That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 16

Romantic Weekend

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2001 on FOX

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  • A true classic.

    This episode was truly magnificent. Flawless, for sure.

    This is the summary for "Romantic Weekend":

    Eric finds a brochure for a nice motel and plans a romantic weekend with Donna, who's glad for the chance to get away from her feuding parents. Both lie about their whereabouts to their parents. But the lie blows up in their faces when they learn who their neighbors are at the motel. Meanwhile, Kelso thinks that he's not a man any more because he can't perform with Pam Macy. This episode was perfect. Drunk Donna is so funny, she is just hilarious, and so loopy and random.

  • Kelso can't get it up.

    I like this episode because out of all the people, Kitty & Red are next door to Donna & Eric, this could only happen to Eric, Donna is so funny when she is drunk, like her lines are so funny & random, it was very cringe-worthy when Red was in the doorway when Eric opened the door, then when Kitty gets her surprise she locks Eric out so she can have alone time with Red, then Bob & Midge come upset but they accidentally go in Kitty & Red's room while Eric is still locked out. I love the B plot, Kelso can't get it up, he could only do it for Jackie which is really sweet, "I'm back!" This episode was flawless.
  • A lot of Amish people can't raise Kelso's barn!

    All three plots in this episode are hilarious, especially Kelso’s with all the symbolism about his predicament and the gang’s ways of describing the condition, which were all classic, Kelso admitting that he was “omnipotent” also being a terrific scene along with the Genie Jackie fantasies and how he is cured.

    Red and Kitty being in the same hotel as Donna and Eric was also brilliant, both fights being great, especially Donna’s drunkenness and Eric getting kicked out of both rooms, Bob and Midge at the end being a hilarious ending.

    Overall, this episode was very funny, even the momentary scene of Hyde taking beers while Fez was on lookout, a job he cannot do well, or maybe he can and just thinks it’s funnier that way. Great laughs and memorable scenes especially from Kelso’s plot.
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