That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 6

Rip This Joint

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, Hyde comes in from work, and Jackie comments on how she likes saying "Welcome home from work." Eric points out that Hyde hasn't taken off his tie yet; Hyde says he forgot he was wearing it. Kelos says that Hyde has turned into a money-grubbing corporate type; he then adds that they're all growing up so fast, and it seems like just yesterday that they were doing all kinds of pranks, like trenching old man Shinsky's yard. Eric doesn't remember that happening; Kelso points out that Eric didn't approve, so didn't go along when they did it. Eric decides to trench a yard; he asks if the gang is with him, and they give half-hearted okays. [Opening credits] [Scene change: Red looms towards the camera.] In the Forman living room, Kitty brings in a tray of hors d'oeuvres and Red wants to know what they're for. The doorbell rings and it's Bob, Midge and Donna. Bob mentions a party, and Red wants to know what party they're talking about. Kelso comes in and mentions that they can't stay because Eric's going to trench a... coat. Midge asks what the occasion is; Kitty says that according to Cosmo, she has medium to low self esteem, so she's throwing a party for herself. Jackie and Kelso both admit that they've done that. [Scene change: a shot from below as Hyde, Fez and Kelso walk across the screen.] In the Forman driveway, Eric and Donna come out and Eric says that he's figured out a way to Forman-ize the trenching -- he's going to moon old man Shinsky as well. Donna points out that Eric's not co-ordinated, and this might be a bad idea. Kelso says that with him as first lieutenant, Eric will be fine, but Eric says Donna's his first lieutenant. Eric reminds Kelso of a time that he was the get-away driver and left Eric alone; Kelso points out that he was the get-away driver and he got away! Hyde says that he can't believe that he's not going; Jackie tells the gang that Hyde is going to spend time with his father [Scene change: Fez and Kelso are on swings.] In the Forman living room, Red asks who all the people are; they're Kitty's friends, but she hasn't introduced them to Red because he doesn't care. William shows up and Hyde introduces him to Bob and Midge. Midge comments on how handsome William is. Kitty starts the festivities with some games -- she wants everyone to pair up and tell an anecdote about her. Red volunteers to be the one left out, since there are an odd number of people. [Scene change: Donna dances towards the camera, Eric walks across the screen.] in the Vista Cruiser, Eric makes sure he has everything to moon and trench. Kelso warns him that he might trip over his pants, and advises that Eric should do it pantsless. Eric agrees, and takes off his pants, then runs out and moons Mr. Shinsky, and runs back to the car, but it stalls out. Donna tells him that he dropped the transmission, but Eric doesn't understand that. Mr. Shinsky says he's calling the police; Kelso says he can't stay because he is the police, but Eric can't leave the car. The rest of them go, and Kelso takes Eric's pants as pay-back because Eric didn't make him first lieutenant. [Scene change: Kelso sits on the floor and boogies to music.] In the Forman living room, Kitty shares anecdotes with Phyllis, then blows the whistle for a switch, and gets Red as a partner; he says that he has to take out the trash, and Kitty is worried that they've run out of things to talk about. He says that he saw a squirrel in the yard, and that he poisoned it. Hyde is worried that he's becoming too corporate, because he knew what a flow chart was. Jackie thinks his corporate talk is sexy. Bob complains that Midge is spending too much time with William, and tells Midge that they're leaving. Midge says that he doesn't trust her and until he does, she's leaving. She heads upstairs and Red asks where she's going? She says she's going to lock herself in the bathroom and can't use her own because there's too many memories of sexy showers with Bob. [Scene change: Eric does push ups and Red looms over him.] In Mr. Shinsky's yard, a police officer takes information from Eric; Eric asks him not to call Red, the officer says that since Eric is 18, they won't call his dad... At the police jail, the officer throws Eric in and Eric says, "I want my daddy." [Scene change: Eric and Donna jump up towards camera.] In the jail cell, Donna arrives; Eric tells her that jail is no place for him because he's too pretty. She didn't bring pants for him, but has some milk duds. Kelso comes along and tells Donna that visiting hours are over; Eric tells Kelso to let him out and Kelso tells him to shut up. He calls Eric a criminal. In Red and Kitty's bedroom, Kitty knocks on the bathroom door and asks Midge to come out; Midge says she can't do that so Kitty tells her where the lock is. Red and Bob are both tired and want to go to sleep. Kitty says that she wanted one night that was all about her but now it's all about Midge. Red suggests that he and Bob get a motel room together. [Scene change: Donna boogies to music, as Hyde walks across the screen.] In the Forman basement, in the circle, Hyde says he can't even remember what a flow chart is, then wonders who put the tie on him. Jackie reminds him that he loves work and money and her, and she'll write it down for him so he won't forget; Fez comments on how white Eric's butt is. Donna says that it is white, and that he's going to shine like a glow-worm tonight in jail. At the jail, Kelso eats the milk duds, and points a gun at Eric; Eric points out that it's green and plastic so it's not real. Kelso starts squirting him with grape juice. Mr. Shinsky comes in and identifies Eric, then also identifies Kelso, who claims that he was undercover. The officer puts Kelso in jail with Eric and says it will give him a new respect for the law. [Scene change: Kelso struts across the screen.] In Red and Kitty's bedroom, Donna asks what's going on, then tells Midge how to unlock the door. Bob orders her to come out. Donna asks if Midge will at least let Bob into the bathroom, and she does. He goes in and we hear their conversation, which then stops. Red and Kitty wonder what's going on in there, and then hear the shower start to run. In the jail cell, Kelso and Eric are sitting on the bench; Kelso says he's sorry but his feelings were hurt; Eric apologizes too, for not realizing how important an imaginary rank was to Kelso. [Scene change: Donna jumps up punches the air.] In the Forman kitchen, Donna comes in and tells Red that they decided that it would be best for Midge to go back to California. Eric comes in pantsless; Red threatens to paint pants on him. Eric points out that this time he took off his pants by choice; Red calls him a bottomless deviant. Kitty comes in and tells Red that the shower is running and reminds him that he promised. Red tells Eric to stick his eggs in the oven, as he'll be back in five minutes. [End credits: in the jail cell, Kelso practises saying "Freeze, punk, freeze!" An officer brings in Hyde, who says that old man Shinsky's yard has now been professionally trenched, adding that he did the rose bushes too -- it's his calling card. He then leans back against the wall and says, "this feels good... this feels right."]
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