That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 6

Rip This Joint

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on FOX

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  • rip this joint

    Man, where do I get started on this one? Thankfully the Teen Nick channel only shows the first three seasons and not these really boring ones. Boring probably is not the right word, awful and unfunny are probably better adjectives to describe Seasons 7-8 of That 70's Show.

    They made Bob too goofy, and not funny goofy, the way he used to be. They made Midge's stupid completely unbelievable, and Red is just a grumpy old man, as opposed to the witty and snarky patriarch of the house hold that he was in the early years.

    They should have ended after this season. The show was clearly done.
  • Bob & Midge separate once again...

    Another step up, finally Eric doesn't have a useless plot, he pulls a prank with the gang which makes this episode adventurous. Eric's craziness is hilarious when he acts all bad when he's mooning that old man, and Kelso gets thrown in jail, I really felt bad for Eric when everyone ditched him! And Kitty has a party toward herself, I love How Jackie gets turned on by Steven saying flow chart, that mad me laugh when Jackie just took her in the other room. Midge in the bathroom sequence was the best part. "The lock is on the doorknob" Favorite line of the episode, I really wanted Bob & Midge to last, oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
  • THAT'S my BUTT!!!

    Hahahah! This episode should be a episode in which makes EVERYONE laugh!

    When Kelso suggestes of a Trench, Eric has a way to "Forman-nizit"; Moon and then Trench. When all else fails, Eric goes to jail, and the hilarious way onto jail esues.

    Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Hyde and Jackie had to attened a party for Kitty's me party, with a lot of silly curd suing. But, it all goes downhill when Hyde's father, William Barnette, starts wooing Midge. Bob gets angry, Midge locks herself, and they both, um... don't ask. But, at the end, Midge goes to Calfifornia.

    I feel this is the best way of humor. Epscially the part of the circle. Haha!
  • The moon and trench

    Hyde's hypocrisy, Bob and Midge fighting, and Eric trenching are all hilarious plots, and make this episode a great one.

    First Lieutenant Donna causing Kelso to act out at not getting this imaginary rank was hilarious, as was Midge locked in the bathroom, and Hyde's need to be thrown in jail, to stop being the corporate employee that goes against his beliefs.

    The endings were very well done, with Kelso stuck in jail, with Hyde joining him, Midge leaving again, and Kitty making Red shower.

    Overall, the episode is terrific, and really shows the gang's inability to grow up, which is always funny.
  • Not the best episode

    I didnt really laugh at all, maybe it was just me but I don't think it was very funny really. Midge locking herself in the bathroom was the only good bit when Red asks Bob if he wants to get a Motel room together. I don't think it was really up to its usual standard... I love That 70s Show normally and it is hilarious a lot of the time but this episode was not my favourite by a long shot. I kinda felt sorry for Kitty's low self esteem though and it had been obvious for quite some time that she had had low self esteem...
  • I know the gang gets high a lot in the show, but the "circle of high" was the best portrayed in this episode. I loved how Hyde kept asking who put the tie on him, haha!

    First of all, the relationship between Jackie and Hyde is hilarious. They make such a cute couple. I personally think Hyde would make a good businessman. He has the potentials. He is a little bit too smart to be a professional troublemaker of the neighbourhood. Such title suits Kelso the best, and Eric the second, hehe! Second of all, Kitty's party totally inspires me! Maybe I should host one of those myself, haha! Don't get me wrong, though. My self-esteem and confidence are totally rocket high. I just think it would make it even higher if I hosted that kind of party. Last, but not least, my favourite scene is how Hyde threw himself to the jail and loved it. My favourite line was by Jackie, "You are so sexy right now" when Hyde said the word "flowchart". Good stuff!
  • A great episode to see Eric get put in jail along with Kelso and Hyde

    This is a fun episode as seeing the expression on Eric’s face when he get in trouble with the police, and then asks them not to call his parents, to which the police officer replies ‘don’t worry we wont, your over 18 so your going straight to prison’ was such a highlight. I’m not that big a fan of Eric but that gave me more respect for him.

    It is also great at the end when Hyde gets arrested on purpose just to feel good about himself and to save his soul from the corporate world that he hates oh so much, although when he talks about his job it turns Jackie on.

    The best quote though was by Kelso:
    ‘You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of my imagination!’