place, WI.

    "That 70's Show" is really this generation's "Happy Days". It's the kind of show that an entire family can watch together (a real rarity these days) and enjoy. You don't have to have been alive during the 1970's to enjoy the humor of the show, either, as it shows that adolescence sucks no matter what decade it is and that strong family values are timeless. This show also proved that period sitcoms can still be a hit with a good writing staff and a great cast. The casting on the show is spectacular and was a launching/come back point for most of the cast. Yes, this is the show that introduced the world to Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Topher Grace as well as introduing a new generation to Kurtwood Smith, Debra Jo Rupp and Tanya Roberts. The first few seasons of the show are definitely the best as we see the gang go through the ins and outs of high school, first loves (and first times), disco, drug use (and its consequences) and the world's introduction to "Star Wars" among other pop culture phenomena from the groovy 70's. This show is truly a timeless classic.
  • Show about a teenage boy and his high school friends. Old cliche? yes. Interesting twist? Absolutly!

    That 70's Show is a show about Eric Forman and his clan of close friends who struggle growing up in the suburbs with parents that just don't understand what they're going through while at the same time getting stoned in "Forman's basement". The show chronicles many events in the young adults life from Eric throwing his first Kegger in an empty swimming pool to Hyde and Jackie getting together to Red opening a muffler shop.

    To most of the mainstream, That 70's Show is viewed as just another generic sitcom in the 70's. To fans that tune in every episode, That 70's Show is a magical world of the eternal late 70's. It's a place where you can enjoy the many pop culture references and watch original characters who aren't placed in the hippy stereotype people assume they are. The character interaction and develepment is astounding for a show that's only been on for 7 years. The evolution of the characters through the years is remarkable, such as Michael Kelso starting as a typical High school superficial pretty and becoming a mature caring father working hard on his future while occasionaly letting his goofy side get the best of him.

    Sure the departure of Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher is bad news for the 8th season and many fans have proclamed that the show is at it's "Jump the Shark" moment even now, but for it's originality and overall sense of relaxing fun, That 70's Show deserves a place in TV history as one of the best sitcoms from the late 1990's/ early 2000's. If this is truly the point where the ship is sinking, I'd rather sink with it then prejudge a season that hasn't aired yet.
  • Bad scence the beginning.

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  • 6 friends living in the 70's.

    That 70's Show is a show about 6 friends, Eric, Donna, Jackie, Fez, Hyde, and Kelso, living in the 70's. This show is a hoot and never a bore to watch.

    For me, That 70's Show isn't one of those shows that is "can't miss an episode" completely original and addicting. But it isn't a last resort show either. What it is, is a show that's a nice treat every once in a while. When I sit down to watch tv, it has to atleast be a decent show because otherwise, what's the point of even watching it??

    That 70's Show is definately decent. It's more than that. From the outside, That 70's Show may look like just a pointless and stupid show, but the characters actually have some depth and layers. I'm not saying that this show is fantastic or anything, but it's definately worth watching for a good laugh a couple times a week.

    That 70's Show isn't a serious show, but there is continuation from one episode to another, which is great for fans who watch the show on a regular basis. But whats great about it for those of us who don't watch it on a regular basis is that you don't have to analyze every scene to know what's going on. It's not necessary to even see every episode. No matter what, you'll be able to catch up and enjoy the show even though you haven't seen every second of it.

    That 70's Show is a worthwhile show to watch for a good laugh every now and then. Even if it's your first episode, you'll find this "blast into the past" enjoyable!
  • I love this show!

    I always crack up out loud when I see this show. My husband would hear me from the office, and he knew I was watching this. I knew when I watched this show, I'd laugh, and I really needed to laugh at the end of a tough day after being with the kids and the other stuff I had to do. No other show made me laugh as hard. This was a great way to relax and laugh. My hubby would put this on for me when he knew I was stressed out. Man, I'm going to miss this show! I wish they'd just follow them into the 80's. It's not really the 70's or 80's that matters. That's why That 80's Show UPN tried to do was so bad. It's the whole cast and how they interacted on That 70's Show that made the show, not the time period. So it could take place at any time period, and I'd still be laughing my head off. The most recent Christmas episode is going to be a classic. I still laugh thinking about it...

    Anyone who doesn't like this show, doesn't get it, and never will, so don't bother trying to get it.

    Thanks for reruns and Tivo!

  • When is it coming back?

    This show is also a classic I wonder when its going to come back but i am afraid that they aere losing their touch. I was very disappointed in some episodes but all the rest of them were great and I want to say to them to not stop this show
  • that 70s show is one of the best shows on tv but isn't anywhere as good as it was back in it's prime.

    that 70's show follows the day to day adventures of a group of teenagers living through the late 70's.
    the main case has complimented themselves over the years and have stayed enjoyable even after being on air so long.

    however, the series has been on a downward spiral for many seasons now. i think it was back in season 3 or 4 when it was last a great show which is now a mediocre shell of what it once was.

    where once the stories were about adventure and experiencing new things in the 70's it has folded in on itself and become heavily about the main cast, much like a teen drama, with lots of scene's dealing with the love triangle's envisioned byt he writer's to give a spark of life to the show. with eric [for all purposes the main character] and kelso leaving for the next season it looks like it will be some more of the same as the show finally wraps itself up.

    it is sad to see such a great show fizzle away to nothingness in the way it has when it could have been so much more - even if it had been finished back in it's prime.

    that 70's show is definately a good show to watch but the later season's are only for those who have enjoyed the earlier episode's and want to watch the further adventures of the crew of characters you have become so attached to. catch repeats whenever you can, don't rush to see new episodes though.
  • That 70's Shows is "That Great of a show!"

    That 70's Shows is "That Great of a show!" Since Ashton Kutcher (Dude, Where's my car?) is leaving, I don't think it will be any better. Asthon Kutcher made this show great. There really isn't anybody in the world that can replace him.

    Anyway, the episodes have some great plots. Like the episode where Eric is met by an angel (Wayne Knight) was pretty darn funny.
    The best quote in the episode was this:

    Steven: So, you're an angel, right?
    Angel: Yes, I am!
    Steven: Can you help me with any of my problems?
    Angel: Listen carefully,!

    I always crack up when I heard this quote. That's 70's Show is one of my favorite shows on FOX.
  • Eric Foreman lives with his parents and him and his friends go on wild adventures while dabbing into illegal substances.

    The show started off great. It was original, funny, and downright entertaining. Then it got popular and went down the whole cliche road along with every comedy sitcom. Now that Eric and Kelso have left I believe that the series is doomed. What are you going to do without those guys? Especially Eric, who seemed to be the main character because everyone would hang out at his house. I can predict the future: cancelled
  • It wont be the same..

    I LOVE this show. My best friend & I would watch it together every week, laugh until our stomachs hurt, & still talk about what happened days after. I love Jackie & Hyde as a couple. Eric & Donna have been with each other since forever. And Kelso & Fez for perfect together. But now, following the 7th season finale, with Eric leaving for Africa & Kelso not returning next season, the show definitely wont be the same. Every character had its own personality and together they made the show hilarious & what it has become. I'm still going to watch the 8th season to see how everyone moves on, but I'm not sure that I'll be sticking to it as much as I did before.
  • Ever since 1998 I have been addicted to watching this show every time it comes on TV. Born in 1980, and a product of the 90's, I am very jealous of the fun that was to be had in the time. BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER WATCHED.

    Feel like reeling in the years of your yesterdays or just want to laugh? That 70's Show takes you back to the mid-70's with all the style and stereotypes you would expect with its namesake. It revolves around your average suburban ,penny pinching family(The Formans'), and the friends of the son in the family(Eric Foreman). With a very amorous sister, it makes for some steamy episodes. The group of friends is comprised of a skinny nerdish mommies boy(Eric Foreman), a very curvy redhead nieghbor girl(Donna Pinciatti), just your average dirtbag as he calls himself(Steven Hyde) also a very dumb or stupid ,he hasn't figured it out yet,(Micheal Kelso), a rich to poor snobby girl(Jackie Burkhart), and last we have the foriegn exchange student from who knows where(Fez). There have been a feww who tried to click with the group but, the group can't seem to choose a new friend. The parents of Eric Foreman(Red and Kitty), tolerate the group taking over the basement of thier Wisconsin home, although they don't know what goes on down there. The sister(Laurie) makes sparce appearances from college and elsewhere. The great Tommy Chong basically plays his classic character on most episodes,(although he was away for awhile.) Wacky nieghbors and special guests round out a very good ensemble cast.

    I see Eric as the main character, his dad is always on his case about something and his mom just loves him period. His girlfriend(Donna) fell in love with him as a child. He meets his friends at school and they grow up stuck in a little town with nothing to do. One of thier favorite pastimes is getting stoned in the basement which probably keeps the show from getting the awards it deserves, pushes the envelope on what they show on TV now. They hang out at a local cafe, the top of a water tower and take a few trips out of town. Somebody always gets in trouble or creates drama inwhich hilarity ensue every time, never fails. Corny jokes, tacky clothes, and memories of the old days makes this my favorite show.

    With everything 'retro' and all the movie remakes, this is at the top of the list of nostalgic entertainment today. It is the best sitcom I have ever seen, it blows Sienfield away by a mile. The laugh a second quick witted comedy will keep you rolling on the floor cracking up. I am very sad/mad that the show will eventually come to an end, but I will be watching for years to come.
  • This show is hilarious

    While I do enjoy the pot humor, there is so much more to this show. The characters are great and the writing id just histerical. The only down side for me now is that Fez is too old to pull off dumb foreign guy and now that some of the characters are leaving it may start to suck.
  • Go back to the 70s with the cast of That 70s show !

    Although not the best show in the whole world; When we come home and lay in our beds we all watch this show, i kno ya'll do! This is the show i like to watch when i am tired for some reason i also enjoy watching all the new episodes but this is 1 of them shows that i suggest watching. So pop in an 8 track open up a beer sit on your couch with your buds and watch That 70s show
  • This show RULES!!

    That seventies show is a must-watch by far! Partly because Donna is hot, but also because it really easy to relate to for many of us. This show was probably one of the first sitcoms that I ever enjoyed, and I still enjoy this one the most of any of them. Once again, a must watch.
  • That 70's show is just abosolutely hilarious!

    I love this show! You have to enjoy all the angles of jokes and funny materials. I realize that the show has to end soon because they are getting to old, but it is still (in my book) a classic. From dumb kelso, to angry red, to smart ass erick, this show is one of my favorites.
  • This show started off as one fo the funniest shows I have seen in a long time but quickly went down hill.

    I enjoyed this show in early days but it did not take long for it to 'Jump the Shark'. The first few years of this classic show were the best. It is a shame that this show did not gracefully end it's run at the end of the current season rather then see the two biggest stars depart the show and leave the remaining episodes in hands of the supporting cast.

    The biggest mistake this show made was starting in the middle of the 70's and not closer toward the begining. So many story lines were missed because of this single mistake.
  • Loosing two main characters and still trying to stay afloat.

    I think this show should have bowed out when it got the chance at the end of this (the 7th) season. With all the advanced time the end could have been truly memorable. *shrugs* Of course the compleatist in me will be forced to watch to see what happens, but its not at the top of my list, more like the paper at the bottom of the cage.
  • This is a great show.

    This is a great show. It is so funny. and ashton kutcher and wilmer valderama are so hilarious. plus every new idea is so funny. even when eric left donna. there is always a memorable funny quote in every show. and the characters are unforgetable. Jackie and Hide are a great couple. It will always be funny.
  • This has to be a classic show about the 70's era. It shows young teenagers dealing with issues and have some good times. Throw in some crazy foriegn kid, a dumb kid, stuck up, and the rest and you have yourself a rockin show.

    I love That '70s Show because of the stuff that happens in the show is hilarious. The characters in the show cannot be replaced or thrown away because together they are a great combo. It brings great pride to watch the kids get in trouble from Red and then things get sorted out. The episodes and storyline flow good. So far all the episodes have been worth watching and I will continue to watch That '70s Show.
  • A once great show that has lost all that once made it great.

    This show is clearly on its last legs as two of the main cast members are exiting this season. When the show began, it was great. It was funny, different, and packed with fresh faces that no one had really heard of before. But this is another show that just kind of got dragged out until everything that made it great disappears. Over its run, the show really hasn't progressed anywhere. The characters and relationships are almost exactly the same as when the show began. If you want to watch it, catch it in syndication as the show's best moments have passed.
  • A show with a great heart and some good laughs.

    That 70s Show is another one of those shows that just latches on to you whether you want it to or not. It's got a good heart and some sweet characters, and it's definitely got some funny moments. I wouldn't call it a great comedy show because sometimes it misses with the comedic factor, but it's always at least entertaining.

    I watched the first six seasons of That 70s Show in less than two weeks during my finals session last year, and I loved every minute of it. It's a great time killer and a fun way to spend 22 minutes. There are some really great episodes mixed in and it's definitely got some value.

    This is not one of those shows that you're going to track and watch every week, but when it's on (whether it by syndication or new releases) you definitely want to catch it.
  • Not like it use to be.

    This show used to be so entertaining to me between it's first and fifth seasons. But these last two seasons have sucked. Nothing on the show has been funny on the more these last two years, with the exception of a few good episodes. The show has gone downhill. It's almost like there stuck, and when a show gets "stuck" like this show is, it should def. end asap. Now that the two main characters are gone from the show, that just added fuel to the fire. This show is gonna suck major d*ck this season. I will give it a try, but how can a sucky show get better, by taking away the only two things that made it funny in the first place?
  • The Time is before my time, but the show is right on time.

    What is there to say about this show, you know it is a funny show when you can watch it with your parents and they both think it is one of the funniest to put that in perspective one of them does not find very much funny. This show even though I hate to even think it, it should of ended this season on a high note, instead of allowing two of their key cast memebers to leave and making season 8 suck. But what can you do. The worest part of it is that they even say that season 8 will be the last one. That does not instill alot of confidence in the viewers. But back to praising the show. The show has never stoped being clever, and racey. Dealing with everyday issues such as Dating, Sex, Drugs, Beer, and Parents. Even thought they have their share problems, they are still all kind of role modles at time, Exampes: Dona: going on the pill, Jackie: with Dumping Kelso after he cheated on him, Kelso: Taking care of his baby, and baby's mama, Hyde: For being a caring boyfriend to Jackie, Eric: For being the "Average Joe", and Fez: For being foregn and getting Laid. I wish they whole cast would of said for the last season but they are going to bigger and better things.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Clearly this show has past its prime.

    When it first came on the air, That 70's Show was a comedy that used nastalgia but was ultimately a timeless story of a group of teenagers coming of age. The show was always heartfelt and about something. Eric Forman was a likable kid trying to find himself. It was easy to root for him as his family faced financial difficulties while Eric himselfs found it difficult to start a relationship with the girl next door. The stories of Eric's life were told with humor and unique fantacies and camera angles.
    The magic of the early years has all but gone away. The show no longer has any meaningful stories. Eric has no more ambition and his relationship with Donna has stalled. Nothing of importance happens to Eric's friends or family either, with the excepetion of Hyde who magically became half black. The jokes now seem forced and trite. This show has lost its focus and the heart that made it special. Just as Eric has lost his way, so has this show.
  • That 70s Show is a funny show about a group of teens in well the 70s!

    That 70s Show is one of the more funny shows out there. Its about a group of kids from the 70s who are just living life with things like love, comedy, drugs and self-esteem. This show gives you a look on things back in the 70s and how they were and the standards. But most importantly this show is hilarious with literaly non-stop laughter, thats is until the show hit Season 5, then the funny was still there but just less of it.

    Also That 80s Show was a complete mistake on the creators part. Nevertheless, this show has to stand out as one of the best comedies of this time (and the 70s).
  • Well its about this guy named Eric and his friends and family. he has this neighbor named Donna who later becomes his wife. he has his friends Kelso, Fez, Hyde, and Jackie. his parents are Red and Kitty. mostly about teens facing problems just in the 70

    Well i'm pretty much new at watching it. and from what i can see its awesome. well i've only been watching the ones on UPN 20. and people say that the new ones aren't that funny. i'll have to see for myself. i give it a 9. its really funny.
  • the show is about a teenage boy(Eric)with friends Hyde and Kelso who meet a foreign student (Fez) who has no luck with the ladies while Kelso has a Girlfriend Jakie and Eric first starts to have a crush on Donna but Gradually they start dating

    i think this show never disappoints me or make me regret that i wait a week to watch it\'s reallly the best show ever aired on TV without a doubt and a show that can always make me laugh plus it gives us a taste of the 70\'s in a funny way and has a combination of people of different ways of thinking in 1 house!!!
  • drugs.hippies.rock on.

    The first time I saw this show I was very confused. Since I was not alive in the 70's it took me a few epidsodes to understand and then I love it. The slapstick comedy and sarcasm were the best thing in the comedy. The plot was good but sometimes i felt like "So what?". Sometimes this show just whet slow. Like it was some very long history book on the 70's with humor. I felt nothing progressed until the end of the 1st season. After seeing a new epidsode the next day me and my friends would talk about it. I always made fun of it saying stuff like "What was Jackie wearing?" but I still stayed hooked to the show. Fez was my favorite character. But why? For me it was his innocence, which some people liked him also. MY mom liked him the best because "He had a cute butt."(what a wierdo) Kelso is cool too and i also loved how natural Donna was. A very good comedy with a few rough edges that still bring it into a perfect circle because whats life without a few mistakes?
  • Will it survive?

    Watching botyh this show, and the movie Dazed and Confused, make me wish that I was a teenager in the 70's. The first few seasons of the show are classic, but the last couple of year's, while watchable, aren't up to par with the older season's. how will it be without the annoying ashton, or topher?
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