That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 24

Short And Curlies

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2005 on FOX

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  • Jackie returns.

    Jackie returns fro, Chicago to see Steven for real this time to give him one last chance & he still says I don't know which gets me pretty upset, but I like how Jackie & Kelso reunite, how they finally are alone & can be seen as friends, without Kelso making the moves on her. Donna as Leia is always funny, but it is kind of weird how demented Eric's mind is to have a role playing game in bed but I know it's just because Donna loves him which is great. Charlie sequence! He walks in on Kitty naked which he also does on his show "Grounded For Life", Anyways great Charlie sequence, great cliffhanger!
  • Pervert or idiot? Red decides!

    Eric couldn't leave without at least one more Star Wars joke, and this episode's full of them when Donna gives him his going away present. The plot was a great one with Kitty still mad at Eric and Red still glad that he's finally leaving the house.

    Charlie being confirmed by Red as a pervert, which of course only an idiot like Kelso could get him in that situation, was a fairly funny storyline, though I'm not sure the character is really up to 70s show level of comedy gold.

    Jackie being stuck in an awkward situation by being in Point Place after apparently deserting it in the previous episode was funny, as was Fez and Kelso playing out the "Hyde's coming" joke.

    Overall, the episode was good, as the season rolls towards a close.
  • Eric goes to afica.

    This might as well have been the final episode of That '70s Show because its main 2 stars Kutcher and Grace are leaving. I don't get why fox is even keeping it on the air. The episode was a pretty good conclusion to That '70s Show since next year it's sure not to be the same.
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