That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 12

Sally Simpson

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2004 on FOX

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    Not a lot of plots going on in this episode, which wasn't necessarily good or bad. Sometimes having to much plots is bad, but when you feel as though something is missing from an episode, it's always a bad thing. This episode contained that. Kelso introduces his academy buddy, Suzy played by Alyson Hannigan. I liked her performance in this episode. The plots weren't that great in my opinion, I was more focused on everyone's performance. Especially Kitty's performance, she steals the show as usual. From being a an enabling caregiver to a floozy mother, Debra Jo Rupp pulls it off in all aspects. Red's stress is evaluated by a stress management counselor. Kitty fears throughout the whole time that it is her fault. It turns out to be Eric's fault, and we get to see a good father/son moment, as Red stood up with him, while still using his tough love which is definitely the highlight of this episode. I didn't care much for the Kelso/Fez/Suzy plot. Kelso plays games as he sets Fez up with Suzy while setting himself up with Suzy at the same time. After all is said & done, we expect to hear Fez's trademark phrase, but when he doesn't say it. We know that Fez being mad at Kelso is a bit more serious than expected. The thing I didn't get is that Kelso has done a lot worse, and we never heard a peep from Fez. The fact that it's all serious now just affects the show's continuity. So this episode had some flaws, and some strong points. Decent episode, that left things up in the air for Fez & Kelso in the end.
  • I really like this episode. I've been in love with Alyson Hannigan back from her days in Buffy.

    The whole Eric and Red pretending to be eachother was hilarious. Kelso Sally and Fez was a good plot. The whole steven and Jackie coming on the camera was funy.This was just a really god episodes, the cast like shined in this episode all their characters had great storylines. I give this episode an A+ without a doubt. I loved how Donna just sort of sat back and laugh at everything i thought that was so hilarious just like her. She's just there thanking God she has no drama at the time lol and just watches and makes remarks. "I said good day"
  • Kelso's idiocy screws him again.

    Kelso as a cop is one of the funniest recurring storylines in the 70s Show and this episode is terrific when the one girl that he isn’t trying to go after and actually be friends with wants to go out with him and when you throw desperate Fez in there, you know it has to be hilarious.

    The Forman family therapy is also a hilarious concept with some great comments from Red, Kitty and Eric aswell as Red defending his son for once. The ending is great with Fez trying not to be his usual predictive catchphrasey self but doesn’t last long, and feeding Eric and Donna the rabbit is a hilarious finish for a brilliant episode.
  • Kitty steals the show.

    This would be the start of a two part Kelso and Fez arc. Alyson Hannigan guest stars as Suzy Simpson, Kelso's cop partner, who Fez automatically takes a big interest in when she reveals that she shares his insatiable love for candy. Unfortunately, when Kelso tries to set them up on a date, she reveals that she has a crush on Kelso, and after a miscommunication on a supposed 3 way double date, Fez gets so pissed off at Kelso for supposedly "stealing" his girl that he officially terminates their friendship.

    The other storyline shows Red getting a visit from former detroit packer, Stuart Sutcliffe, now a licensed psychologist, to pinpoint the source of Red's stress. Kitty becomes paranoid, fearing that she'll be pointed out as the source, and goes through a series of increasingly funny attempts to sway them off her scent, including blaming Bob and portraying a Southern Bell, all of which blow up in her face. When Stuart pinpoints Eric, Red gets all defensive, reulting in one of the rare "Red and Eric on the same page" moments.

    Overall, this was really Kitty's episode, with her insane rambling's of "crazy lady yelling and screaming in the middle of the room" generating huge laughs.

    The other storyline with Kelso and Fez going through their first real "break up" arc is solid and well done, very reminiscent of the Joey and Chandler arc in early season 4 of Friends. But Alyson's wooden portrayal as Suzy Simpson drags it down greatly, I'm not the biggest Alyson fan in the world, but I could definately tell she wasn't feeling it here.

    Hopefully her new sitcom "How I met your mother" will give her a chance to sharpen her skills, because if her performance is anything like we saw here, the show's going to go the way of "My big fat greek life" and "North Shore" in no time flat.