That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 19

Sheer Heart Attack

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 2006 on FOX

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  • Bringing crazy Caroline back was a great idea for this episode - we haven't seen enough of her yet. She's one of 70's Show's best guest-stars.

    I almost didn't recognize Caroline with the new hair but it looks great. Glad to see her back once more, her "psycho" act is entertaining and hasn't gotten old. Although I'm surprised at the end when Jackie & Fez kiss, Caroline doesn't go after Jackie - she attacks Fez instead. Oh well. Great "melodrama" scene between Jackie & Fez at the end; although I don't like Fez's acting, it's nice how he shrugged Jackie off after she announced her love for him. Fez has always wanted Jackie, but I like how he didn't immediately surrender to her during this desperate state of hers. I know they will get together by the series finale, so having them start their relationship now and develop for like 3 episodes would be useless. Don't get me wrong here, I still consider the Jackie-Fez thing tedious, but this episode had to be done. Well, an OK episode overall.
  • perfect

    Fez is tired of dating girl after girl and decides to settle. Jackie thinks he wants to settle with him, but it turns out he goes back to his ex, Caroline.

    Red is mad because he wasted 200 bucks on heart pills he does not need anymore, so he and Hyde end up selling them. Will they get caught?

    Good, somewhat surprising episode. Red's plot was pretty funny, and I thought the ending of the episode was kind of surprising. I hope things work out for Jackie and Fez. Overall this was a pretty good episode, and it gets an A+ from me
  • f*kin funny

    Fez decide dat he cant be wit just one woman so he tries to be wit diff women every day he grows tired of dis preddy quik and decide dat da woman for him be CRAZY Caroline but jackie loves Fez so she tells him she loves him afta Caroline is done beating up Fez he tells Jackie he wont be Jackie’s last life line and rejects her Red has $200 worth of pills that he no dont need so hide gives him da idea to go to de Viking lodge and sell off the pills well peace dawg juanito
  • Jackie reveals her feelings for Fez.

    Another great installment, in to the Jackie/Fez relationship. Since when is Fez getting a butload of girls. Seasons 1-7, he was a lonely pervert & now he is sleeping with a different girl every night, I don't understand that. Anyways Caroline is back again! An amazing guest star! I love when she was wearing the wedding dress, I hate how Randy was being such a jerk. Anyways Jackie likes him still & now it's time for her to reveal her feelings, she kisses him, but of course Caroline walks in & it ends exactly like "Stone Cold Crazy" but the part in which Fez rejects Jackie, So cringe-worthy! The B plot, didn't like so much, Red selling drugs, eh...
  • Crazy Caroline is back again!

    While Red and Hyde become heart pill dealers, Fez starts dating Crazy Caroline again, and Jackie becomes jealous enough to make a move, which backfires for both of them, Fez getting his ass kicked by Caroline and Jackie getting rejected by the one person who's hit on her consistently for eight years, which was an interesting twist. The plot provided hilarious moments, and was an interesting character change between Jackie and Fez.

    Red and Hyde selling off Red's heart pills is even funnier, with things getting a little over the top with threats and blackmail, and the ending was hilarious, so overall the episode is one of the greats from season eight.
  • Fez the player, and Red the (drug) dealer!!!

    Fez decides that he can’t be tied down to one woman and so tries to be with different women every night. He soon grows tired of this and decides that there is only one woman for him…CRAZY Caroline, but Jackie is very much in love with Fex and so decides to tell him how she feels. After Caroline is done beating up Fez, he tells Jackie that he does not want to be Jackie’s last life line and turns her down. Meanwhile, Red has $200 worth of pills that he no longer needs and so Hide gives him the idea to go to the Viking lodge and sell off the pills. It soon gets out of hand and Red is forced to take Kitty on vacation as a consequence.
  • Average for this year, not a whole lot of laughs.

    First off lets deal with Jackie's food crazed pity party. WHO CARES. This is just old business rehashed. Remember Donna trying to get the beef jerky from Jackie after one of her break ups with Michael.

    Next, bringing back Carolyn was just weird. If you want to bring someone back, bring back Rhonda. Fez was not scared to death of her, and they had some touching history! Makes much more sense then Carolyn who was just plain nuts!

    It appears that the writers are really just filling time at this point in the series. I can only hope that the finale goes better and brings back some of the life and fun this series used to have.
  • boring.

    I thought the last episode meant we were getting back to the classic humor of the show. Clearly, I was wrong. Did they really have to bring back the crazy ex girlfriend? She's one of the most obnoxious characters they've had on the show (which is saying a lot if you think about Steven's stripper wife and Kelso's baby's mother)! The pill-pushing storyline was decent, but they could have done more with it. I mean, why couldn't the old men just go buy the pills themselves? There was really no explanation for why they would sell in a black market setting. Very disappointing.