That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 5

Roller Disco

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2000 on FOX

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  • Fez and Jackie compete in the roller disco competition

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". It was very funny that Fez is going to be Jackie's partner for the roller disco competition. It was hilarious when Earl (the employee that Red fired) sued Red for calling him all of the mean names when he fired him. Kitty and Eric now knowing how to tell Red that Earl is sueing him was very funny. It was funny to find out that Kitty gets rid of all her anger by laughing. Jackie and Fez' rollerskating was very cool and very funny. Kelso booing at Jackie and Fez when they were rollerskating was also funny. Red and Eric talking to the guy about the sueing from Earl was very funny and it was funny when the guy asked Eric if Red is unnecessarily mad and then Eric is afraid to answer in front of Red. Fez and Jackie being drunk drinking champagne was very funny. It was so hilarious when the Imaginery Batman (Fez) and the Imaginery Question Mark (Fez) was talking to Fez about choosing wisely. Red not being sued was good and Red having to go to anger management class from how Eric responded to the answer was funny. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • 305

    Classic memorable episode of That 70s Show here that definitely will go down as one of my favorites. We got a lot of new interactions here what with Fez & Jackie, plus Kelso & Donna. We got a really great follow-up story line with Earl and Red. Something that becomes somewhat of a story arc throughout the series.

    The Eric & Red scenes were hilarious. Loved the scene in which Eric broke the news that Red was being sued. I could not stop laughing, also Debra Jo Rupp proved herself again here to be one of the best actors on the show. The "fake" laugh was hysterical, and I commend her signature laugh that I'm sure had everyone in stitches tonight.

    Fez has to make a decision: take advantage of Jackie or be a good friend? We got a surprisingly really heartwarming moment between the two despite of the ridiculous Batman scene prior. Kelso being jealous of Fez & Jackie was also something to write home about. The episode was solid in terms of enjoyment, these were definitely the golden days of the show.
  • Fez finally gets his opportunity to lose his virginity to a drunk Jackie after winning first place in a roller disco competition, but blows it.

    Jackie's still fallen for Hyde, and once he rejects the opportunity to go enter a roller disco competition with her, and she rejects Kelso, there's nobody else to ask but the gang's very own Fez. Fez is a very experienced dancer, I suppose, and after showing off a few of his moves in front of Hyde, Kelso, and Jackie, it's impossible for Jackie NOT to ask Fez to enter the contest with her. Eric and Hyde miss the competition, while Donna and Kelso are there to support Jackie and Fez. Well, Donna is, at least. Meanwhile, Kelso continues to "boo" Jackie and Fez's performance, obviously jealous that he's not the one roller discoing with his ex. Even though Kelso tries to "sabotage" the performance, Fez and Jackie ultimately win first place. The prize: a bottle of champagne. Jackie gets drunk very easily and is all of a sudden smitten for Fez. (Drunk, of course) But she still gives Fez the opportunity to steal second base. She doesn't care. She'll let him steal third base, too. But Fez, good ol' Fez, decides to wait until Jackie has truely fallen in love with him, even if she would of had sex with him if it weren't for that good side found almost in everybody that tells you the right thing to do; that C-word. The episode ends the next day when Jackie's sitting on the couch in the basement alone, watching television, when Fez crashes through the door, drunk, demanding that now he is ready to have sex! Well Fez, you had your chance; but Jackie's not drunk anymore! Missed opportunity for Fez, here; He and Eric have that in common with Fez and whoever lady he's going after, and Eric and Donna before mid-Season 2 when he finally had sex with Donna.
  • Fez can DANCE!

    Jackie wants to go to a roller disco competition, and she asks Hyde to go, but he says no, no matter how much she asks for him to. So, when begging fails with Hyde, she has to turn to another option. And that next option just happens to be the groove MACHINE, Fez. They win, and Fez nearly makes it with a drunk Jackie, but he decides that it is not the right thing to do with a Batman Angel / Devil sequence on his two individual shoulders. Kelso gets jealous of Fez, and he says to Donna that he still likes Jackie.

  • Fez rollerblading... it has to be funny!

    This has a very good Fez-Jackie plot with a very disappointing ending for Fez but humorous for the viewers and his “subtle” attempts at trying to get into the roller disco.

    Kelso’s jealousy is hilarious with great lines such as Kelso declaring that Fez was a robot, that Fez “tripped”, booing them and who could forget “I have the three things women want: I’m hot and I’m smart”.

    Red being sued by Earl was hilarious aswell, with his old “dog got hit by a car” excuse he used every day at work for his hearing and Eric having to admit Red’s anger problems.

    This episode is a classic, all three plots being hilarious and a must see for any fan.
  • Fez and Jackie enter and win a Roller Disco contest, much to Kelso's dismay.

    Roller Disco episode is an instant classic. Roller Disco episode features many of the fads that the 70's were known for. Roller Disco, clothing with rainbows, Batman and Robin, disco music! Fez obviously enters using his real name, because the announcer refers to him as "and friend" after a long pause. When they win, they get a bottle of champagne as a prize and Jackie gets drunk and hits on Fez. Meanwhile, Red is being sued by dumbass Earl for wrongful termination. We learn that Kitty uses her trademark laugh when she does not want to offend someone. At Red's hearing, Earl is late of course and the lawyer reads off many of Red's favorite assisms. Dumbass, candyass, lazyass and so on.

    There is no 360 in this episode, but the frequency of dumbass and other assisms makes up for it, rating a big ol' 10!