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  • Overall Great Show

    I think each season should be rated as it's own thing

    Season 1- 9/10

    Season 2- 8.5/10

    Season 3- 9.5/10

    Season 4- 7.5/10

    Season 5- 8.5/10

    Season 6- 8/10

    Season 7- 6/10

    Season 8- 4/10

    Total- 7.5 (I think at its best, it's a 9.5)

    Personal Score- 8.5

  • Love it

  • ?????? Season 8 ?????

    Love This Show Had Loads of Laughs at it & bought the set on DVD but having only seen season 8 once & couldnt remember it properly, god what a let down, Randy the show could of went along without him he adds nothing & is crap, the circle is gone in 8 & the whole season makes no sense, should have just had it end at last of 7 then not ended with a huge fail.
  • If it were run by ***s

    If this show was run by black people it would be so much better, instead of white people talkin about bullshit there would be trap music blasting so hard that you would feel your ass vibrating as if it were going through a prostate exam. Instead of red talkin bullshit those dumbasses would get whipped like they're accustomed to. The south will rise again YEE YEE. But aye it wasn't half bad just like yea let ***s run it
  • What Happened?

    I loved this show all through it; loved all the characters and loved the plot, which is why I gave the series overall a 9. I also loved Jackie and Hyde together, and that brings me to my next point. When the new writers came in at the end of season 7, they wanted to end the Jackie-Hyde relationship that had been going on since season 5. As if it wasn't enough that they ended it, they also had Hyde completely out of character. He called Jackie a bitch and laughed at her when she fell in a lake (this coming from the guy who once punched someone who called her a bitch). To top it all off, Jackie ended up with Fez! As much as we all loved Fez, it was too late in the series for him and Jackie, having no chemistry whatsoever, to have a relationship. In my opinion, the show began losing its way in season 7, but completely went off track in season 8. The last season was so cringe-worthy, what with the change of humour and 'Randy,' the Eric replacement, that I just pretend that it never existed.

    We didn't get Jackie and Hyde or Eric and Donna.


    We got Randy.

  • That 2012 Show

    The show lives on through That 2012 Show on youtube! Remake of That 70s Show 6CW07OmnI&feature=plcp
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  • The Titles of the Episodes

    The titles of the episodes in the last few season are all names of songs of famous rock bands

    Season 8: Queen

    Season 7: Rolling Stones

    Season 6: The Who

    Season 5: Led Zeppelin

    and i freaking love it!

  • That 70's life..

    I love this show so,so do like to think that Donna and Eric did get think that was the idea that the show wanted give at the very and Donna(Pinciotti) oldest brother dated a girl for 11 name was DONNA FOREMAN. Pretty wild it's Donna Pinciotti's married name
  • Probably the best thing to watch for nostalgia of family, friendship and growing up!

    This series just sends off good vibes. The writing is very smooth, as in the continuity (for the most part) is kept track of, the characters actually evolve and it never fails at being funny. Kelso and Fez are the stooges, Jackie's the cheerleader preppy girl, Hyde is the go with the flow stoner conspiracy theorist, Eric is goody tooshoes and Donna is the girl next door. The chemistry between the characters just makes you enjoy the series more. Definitely recomm ended.

    Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace left after season 7, and the final season suffered badly because of that, but it was still funny. Just couldn't be placed with the other seasons in terms of quality.
  • A 'Feel Good' Sitcom.

    Basically what it was, a 'Feel Good Sitcom'. What came off as a comedy centered on the crazy seventies became a series of memories, with six characters who weren't adults but conflicted, confident, amusing teenagers who had a decade to come to terms with themselves. "That 70's Show" was like an everlasting song that had tunes for all types; when the show got serious, so did we. When it turned every life's direction, we always tried to convince ourselves this wasn't the way. That was the funny part of "That 70's Show", the many odd and wrong directions each character wanted to take. And the bumps along the way.

    The show centered Eric Forman (Topher Grace) who isn't the ideal son for Red Forman (Kurtwood Smith) but the sugar and love for mother Kitty (Deborah Jo Rupp) and the smarter half of his slutty yet sexy sister Laurie, who went missing most the show. The Forman basement maybe one of the popular sets in TV because everything seems to just happen there; the 'Circles' were always held there and most of the exchanges that supplied great humor and good heart were in center there.

    Eric was the light of the show because he was that boy most of us could relate to. His lack of confidence and his mistaken ideals. The boost were from his best friends, the brother like Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson), a rebel without a cause, sometimes using his 'breaking all the rules' look in blame of the disappearance of his father and abandonment of his mother. The handsome idiot Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) who gave the big laughs for the show. Wilmer Valderama played Fez, simply Fez and throughout the show we never really do figure what country he's from especially because his accent is so unique and dumbfound ly charming. Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon) the hot red turned blonde who is most of the heart for the series and Eric. Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis), rich and annoying girl who had her way with Hyde, Kelso and formerly Fez.

    With eight seasons we were watching episodes that delivered and never disappointed. If it were for Eric replying to Donna's "I love You" with "I love cake", The Formans and Pinciottis (Don Stark and Tanya Roberts) discovering Eric and Donna soon to be married. Or even the Water Tower episode, the silly and hilarious joy of pot head Leo (Tommy Chong). The break up of Eric and Donna and the many break ups of Jackie and Kelso and Hyde with Jackie. So much love and hate.

    Guest starring roles of Brooke Shields as the sexy mother Burkhart made killer episodes and so did Mary Tyler Moore, Cher, Billy de Williams (the Star Wars fanatic priest), Betty White, Alice Cooper, Seth Green, Gene Simmons, Amy Adams, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis, Walter Knight and Don Knotts.

    Grace and Prepon were just right for the romance, especially the comic of Grace and his obsession with Star Wars and Joe. Masterson only needed sympathy and yet made Hyde the coolest of teenagers. Valderama had many unique and single moments that made Fez likable every time. Kutcher was the energy and high comedy the show needed and Kunis was the immature yet beauty that made love seem impossible. Kurtwood Smith and Debrah Jo Rupp were underrated and yet when I think about most of the show; winning Red's acceptance was always the need for Eric and the series.

    "That 70's Show" wasn't the best of tv sitcoms, it lacked the perfected value "Friends" had and didn't match much with "Everybody Loves Raymond". But nowadays most shows seem to center on best friends learning to grow up in life and those lack what "That 70's Show" had.

    As Kutcher and Grace left before the final season, the show lowered itself and yet we wished it could've continued. In the end, its finale wasn't perfect but it brought memories of the greater seasons which is good enough and as always great decades come to an end, so do shows.

    The rating isn't working right. Rate: 8.5
  • What I think

    I freaking love this show its my favorite I think they need to make a That 80s Show with the same characters I would love it and I think everyone who loved this show would agree also after That 80s Show I think they should keep it going into the 90s
  • good sitcom.

    Really good show. I don't think it is a copy of friends at all.
  • Probably the first sitcom I ever fell in love with

    I've loved this show ever since I was in the second grade. The 70s and 80s are my favorite decades with all of the pop culture I will never really get to experience. I love hard rock, AC/DC is my favorite band and I always love it when Hyde wears an AC/DC shirt, and I love the episode where they play TNT. And then there's the episode with Alice Cooper, I love him. And I love all of the Aerosmith references. I love the Star Wars references, especially when they're arguing over who Leia loves since they don't know that Luke and Leia are twins. People always say that the last season wasn't as good without Eric and Kelso, well of course not. Although that doesn't mean that it wasn't good, I still liked it. I even liked it when I was a kid and had no idea about the pop culture of the 70s, before I loved rock or watched Star Wars. It was a funny show, the characters are amazing, it's just a great show. When I have time I plan on rewatching them all because the show means so much to me, it was one of the first that I watched along with the music that I still love today.
  • Good but unoriginal.

    It was good but it copied Friends.

    Eric = Ross

    Donna = Rachel

    Kelso = Joey

    Jackie = Monica

    Hyde = Chandler

    Fez = Phoebe
  • Perfect, Laugh-out-loud Show!!! :D

    Have all eight seasons --- This show is absolutely FUNNY AS HELL! I love the episodes, packed with wacky situations, the circle (of course), and Kitty's infectious laughter. I love every single character in the show -- they are hilarious:

    The NERD: Eric

    The HOT FEMINIST: Donna




  • I enjoy it a lot!

    I really like this show and really enjoy the plots, the characters, and a bit of everything in between! I really do think that the people who do not like this show think that is some stereotypical and cliched sitcom that does not stand out! But, let me tell you this show is very different from most sitcoms! So, with this said I highly recommend this show.
  • One of my favourites

    Without seasons 7 and 8 it would be a total 10.

    I love the characters, they're so funny and individual. There are maybe stereotypes but each character has its own personality and some are just hilarious (e.g. Red Forman, Kelso, Hyde).

    It lost something in season 7. I really loved Jackie and Hyde as a couple and was so disappointed about their break-up.

    And, of course, after Kutcher and Grace left, it wasn't so funny anymore. Especially Hydes marriage in season 8 was so stupid.

    In one episode in a former season, they parodied this sitcom (was ist Happy Days?) due to the term "jumping the shark" was created - well, That 70s Show also jumped the shark. Sadly.

    But I will always remember the first 6 seasons and always watch them if I'm sad - they make me happy.
  • Hilarious!

    A Must see if you want your tummy tickled... This gives me a chance to look into indie/hipster times when war and peace were emphasized. I find the style trend has lasted over decades, despite how modernized we are now. This show will never grow old... the actors have me rollin' every episode I watch!
  • This show is bitingly, savagely funny and a true triumph!! I love it

    This is one of the funniest comedy shows i've ever seen. The script is good and never fails to deliver new ideas. the show never gets boring and that credits must go to the writers, special shout-outs have to be given to Debra Jo Rupp as the fabulous Kitty and Wilmer Valderrama as Fez (he's got a fabulous accent), who always hits the mark on cuteness and comedy!

    All in all, it's a great watch, certainly a lot better than current "Friends" and "The Simpsons".
  • Top five favorite sitcoms of all time

    Perfect in every way. Writers, cast, storyline, concept, even the theme song make this show a fav. The girl-on-girl fantasy jokes got old after a while but Red's foot-in-ass jokes were funny every time. The replacement Laurie sucked btw. Just sayin. Anyway, too bad it had to end but at least there was a finale.
  • Excellent :)

    This is a great show. Well written and all the actors really grow as actors throughout the series. Everyone is funny and that its set in the 70s makes it really interesting for both people that were alive during the 70s and the people that were born after.

    Fez is definitely the best character in the show in my honest opinion. Just because he is so weird with his relationship with Kelso.

    But overall its a fantastic show and I LOVE IT!!!!
  • Little Known

    Many,, "many" times during That 70's Show when you saw the characters laughing, they were laughing in real life. As in the laughter was often not acting. The cast had such a good time making the show that there was constant laughter on the set. Therefore the camera crew kept filming. One particularly notable scene was when Jackie, Donna and Kitty went to a male stripper bar/pub. A young man (stripper) was dancing on stage near Kitty's face. In the original script she was suppose to have gotten nervous and acted offended. But instead she decided to play and joke, started dancing , shaking her bum left to right and acting like she liked the stripper a lot. Donna and Jackie laughed so hard "for real" that one of the girls fell off of her chair. The producers found this much funnier and decided to keep this scene. It's no wonder that a sitcom like this made it 8 years and is one of the most `syndicated` sitcoms of all time on many channels. Much of it's humor was truly genuine.
  • A perfect ten! This is for me the greatest comedy show of all times, as i finished the last episode, almost in tears, i sense to lost some good friends. Which i can't resist to revisit once in a while.


    What stroke me the most about this show was really it's innocence, with the simplest things you get an amazing whole. This show is about learning as you grow up, and including some good values of the older days with a bit of irreverence to it. It's about the magic of everyday life: of growing up surrounded by your friends, your first kiss, the anger speeches of your parents... things everyone can relate to and appreciate. Without a doubt atimeless piece, that i hope someone rescues from oblivion.

  • Show's fine.

    Fox had done it again.Since it created The Critic,it had created a pretty good show.I don't like it,but it's a very good show.It's pretty funny,but not better than that hilralious Drake And Josh.Well,The Critic is very funny now on that Reelz Channel.But now Punk'd is very better than this show.Since Askton Kuther has been on this show and Punk'd,so he has been doing very good shows lately.Punk'd was pretty good than this show,but this show is a pretty good show.This is my final grade and I grade this show a B because I don't like it,but it's a excellent show.
  • not my cup of tea

    before everyone goes hog wild {i know a lot of people will disagree with this review, but please hear me out}, i have to say i simply do not like this show. I mean yea, every now and then if I watch it I might get a laugh or so, but I do not see what is so great out of this. I think it is overrated. I am sorry if people disagree with this {i know some will}, this is just my honest opinion of the show. I don't think it is funny and I don't think it has good plots at all
  • Hello, Wisconsin!


    This is a show I really like. Some pros are it's creative, the laugh track actually plays at FUNNY things, and the actors.

    Let's sum up the show. The show's main stars are Eric (Topher Grace), Hyde (Danny Masterson), Jackie (Mila Kunis), Donna (Laura Prepon), Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), and Kelso (Ashton Kutcher).

    Eric is *to me* the mainprotagonist. His mom, Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) is more of the nicer parent and his dad, Red (Kurtwood Smith) is a total misanthrope when it doesn't come to Kitty. He hates Eric, his neighbors, every existing thing that's not his wife. He often mentions sticking his foot up people's asses.

    My favorite character is Fez. He is funny, random, and weird. Some memorable Fez quotes would be "Where's my toast, you idiots?" and his main quote, "You son of a b*tch!"

    Overall, great show. 10/10

  • This show was great.

    I was once a big fan of this show and whilst I'm now not nearly the fan I was before there is absolutely no denying that from series 3-5 That '70's Show was the best American sitcom in a long, long time. The humour, whilst not always laugh-out-loud funny, had heart and you cared for the characters and the situations they were in. To me Hyde was always the best. A great deal of the show's humour comes from foreign exchange student, Fez. Leo, as played by Tommy Chong, is another one of my favourite characters. No-nonsense father Red Foreman is also a notable character. That 70's Show is sadly now over, and whilst season 8 may have been dissapointing the show without doubt ended honourably with the series finale.
  • Hilarious.


    My first thought when I first heard of the show was "What kind of name is That 70s Show?" I didn't really understand what this show could possible be about, and me, being narrow-minded, decided not to bother watching it.

    It was only one day, when I was incredibly bored, did I decide to watch it, as I surfed through all the TV channels and came across that 70s Show.

    I'm really glad I was bored that day. Otherwise, I might not have ever given That 70s Show a chance, until perhaps much later.

    It's another show that centers around a group of teens going through adulthood, dealing with problems, relationships, etc, but in a very hilarious way.

    That 70s Show is great show filled with humor, clever jokes and witty characters.

  • Classic!


    This is another show I miss and always will! That 70's Show is one of the funniest classic shows I've ever watched. Donna & Eric were the perfect tv couple. Jackie, Kelso, Hyde & Fez's drama was beyond humorous. And of course, Red & Kitty Foreman would have been the BEST parents to have growing up! I don't ever recall a dull moment in this show. Almost every episode was hilarious. And the fact that it was based in the 70's made it 123456789 times better!