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  • Loved and miss it

    I have watched this show from day one! I've started to collect the seasons DVDs so I can continue to watch it. I loved Eric and Donna together. I just wish they hadn't broke up so many times, but their chemistry was good. Red and Eric's relationship was too funny! My parents and I would sit around and watch this show just laughing our heads off. The only thing that really bothered me about the show was how the years panned out. When the show started in 1998 the year was 1976 and the show lasted more than 4 years so they kept in high school too long. ANyway, great show! Miss it!
  • That 70's Show, what to say about it, I loved it, it was a very good show in my eyes.

    That 70's Show was very good a capturing the 70's. In my eyes I think it was a very good show, It ran for 9 years, it ended on a good note. I think most of the charcters have gone of to others shows and have done a very good job. Ashton Kutcher with Punk'd. Tropher Grace, with movies like Spider Man, and in Good Company. Laura Pepron with October Road. Wilmer Valderrama with Yo Mammaand Unacommpied Minors.But I still havent seen Danny Masteson and Mila Kunis do anything,can't wait till they do. But it is not the same as with them together. It was a good show and I can still catch it almost every night. Wish they would get back together and do something, Good Job!!!
  • The greatest show of all time with the greatest actress of all time, Laura Prepon.

    My favorite show of all time and my favorite actress of all time, Laura Prepon. I loved the adventures of the story line and the characters of the show, even though i did not like the way that they ended the show, Donna and Eric should have gotten married, its still the greatest show of all time. The thing is that my favorite show and my favorite sport lasted the same time, 5th grade throug my high school graduation and both had sad endings, in football i broke my ankle in the state chapionship game loss and That '70s Show ended without Donna and Eric getting married, both of which need to be re-written. I loved the guest stars that appeared on the show and i really enjoyed all 8 seasons of the show even though the 8th needed at least Kelso or Forman, even with only only i think the show might have made it to a 9th season. There is so much to be said about this show and such little time to say. I still watch the show all the time and i miss being able to watch new episodes of it but i do enjoy seeing the actors in either movies or tv shows, which of course i watch for not other reason than just because they are in it i could write all day about this show but I will close saying that I loved the show and I miss it.
  • Amazing,Funny,Mostly Everything This show Should Us the 70's from a whole differnent Veiw! It had Drugs,Comedy, and Lots Of laughs No wonder People really miss it

    I love That 70's Shows Cause it Showed me the 70's ( I wasn't even born) I mean all I knew about that Time period was they created Drugs,Got high,Had sex,And Just plain Hippy! I mean All the Episodes wore So Touching "No, No Not Sexual Touching" Touching as in:
    It brought Happiness to Me. I remeber the first Episode I watched I was Laughing My Head Off So Hard! My favorite Character Was Fez. Cause he Was Mainly A "I Want Some Sex and I want it Now Guy" If you know what I mean! One of the most Sadess Moments (To me) Was when Eric Left He was the Funniest (Besides Fez) If that Show Had stayed On air for another 1-2 season We'd Be more happier AND THEY'D Kept Eric! But This Is How I feel about That 70's Show Thank You for Reading
  • Just amazing.

    The story is about a gang I trully love. This show makes me laugh from my heart. It's just amazingly done. I trully like Laura Prepon and she is one of the reasons because i watch it(not the only one of course). I am sorry that it was canceled but 8 years are not little. Every one of the crew plays it's role and part in the show really well. When i watch it i can describe myself with some of the charachters. This is one of the few shows which can do that to me. When i watch it it just fills my heart.
  • I cant say much bad about this show!

    This show was amazing the first season and just got better and better, but it has now just gotten worse and worse. what is going on. I loved this show and now it is just becoming a mediocer show. i miss some of the old cast. the old cast is what made the show and without it it is just gonna get horrible.Here is me chart for the show!

    .-Then . . . . . . . . . .-Today
  • this is not relly how it was in the 70s most of the time me and my friends would be high i dont even temember 1980-1985 it was never about the basment or the girlfriends it was about bars and clubs

    it might not relly be exactly like the 70s but its still a good show and always will be but it has some kind of romance twist in it me personaly i hate romantic shows but i just cant get enough of this one.... in the 70s it was more about "go steal some beer from your dad that would be awsome" then "guys i feel guilty i miss donna im so lonely"
  • Please read the above summary...

    This show was really fun to watch. I always laughed when I watched this show. The onlt thing I didnt like is when Erik left the show, that was kinda dissapointing. Still, I never disliked an episode, and this was "before my time" so that also gave me a laugh. My dad grew up in Wisconson during the 70's, and needless to say, He also loved this show. I remember when they brought out the 80's show and it flopped like crazy. I remember hating it compared to this show, and I hope that they bring out all the seasons for this show.
  • That 70's show what a show

    This show is so funny set in the 70's it is portrayed in that era perfectly from the clothes to the decor.Most of the show is set in Eric foremans basement following the lives ,friendships and cliques of Eric and his friends aswell as his family the great mother kitty who is hilarious and her husband red.I love this show from the funny oneliners to the whole comedy around the different characters,This show is hillarious is is not only legendary in my estimation it is a classic and gives great insight of how it may have been living in the 70's.peace man!!!
  • A Great Show

    This show just worked cause of its era and cast. It was always funny and worked well. It was good cause of its interesting years. Everybody was funny and always worked together. They just got the show right as it looks like the 70's and everyone is dressed right. All that actors and actress play the roles perfect. Makes u actually think it is the 70's. Thats how good and realistic the show is. A long lasting show and still fun to watch. Many people loved it and me too. Simple cause it was funny and the show was wrote well. In the end,they knew what to do and they did it right.
  • Basically That 70's show is a down right hilarious comedy based on teenagers of the 70's and their parents. They are stupid and silly as well which makes is even more funny. The relationships are so realistic

    This show is the funniest thing on the planet.
    I think Fez is the best character and Ashton Kutcher is not bad looking at all! The episode with Fez in the need to see the bloopers. I could watch it over and over and over. You can't get enough of it. Watching makes me think of how my uncle would have acted when he grew up and the parents are just like my grandma.
  • Wacky! Funny! Simply out of this world!

    Whenever I flip the remote, this show is one of the many good shows i look forward to watching. It's one of the best damn shows i have watched in my life. Even though I do not belong in the 70s era, this show makes me understand what my parents went through in the past and educates me on the 70s lifestyle a lot. The characters are well put together and their jokes are always very humorous and funny. The whole plot of the show is very interesting and kudos to the ending where Eric and Donna reunite the first time after one whole season. ROCK ON!
  • amazingly it!!! if u havent seen it.. watch it!!

    that 70s show is incredible.. the way they make it seem like they are are all teenage kids and what goes on "down in the basement" its amazing.. i can relate to this show in many ways. all i can say is if u havent seen this show you should watch it.. if you like comedy with a twist of reality this is your show.. it shows how teens really are and the way some parents are or how some teenagers wish there parents were like. the characters in this show are amazing too.. the way that they had all different types of people in a group of friends is amazing.. it comes to show that it doesnt really matter ur race, poverty, nationality or anything like that all it really matters is who you are as a person and what kind of friends you look for.
  • That '70s show sets on the wonderful...70's. What's to say. Some of us had lived the era of Led Zeppelin, the Disco, the casual sex and the Space Invaders.

    This show started off fine. The characters were funny, and it had clever jokes. But now it's pas itt's prime. Even my favorite character Kelso is not that funny anomore. Also the other characters are too used up as well. They also removed Leo, the hippie!

    Mainly, the show happens on the Foreman family's basement. Eric Forman is one of the best main characters in TV shows. Lost is a fantastic show, but the main character Jack is too neutral and good at everything. Eric is a thypical 70's nerd who watches Star Wars. What's more to say.

    Basically, I don't watch this show anymore, it's kind of used up, but occasionally I laugh at it.
  • This is halerious!!

    That 70's show is one of the hottest dramas playing on the small screen, and it will probably keep this position throut the seasons, which will probably keep coming to us. Up to the end of the first season we are left with various cliff hangers, especially at the end, and following that on season two the cliff hangers do not stop, we are left before one at the end of each episode. This is a great tequnique, as we can see it has us all wanting more of this amazing show and we are glad that we WILL be getting more of it.
  • haha ok, it's a funny show.

    i am seriously so pathetic and sad over OTH being in HIATUS i have to write reviews on other shows, its kind of sad. i have already written reviews on OTH shows and people, this is kind of sad. but this is not the point, T70S is a good show, believe it or not, it cracks me up. Fes and Kelso are hilarious, they crack me up. Actually, just the whole show cracks me up, I've been watching this and SP for HIATUS and just started to like them both, it's actually kind of sad, i really want my OTH to come back. Don't get me wrong NOTHING will ever replace my OTH i just needed something to watch while it was gone. ANd this is a pretty good show =)
  • that 70's show gets better every season because IT GET FUNNIER every season and everyone ejoys funny show . plus the cast is great and every episode is orignal and funny.

    this episode is FUNNY . in this episode eric gets a job a fastfood place called fatso burger , eric acts as if likes the job infront of Red because red thinks a real man should have a job when they are teenagers but, he actually hates the jobs. AT THE start steven (hyde), micheal (kelso) want the job but don't get due to thier horrible answers to questions they are asked and it is funny listening to thier answers because they have nothing to do with the fast food industry. anyways at the end of the episode eric quits the job . Overall i think this episode is very good and amusing.
  • I really love this show.

    That 70s show has great comedy and deserves and 9.3! It has funny characters and a great script. Though the final season made the show go downhill I still enjoy the the whole show. The first time i watched an episode I waas instantly hooked. That 70s show really makes me laugh and I really hope they bring it back (wishful thinking). I always like to come home and watch That 70s Show and wonder what they come up with. It's hilarious and never ceases to surprise me. Especially Red's "foot in your ass" comments. Its too bad That 70s show is gone but I remember it well.
  • A show about teenagers with an easy and fun life that any normal teen would enjoy. The show needs to return with Kelso and Eric also back.

    I loved this series starting with the first show I watched. It is true that the show went downhill after Kelso and Eric left but it still was a great show. My favorite characters in the show were Kelso, Red, Eric, and Hyde but unlike most other people I disliked Donna and Jackie. I found Donna to be a little to "Manish" and Jackie was outright annoying. Besides for these two the show was ausome and I always enjoyed watching it. This show really should be brought back.
  • Story of some teenagers who love to have a good time.

    I love this show! My sister started watching it a couple of years ago and she talked me and my family into watching it with her and I have loved it ever since. My favorite characters are: Eric, Jackie, and Kelso. This show is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very funny; that's why I enjoy watching it. I usually watch it whenever it is on, but I didn't care for the last season when Eric and Kelso left the show. They made the show funny and interesting, but without them, the show just wasn't the same.
  • Ehhhh. doesn't do much for me. It can be pretty funny.

    That 70 Show is about six friends who go in and out of relationships and what not. The characters there are ok. They can be funny (especially Fez). This show is not bad. My brother watches it and that's how I know of it. I wouldn't watch it on my own, though. I like Eric's dad. He;s pretty good. But the show is not really original. There are plenty of other shows like this I could be watching. But the show just got dumb at the end when there was that new guy and Eric left for Africa. Yep, this show was ok, but not the greatest.
  • Heres Something That was to much of a good thing. There arent that many shows today that last 5 seasons yet alone 8. Youve got a young group of people and its the 70s. Time to Party. Since this tv show is done with. I have many memories for this show.

    In so many words the characters seemed to gel right from the start. The Characters Parents were cool even in there own ways. Id like to define what each young one meant to me. Theres Michael Kelso a young hot babe magnet who always has his way with the ladies and has many problems with getting into trouble or getting hurt all the time.
    Next is Donna Pinciotti. Shes somewhat of that next door type of tomboy gal with Fiery red hair. Very Flirty and very pretty. Moveing along to Jackie Beulah Burkhart. She in my mind will always be somewhat snobby and just a pain in the bum. Shes rich and she can have whatever she wants and thats all to that. Rolling along to Steven Hyde. This dude doesnt trust anything big brother related. I can see his many points. hes got a thing for smokeing the green stuff. Hes a laid back guy who enjoys life and the times that come along with them. Now our next young person is Fes. We still dont know where hes from. Thats cool with me.
    Hes a character onto himself. Hes suave and charming And very original. There arent that many young guys out there who can pull off the stuff hes done. Hes got a comment for everything which can be a good thing for any show. Our Last and final Look is at Eric Forman. Hes that kind of young guy whos nerdish and playful and careing. At times he questions himself. But he eventually does whats right in the end.
  • BRING THE SHOW BACK PLEASE.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    i know that this is not a review but all i want to know is that, is there ever going to be a new series of that \'70s show? please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
  • Super Funny

    I love this show! It\'s so funny but I wish Eric and Donna would\'ve been more steady. I never really got when they were dating or not. Also wish that everybody would\'ve stayed on the show all the time. But anyways its an awsome show. I wish I had a gang just like friends are all tightasses. Every body from That 70\'s Show are laid back and ready to break laws and just hang around in Eric\'s basement. I know it seems very stupid but I almost cried at the season finale. It was so sad just because the show was going to end!
  • Hilarious

    That 70's show is one o the most original show's out there. Even though it may be over now, watching past episodes is just as good. The show revolves around a group of six freinds who live in the 70's era. Each charchter will bring a good laugh as you watch Red threaten Eric. Kelso's crazy idea's or a funny moment from Fez. The circle will also bring some good laughs, especially from Hyde at that point. Although season eight however was lacking what the other seasons had, but in the end the series finally was great. I recomend this show to any one looking for a good laugh.
  • That 70\'s show was cool but the part that sucked was did Eric ever get married to Dona?

    Every episode was cool the funniest person was Kelso Fez was also funny but I liked the part when they where always in the circle and talking about stupid stuff for instance Hyde would always talk about the car that drove over water then they would throw things at him like chips. The episode I liked the most was when Fez and Micheal got there new apartment and Red was mad at them for dumping potatoes chips all over the basement and when he went to thier apartment he started to dirty it and then had sex with Kitty in the master bedroom.
  • It has its moments

    It's up and down with the humor. Sometimes it's random and not that funny but in almost every show there are moments that are really funny. I would watch it if there was nothing on the tv but I wouldn't go out of my way to catch this show. The humor is silly but cute and the story line is ok and continuous.
  • This show is so funny!!

    Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny FunnyFunnyFunnyFunnyFunnyFunnyFunny show!!!! this show is so AWESOME!!They should make more episodes!!!Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny
  • Awesome show.

    I'v been watching this show for years now, maybe 4 years or so. I try to watch it every time that it is on. I find the show be very funny, in fact i never seen a part in the series that wasn't. I think the person that pretty well makes the show is Hyde, without him i think the series wouldn't be as good as it was. The show is far for perfect in my opinion. Its great, but its no Everybody Loves Raymond or Three's Company. I was pretty surpised the first time i watched it, cause i thought it would suck, but its a pretty awesome show.
  • dont bother wit the "what was that"

    I want the seasons to go way back, back with calyso, and back when forman (who was underapperciated) was on the show, when the new guy did not have an acting job. I hated the new episodes and it took long enough for the show to end. the show is still good, if you dont get one of the newer seasons episodes. the CW is still playing older spisodes and i love to watch them. every body also watched the old episodes and as they lost characters and added others they just lost intrested and grew as one the the shows with fewer and fewer ratings.
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