That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 5

Roller Disco

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2000 on FOX

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  • Fez finally gets his opportunity to lose his virginity to a drunk Jackie after winning first place in a roller disco competition, but blows it.

    Jackie's still fallen for Hyde, and once he rejects the opportunity to go enter a roller disco competition with her, and she rejects Kelso, there's nobody else to ask but the gang's very own Fez. Fez is a very experienced dancer, I suppose, and after showing off a few of his moves in front of Hyde, Kelso, and Jackie, it's impossible for Jackie NOT to ask Fez to enter the contest with her. Eric and Hyde miss the competition, while Donna and Kelso are there to support Jackie and Fez. Well, Donna is, at least. Meanwhile, Kelso continues to "boo" Jackie and Fez's performance, obviously jealous that he's not the one roller discoing with his ex. Even though Kelso tries to "sabotage" the performance, Fez and Jackie ultimately win first place. The prize: a bottle of champagne. Jackie gets drunk very easily and is all of a sudden smitten for Fez. (Drunk, of course) But she still gives Fez the opportunity to steal second base. She doesn't care. She'll let him steal third base, too. But Fez, good ol' Fez, decides to wait until Jackie has truely fallen in love with him, even if she would of had sex with him if it weren't for that good side found almost in everybody that tells you the right thing to do; that C-word. The episode ends the next day when Jackie's sitting on the couch in the basement alone, watching television, when Fez crashes through the door, drunk, demanding that now he is ready to have sex! Well Fez, you had your chance; but Jackie's not drunk anymore! Missed opportunity for Fez, here; He and Eric have that in common with Fez and whoever lady he's going after, and Eric and Donna before mid-Season 2 when he finally had sex with Donna.
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