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  • Teenagers and their hormones......

    I guess its a good show. It has a lot of funny moments, but sometimes it can be annoying! Especially Ashton!! OH, man..that guy is too much stupid in that show! But, besides him it's OK. I had a lot of laugh, to be honest! But, the show wasn't the same after the main character went. The one thing that i truly liked was the intro, hahah... Oh, and the hottest of them all was that latino boy :)) Not so much at the beginning but later, he was soo damn hot! Yeah, i am recommending this show, its nice when u get used to it:D
  • That 70s Show is way funny.

    On that 70s Show there are 8 complete seasons and 204 episodes.

    The cast of the show includes:

    Topher Grace as Eric Forman
    Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti
    Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde
    Wilmer Valderamma as Fez
    Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso
    Mila Kunis as Jackie Beulah Burckhart
    Kurtwood Smith as Red Forman
    Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman
    Don Stark as Bob Pinciotti

    These are the other cast that aren't shown a lot in the show:

    Tanya Roberts as Midge Pinciotti(Season 1-3)
    Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie Forman (Season 2-3)
    Tommy Chong as Leo (Season 4 & 8)

    The writers of the show are : Dean Batali, Rob Des Hotel, Philip Stark, Eric Gilliland, Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia, Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, John Schwab, Linda Wallem, Gregg Mettler, Jeff Filgo, Jackie Behan, Mark Brazill, Dave Schiff, Mark Hudis, Arthur F. Montmorency, Marc Hudis, Bob DesHotel, Chris Peterson, Jackie Filgo, Jack Filgo, Kristin Newman, Bryan Moore, Sarah McLaughlin, Will Forte, Garry Bormet, Allan Dybner, Patrick Kienlen, Alan Dybner, Bryon Moore, Jennifer Keene.

    The directors of the show are:

    Terry Hughes, David Trainer, Brad Lachman.

    The executive producers of the show are:

    Marcy Carsey, Mark Brazill, Terry Turner, Bonnie Turner, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach.

    The creators of the show are:

    Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, Mark Brazill.
  • In a world full of lackluster sitcoms, That '70s show stuck out as a fine example of teen comedy. my fave sitcom of all time, no other show makes me laugh this much! except maybe scrubs...sometimes

    This show was amazing. i still watch it almost every day on FX. i mean its a daily fix. this show was so funny and so entertaining. not that many shows are good at displaying what its really like to be young, and even though the show was based on a different generation, it was still relevant which is really incredible. the jokes were timeless and the show deserved its 8 seasons. i wish it could go on forever honestly (that 00's show reunion!) nah that would never happen but it would kick @$$. for all of you who hate on this show, get over it cuz it is a classic
  • A show that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it.

    A lot of people will continuously watch Friends repeats on television when there is nothing else on but personally I enjoy this more. The thing is that although in later series the show deteriorated slightly as the actors (and therefore characters) became older and more confident it still remained very funny. The most consistently great seasons are 1-3 and these are what get endlessly repeated on numerous Sky tv channels thankfully.

    It's about teenagers and their families growing up in the mid to late 70s. In the middle of everything is the ups and downs of the relationship between Donna and Eric and this provides a nice framework and contrast to all the other relationships on the show (Eric's parents Red and Kitty, Donna's parents Bob and Midge, Jackie and Kelso later Jackie and Hyde). The character's all have different personalities as well and their interaction is the cement of the show. That and fantastically written humour.

    The only person I haven't really mentioned yet is Fez (the foreign exchange student). He always gets the best lines and is the odd one out in the show - his innocence is just hilarious. It's an audience filmed show so it has an energy and there are literally times when you can see the actors stopping themselves from laughing. Because they are having fun you tend to feel that energy yourself as well. So Highly recommended and only scored down slightly because of some misteps in later seasons.

    Watch it!
  • fun loving friends that want to have fun!!!!!!

    i think that this show is so awsome i can never get tired of watchung this show!!!!!! i love all the early stuff but i mean when they let go of formen i think that it kind of got a little blah. what i mean is that i think that the writers were trying to hard to replace formen's character with fezz. i just think that the entire show was a lot better with formen on it, with the original gang on it, as apposed to just adding characters to replace anyine on the show you know like formen's character. but all in all i think that it is one of my favorite shows of all time.
  • funny stuff

    It's a hilarious show that i would definately reccomend watching! has anyone seen the episode when that guys at the phone waiting for his girl friend to call saying she's had the baby, thast a funny episode! Yet again this is another great show for the family! It's a cool TV show name, yet simple, i like it! I dont know who my favourite character is i think there all pretty funny, the boys are pretty stupid yet funny! If you watch the show what do you think about it? If you could make any changes to it what would you change about it? It's a tough question because the show is fantastic and doesnt really need much changes
  • wish they would bring it back

    This show is the greatest. It makes me want to go back in time to live the 70's. Danny Materaton (Hyde) and Tommy Chong (Leo) are just awesome. It's so sad they just did 8 seasons, they should have made a lot more! I really like Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), beacause we can really feel his stupidity. I got season 2 and 4 and I love to watch them again and again. I'll probably buy them all! A thing that I like in this show is that the 70's spirit and mood is really present and all the acessories are old like a cereal box or a tv, etc... That 70's show is a must!
  • Hillarious!

    That 70's show is very funny! It shows exactly the things that regular teens go through. The relationships, parent problems, drugs, s**, and just laying back and relaxing. The people on there change partners like I change clothes! It's crazy. I do not like Jackie being with Kelso. I like her with Hyde better! I love Hyde. He's such a rebel like me! And now heres the alphabet. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x u y z. Dang I still have space. Ah ha now I don't! Ha ha. Later!
  • A really funnie show and please bring it back

    A sitcom which takes place in the 70s about average teenage lives. GENIUS!! i LOVE THIS SHOW. its really funny and was one of the best shows on tv. a great cast and good plots. man i wish they wouldve given it a couple more seasons. i really like this show theres not really much to say after that except i relly hope there are more shows like this in the future. because shows nowadays are getting pretty dull.this is right behind friends and the office in my favorite sitcoms list.i love thats 70s show and please bring it back man.
  • That 70's Show one of the great classic comedy's

    That 70's Show is a story about several crazy teenagers and their family's in the 70's. It was of funniest shows of all time in my opinion it is quite big over here in Australia. It does well in the ratings every night, we are about halfway through season 8. I think that its prime was season 4-7. Season 8 isn't as good without Eric & Kelso. I can't really say that I have a favorite character because they are all so great. Although fes,Kelso,Leo,Bob,Eric and Red are probably the funniest they all have their moments. I am thinking about buying the dvds of my favourite seasons on dvd because it is such a great show. In Conclusion That 70's Show is probably in my top 5 or 3 favorite sit-coms.
  • it would be great if they made it go more in the 80's

    Set in the era of Led Zeppelin 8-tracks, Tab cola and Farrah Fawcett posters, THAT '70s SHOW returns for an eighth season as it continues to flash back to the "Me Decade." With changes in their lives and adjustments being made, the gang from Point Place is moving onward and upward in season eight of THAT '70s SHOW. While the kids continue to make the sometimes bumpy and often hilarious transition into adulthood, the parents are forced to deal with an empty nest. DONNA (Laura Prepon) grows more popular at the radio station and realizes that a long-distance relationship with Eric isn't going to work, so she starts dating again, eventually meeting the person who may actually be "the one." HYDE (Danny Masterson) runs a successful record store – with Leo (Tommy Chong) as his slacker employee – and makes a final decision about his complicated relationship with JACKIE (Mila Kunis). Meanwhile, FEZ (Wilmer Valderrama) reveals more about his family and home country as he grows into quite the local Lothario. And at the Formans', KITTY (Debra Jo Rupp) has problems with no kids in the house, while RED (Kurtwood Smith) has problems because it still seems like there are always kids in the house.

    The eighth season of THAT '70s SHOW will continue the signature elements that have made the series a hit, including the surreal dream sequences, the 360-degree basement scenes and the classic '70s score. The retro series has featured numerous '70s icons since its premiere, including Gloria Gaynor, Shirley Jones, Danny Bonaduce, Charo, Alice Cooper, Marion Ross, Eve Plumb, Ted Nugent, Howard Hesseman, Valerie Harper and Roger Daltrey. Additionally, stars such as Luke Wilson, Lindsay Lohan, Jack Osbourne, Brooke Shields, Seth Green, Jessica Simpson and Shannon Elizabeth have also made guest appearances.

    This show was ok i did not like it at first but know im a big fan of the show.
  • haha old times.....

    It's a hilarious show that i would definately reccomend watching! has anyone seen the episode when that guys at the phone waiting for his girl friend to call saying she's had the baby, thast a funny episode! Yet again this is another great show for the family! It's a cool TV show name, yet simple, i like it! I dont know who my favourite character is i think there all pretty funny, the boys are pretty stupid yet funny! If you watch the show what do you think about it? If you could make any changes to it what would you change about it? It's a tough question because the show is fantastic and doesnt really need much changes.... if you dont watch it what are you waiting for?
  • This is just amazing! A couple of friends haveing a good time in the basement... ;-)

    Well, I just love it! Especially Fez with his accent and his behavior. Sooo funny! Like the sentence: I said go!. The characters are very different which make this show so great. You could say there is every society class represented. From rich to workless. Even from smart to dumb. All this together fits perfectly.
    Unfortunately I could only buy the first five episodes. The last three are not available here in Switzerland. At least not at the moment. Which is very sad. And I can't buy it in the US cause there is another code system. What a pity! I'm sure they will sell the other episodes sooner or later. Of course I hope its sooner. ;-) Until then I have to watch other shows.
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Best TV show ever. Did you get that? BEST TV SHOW. EVER!

    Hilarious. And I can so relate. No, I don't do drugs, I don't perve, and I don't have a friend from some foreign land. But i can so totally relate with the situations, and with the people. I admit that I have only been watching for about a month now, and I have only seen all of season six, a bit of season seven, and a lot of season eight, but I can already completely judge it. It's brilliant, hilarious, and I've started saying Burn in day to day situations. I could pass for Eric! I'm starting to sound like a loser, so I'llwrap it up quickly: BEST. TV. SHOW. EVER!
  • Funny!!!

    All good show's must come to an end and boy That 70 show was a pure HIT this is one of the best sitcoms I have ever seen! With the great actors and actress who chould not love this show is defnitly one of the best sitcoms in history to bad it ended I woul really like to see more new episodes but I heard that the guy who played Randy was one BIG reson this show got cancled it is to bad Eric Kelso Hyde Fez Donna Jackie Red Kitty Laurie and even Midge and Bob will always be some of the funnyest charecters I have ever seen!
  • As with most American sit-coms ( with the exception of Frasier ) i was a late bloomer to That 70's Show

    But as with KOQ's, EBLR, Becker, Less Than Perfect to name a few i'm glad i was because i doubt i would have become a big fan of the above and That 70's Show if i'd caught them first time round.

    That 70's Show does what is is intended to do. It makes people laugh. Those of us who remember growing up in the seventies laugh because we recognize the clothes, the behavior, the parents, and the decor. We laugh because we get the references made in the fantasy sequences. We laugh at what seemed so very serious and important back in the day. And we laugh because we grew up on true situation comedy, and understand that it is not there to teach us, guide us, enlighten us, or empower us. It exists to make us laugh. Against that yardstick, That 70's Show measured up beautifully.
  • Loved it

    Lots of great pokes at the decade here, from disco to streaking to Star Wars to Charlie's Angels (and yet no jokes about TV's "M*A*S*H"), and all the usual coming of age jokes (men VS women). The beautiful red haired, deep voiced, 5-foot-10-inch Laura Prepon, who plays Donna (and was also the main reason I started watching this show), is probably the most normal character on the show (the only time she ever really got colorfully bent out of shape about something was when she found another woman's underwear in Eric's car, which is understandable for any woman, only to find out that her mom and dad were back there one night) with Topher Grace's Eric in second place. Danny Masterson is great as the dead pan conspiracy theorist Hyde. I don't see what's so great about Ashton Kutcher, but I will give him credit for giving his all in the role of the male bimbo, same to Mila Kunis (who's finally making the transition from simply cute to actually being beautiful) as the self-absorbed Jackie and Wilmer Valderamma (or however you spell his name) as Fez. However, this show has ruined my ability to enjoy the 1987 hit "Robocop" because I've come to enjoy Kurtwood Smith so much in the role of Eric's cranky dad Red Foreman that I can't stand to see him as the evil Clarence Boddicker who helps mutilate Peter Weller's Murphy in "Robocop". It's a shame they had to replace Lisa Robin Kelly as Lori, even though the new actress Christina Moore is prettier.

    Just simply an amazing show...and all the cast is amazing...every character is another world...i personally didn't like the 8th season because Eric ( Topher Grace ) and Kelso ( Ashton Kutcher ) weren't on the show....but since the 1rst episode to the last of the 8th it was an amazing trip to the 70's...i wish i could have lived in the 70's...and its amazing how every episode has something that makes it special...and with other shows u can say that some episode weren't that great.. but with that 70's show theres nothing of that...every episode rocks.. just amazing show...amazing....i totally loved the musical u want to laugh theres nothing like go and watching that 70's show
  • That '70s Show is one of the Best sitcoms that I've ever seen.I didn't start to watch it until about a year or so ago and I sure wish that I would have started tuning in a lot earlier.It's really funny,Romantic,really different,and has an amazing cast.

    That '70s Show depicts the life of teenager Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and his five teenage friends: Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), his girlfriend, and next-door neighbor, Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson), a rebellious stoner who was adopted by the Forman family and lives in their basement, Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), a dim-witted narcissistic ladies man, Jacqueline Burkhart (Mila Kunis), a self-involved high school cheerleader overly preoccupied with wealth and status, and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), the nicknamed immigrant from an ambiguous country of origin and whose hormones are raging out of control.

    In my opinion, this is one of the best casts assembled in a long time. Everybody makes me laugh (especially Eric ,Fez and Kelso). All of the characters are likable and each actor puts in that little something each week that is needed to make a television series survive. Topher Grace is really great and I still can't believe that he didn't have any acting experience prior to this show. That's one of the best things about this show - all of the actors really had no acting gigs and just fell into the roles immediately.

    Signature elements of That '70s Show include surreal, sometimes elaborate, dream sequences to depict various characters' vivid imaginations, some of which include references to or parodies of fads and films of the time, such as Star Wars, Rocky, and Grease, and the 360-degree scenes, also known as "The Circle".

    Not just that, That '70s Shows also have a brilliant humor throughout and the directing is very original and smart. For me, I think it going to be damn hard to dislike the show.
  • A great comedy

    I love this show! I finished watching it a few days ago and i am trully sad because it ended. It was one of my favourite shows and i can say i enjoyed every episode of the 8th seasons. I'm gonna miss all the gang, mostly Hide, Kelso and Red because they were my personal favourite. I saw the similar shows, but i think only Friends can race with this great show, that means I am gonna start watching Friends. I hope anyone that had the chance to see this show is as happy as I am and hopes to see the show that is going to beat this one. To sum up, I would say: "The '70s Rocks"
  • Pretty good show would be better if it weren't for emo Eric.

    Pretty good show would be better if it weren't for emo Eric. Oh, yeah. From Season 4, he's really emo. He doesn't look like it, but he is incredibly emo. He's so emo, it makes My Chemical Romance more perky than Rachael Ray, Mickey Mouse, and Mr. Rogers combined. Not even the promotional images or the funny lines can hide it. Nothing can hide the super-emotional angst that the writers have given him since Season 4. The worse thing is when he left, they replaced with an even worse character, Randy, who's just annoying.

    But other than that, the rest of the characters are good. Fez is cool. And Steven's hot. And it has some comedy, except for Eric, who's never had funny lines since the beginning on Season 4. Kelso's funny. Jackie's like me, a totally girly girl. Eric was good the first 3 seasons but why did they make Eric unfunny? I know he broke with Donna but please, give him a couple funny lines instead of making him emo and I'll be satisified.
  • A ridiculously funny show set in the '70s! I absolutely love it!

    I started watching that '70s show late, so i just finished the whole show yesterday, and it was amazing! Seldom does it happen that i get really attached to shows and this is one of the shows that really drew me in. I cried so much during the 7th season finale and the show's final episode. I was so sad about it ending. Actually, i would've given it a perfect score; the only problem that i had was the 8th season because eric and kelso were missing. It just wasn't the same without them. I think it would've been better if they ended the show during it's seventh season because it's better that the show ends beautifully then to prolong it and loose it's quality, which actually happened in the eight season but i think it still deserves a 9.9 because the seven other seasons were just incredible. This is definitely one of my favorite shows!
  • What Happy Days did for the fifties, That 70's Show did for the seventies.

    I fell in love with this show 3 minutes into the pilot. A funny funny show from the start and dispite a dismal final season, it's still ranks as one of my all time favorite sitcoms.

    The show deals with the adventures of six teen friends growing up in the second half of the seventies. As a person who also grew up in that era I could really relate to the humor and the references.

    Besides the six core characters we also meet various parents, siblings, friends, and co worker. All of which had to the laughs as well as the feel of the show.

    Overall an excelent show and well worth the money for the DVD sets.
  • HILARIoUS :)

    The '70 show is the best comedy show there is. It always makes me laugh. Even thinking about it makes me laugh. I mean the characters are simple wonderful. I can watch them any time you want, and again. I have watched it 100 times, and I always have a smile. :D I still watch the reruns, the 7th season (again) and I cry. Red is hilarious!!!!!! My favorite character is Hyde, I simple love his hear and his comments.
    It is sad that they ended the show, but the '70s are over. Bur I miss it just the same Bring it back, plz!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Legendery.

    Legendery. Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Truly Legendery. (sorry didn't have what to write in a 100 words...)
  • 1970's based Comedy about teenagers and their family.

    A show about teenagers living in the 1970's their loves and lives with a comedic element. Also had their parent's in it.
    Fez palyed by Wilmer and Micheal played by Ashton Kutcher were the best on the show hands down so funny it used to put a smile on my face everytime i used to see them. Every episode was so hilarious and it got better each time.
    I liked Topher Graces character too but its the other two that were the best. I miss the show and want it back. Their girlfriends were ok i guess but i found some of them quite annoying. Well to the memories i guess. Hopefully we get to see all of them in different ventures of theirs.
  • That 70's Show is about some teenagers who live in the 1970's. The main character is Eric Foreman who is played by Topher Grace.

    I found That 70's Show about 4 years ago. I thought it was so funny. I can't really say who was my favorite character because they were all funny in their own way. But, I guess I would say one of them would be Fez, played by Wilmer Valderamma. This has to be one of my most favorite shows. Another favorite character of mine is Michael Kelso played by Ashton Kutcher. Even though That 70's Show ended, I still give it a perfect thumbs up, and an 8. No new adventures will be coming anymore, but I can still watch the reruns.
  • Hanging out! Down the street!

    The theme song was enough to get me running from my room, all the way downstairs to figure out if it was an episode I'd seen before. An amazingly funny show about six kids (Four boys and two girls, astoundingly, usually it's cut even) who are living in the seventies. Wait, seventies? Wouldn't that be really stupid? The answer is no here, people. It's actually quite addictive. And it makes you wonder, was life really like that back in the seventies? And where can I get that cute outfit like the one that Jackie or Donna was wearing? An all together outstanding show, never allowing you to think of a circle and not laugh again!
  • That 70's show will always be remembered.

    This show was just awesome. The characters were just so meant fot their part and the show has one of the best writing staffs I've ever seen.

    Eric, Fez, Hide, Donna, Kelzo, Jackie, Red, Kitty will always be remembered. They were all great actors. I Liked the role of Hide alot and the story between Eric and Donna was just amazing.

    Same with Red he was hilarious always saying threating stuff to the teens. This show was a classic. But, When eric and Kelzo left the show just went downhill fast. It just wasn't right without Eric which the show was focused

    I will always remember this show and it was jut amazing.
  • Very nice show

    Yeah, I have to admit it's a guilty pleasure. Everybody says it's a complete waste of time to watch it but I really can't agree with that. Personally, I found it very funny! The whole situations and things that happened in the show were great, as a comedy show. And because of it, I started to appreciate more of Kutcher as an actor. That 70's show it's very original and interesting, it's a show about teens and their adolescence. You get to see their characters evolving, and fronting new things of life. Fez is hilarious,Wilmer is a great actor, he did a very good job with his character. Concluding, you have to watch it, because it's a good show. Trust me, you'll love it.
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