That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 13

Ski Trip

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 1999 on FOX

Episode Recap

Point Place, Wisconsin; January 13th, 1977; Thursday Afternoon; Eric Forman's Basement. Hyde, Eric and Fez talk about driving up to Jackie's ski cabin after school on Friday. Kelso comes running in and proudly tells them that he made out with Pam Macy behind the gym. Eric points out that lots of people hang out there, so anyone could have seen him, which means that Jackie will probably find out and dump him....and then they won't be able to go to her ski cabin this weekend. Kelso assures them that Jackie won't find out. Jackie comes in and immediately hits Kelso and starts yelling at him for kissing Pam Macy. She breaks up with him and tells him that he's no longer invited to come skiing this weekend; Kelso tells her that she shouldn't punish the rest of the gang for what he did and she says that they're all still invited, it's only Kelso who can't come.

[Opening credits; the validation tag on the license plate now reads 1977.]

[Scene change: two hands, each wearing a mood ring which flashes red.]

In the Forman kitchen, Red and Kitty are eating dinner. Red romantically comments that they'll have the house to themselves this weekend. Eric comes up from the basement, and as he sits down to eat, Red starts lecturing him on safe driving techniques in the snow. Eric tunes out the lecture, imagining instead making out with Donna in front of a roaring fireplace. He comes back to reality and Kitty asks him about school. As he starts to talk about that, Red tunes him out and imagines himself making out with Kitty; he has a full head of hair. Red comes back to reality and starts to lecture Eric on buckling down in school and Kitty tunes that out, imagining herself lying on the sofa, moaning with pleasure as Red dusts the top of the bookcase.

In the Forman driveway, the gang is packing for the ski trip. Hyde tells Donna that he's brought his double sleeping bag; she asks if she and Eric can borrow it.

In the Forman kitchen, Eric thanks Kelso for understanding about them going without him, but Kelso doesn't understand. He tells Eric that even though he brought this on himself, that's no reason for him to suffer. Eric walks out to the car to finish packing and Kelso follows. Red, Kitty and Kelso stand in the driveway, watching the gang leave in the Vista Cruiser. Kelso is sure that they're just joking with him and will come back.

The gang is on the road, driving in the snow; Jackie is talking about Kelso and how much she doesn't miss him. The car skids on a patch of ice; everyone's ok, but they're stuck. As they all get out to look, Fez excitedly runs around in the snow and makes his first snowball. Eric takes the roadside safety kit that Red gave him, but has no idea what to do with it.

[Scene change: white flower-power flowers fill the screen like snow.]

Eric stares at the safety kit in confusion, not knowing how to use anything in it. Then he has a vision of Red explaining what to do and is able to get the car off the ice.

[Scene change: a green flower-power flower is popped like a balloon.]

Kelso sits in the Forman's basement alone, listening to music [Love Hurts, 1975, Nazareth]; Kitty comes downstairs and asks why he's there. She suggests that Kelso go to the ski cabin to talk to Eric. Kelso says that he can't go because he doesn't have a car and Jackie hates him for kissing another girl. Kitty tells Kelso that she once saw Red kissing another girl while the two of them were dating, and she forgave him for that. It becomes apparent the more she talks about it that she really hasn't forgiven him, as she gets angrier and angrier while talking about it. Kelso takes her advice to go to the cabin and runs out.

In the Forman livingroom, Red is lighting candles; a bottle of wine is on the table and romantic music [Behind Closed Doors, 1973, Charlie Rich] is playing. He checks to see that everything is perfect for a romantic evening; Kitty comes through the kitchen door, but when Red greets her she just tells him he's full of crap and goes upstairs, leaving him wondering what he's done.

On the highway, a trucker pulls over and gives Kelso a ride. The trucker is quite friendly with Kelso; in fact, the trucker is hitting on Kelso, but Kelso completely misses this.

The rest of the gang makes it to the ski cabin. Jackie tells Donna and Eric that there's only one bedroom, which was supposed to be for her and Kelso, but now that they've broken up, Donna and Eric can use it. They go in to check it out, leaving Hyde with a freezing Fez and broken-hearted Jackie. Hyde gives Fez a bottle of amaretto to warm him up.

In the Forman kitchen, Red tries to reason with Kitty about a kiss that happened 20 years ago, but Kitty won't listen to him.

On the highway, Kelso is eating a burger that the trucker bought for him. He starts to talk about his friendship with Eric, and how guy-to-guy relationships can be special. The trucker agrees with him completely. The two of them end up singing along with a love song [When Will I Be Loved?, 1974, Linda Ronstadt.]

At the ski cabin, Eric and Donna make out in the bedroom while Hyde sits in the livingroom reading a magazine and Jackie cries. Eric goes out and asks where Fez is; Hyde says that after Fez finished the bottle of amaretto, he went out to run around in the snow wearing only his underwear. Eric tells Hyde that he either has to go get Fez or console Jackie; Hyde opts for consoling Jackie. Eric goes out to look for Fez and Hyde starts putting the moves on Donna, going so far as to kiss her. She slaps him and runs into the bedroom.

On the highway, Kelso has come to the conclusion that he shouldn't just use people as his sexual playthings because their feelings are more important than his urges. The trucker agrees with him, and drops him off at his stop, telling him to take a bus the next time as he's way too pretty to hitch. As the truck drives off, Eric comes out of the trees, looking for Fez. He and Kelso apologize to each other; Fez appears, running through the snow in his underwear saying that he's a nymph; he passes out face-first.

Eric and Kelso carry Fez back into the cabin. Jackie is still crying, but when she sees Kelso she's overjoyed, saying that he proved his love for her by walking all the way to the cabin in the snow for her. The two of them disappear into the bedroom.

In the Forman livingroom, Kitty is eating ice cream from the carton while Red tries to explain why he made out with the other girl in public. Kitty says that she's upset because he never did that with her. Red tells her that he doesn't believe that you should maul the one that you love, at least not until you get to Florida....Kity realizes that he's talking about their honeymoon, and forgives him. He suggests that they go upstairs, but Kitty has a better idea; they should go to the movies.

Eric and Donna sit in the Vista Cruiser and talk about Kelso cheating on Jackie with Pam Macy. Donna assures Eric that she would never do that -- she would never kiss Pam Macy.

[End credits: Eric and Donna are making out in front of a roaring fireplace, much like Eric's fantasy, except this time, they're both wearing long-johns. As they kiss, Fez sits up beside them, and says that he feels sick. They hand him a garbage can and he throws up. Eric says it's not quite how he imagined.]

Of note in this episode:

Fez has never seen snow before, and winter in his country is 70 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 21 degrees Celsius.)

It is now 1977.