That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 13

Ski Trip

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 1999 on FOX

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  • Season 1 Ep 13. Ski strip??????

    there is a song that is being played on this episode when Jackie is crying and Erick n Donna are making out. Does anyone know the name to that song. So many people are asking and no answer yet. It plays for a short while but its all bass and guitar. would love an answer to this 5 yrs frustrating question.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show its snowing out and jakie finds out that kelso kissed pam macy behide the gym and she dumps him and takes the rest of the gang to the cabin for the night and leaves kelso and kelso thinks there joking but there not so he feels really bad hitches a ride with a trucker and the truker was a molester but kelso did not know it was funny and he goes there and makes up with jackie as hyde tried to hit on donna but she turned him away and fez ran around in his underwear in the snow after drinking alot this was a good ep
  • The gang minus Kelso goes to Jackie's ski cabin for the weekend, after she finds out Kelso kissed Pam Macy behind the gym. Fez experiences his first snowfall.

    Eric drives up Donna, Fez, Hyde and Jackie, to Jackie's ski captain. Why no Kelso? People caught him making out with Pam Macy behind the gym, and it spread faster than swine flu. So the five make it up to the cabin without Kelso. Jackie, for once, does something good for somebody else, and lends the one bedroom to Eric and Donna for the night. But they aren't able to do anything; well, other than to make out on the bed; because of Jackie's crying. They try to calm her down, and meanwhile, Kelso is coming up to the cabin after he hitched a ride with a trucker. Kelso eventually gets there, and he hooks back up with Jackie after she realizes that Kelso has just done the most romantic thing she's ever heard of! So Eric and Donna are forced out of the bedroom into the living room in a double sleeping bag. So they aren't allowed to do anything. (sighs, boos, cries...) They especially aren't able to do anything when Fez, who drinks a whole bottle of Alvarado, is laying down in his underwear right next to the two; Fez may of gotten frostbite, but he did experience his first snowfall! Which is better than a drought, at least! Well, if you live Texas, you say that...
  • Hyde makes a move on Donna.

    This episode was not what I expected, I thought this was going to be a hilarious filler episode, but it turned out to be much more, Hyde kisses Donna, that was surprising, he went way too fast. And I hate how Jackie forgave Kelso so quickly, she is meant to be with Hyde. Fez going nuts is always funny, and Kelso almost being raped by trucker, is pretty creepy. And I think this is the episode when Donna & Eric finally make it official. While Kitty has flashbacks of Red cheating on her & has a second thought on why she forgave him, I love that plot, funny all the way through, amazing episode.
  • Oooo... snow...

    Jackie gets the gang to go to a ski trip, well except for Michael because he decided to cheat on Jackiw ith Pam Macy. The rest of the gang hed up to Jacki'e cabin and the car gets stuck. Luckily, Eric remembers what his dad told him incase they get into an accident. They finally make it to the cabin and it is freezing cold. Fez says bottoms up to a bottle of alcoholand goes out into the snow making snow angeles. Jackie weeps over her break up ith Michael. Hyde is still making the move on Donna. Donna and Eric are having a great time. Kelso hitches a ride to the cabin. Kelso makes up with Jackie. Last, but not the least, Fez is stinking drunk.
  • Good stuff.

    This is one of the best episodes of Season 1, it was simply hilarious. Kelso and the truck driver was pretty funny. The truck driver was falling for Kelso, and I couldn't stop laughing. Hyde hitting on Donna reminded me too much of my own sad life. Then Hyde getting slapped made me cry. Anyways, Fez has an unusual attraction to snow, which he eventually passes out in. Jackie just mopes around doing various moping activities. Eric and Donna finally get some time alone, but is interrupted by a concious Fez, just waking up by the warm fire. Overall, great classic episode.
  • An unexpected plot

    Since the beginning of the series, Kelso frequently vows to break up with Jackie and never does. Now, on the thirteenth episode it is definitely unlucky for Michael who gets dumped by Jackie after she finds out that he clearly made out with another girl, since hedid it in front of the whole school.

    This episode was hilarious especially since Kelso was more worried about Eric abandoning him than losing Jackie.

    Fez drunk was hilarious, running around in the snow in his undies which can't be normal.

    Hyde still going out with Donna shows he is persistent but fortunately for Eric he gets turned down.

    Overall, a very entertaing episode.
  • Good "Six In A Room" episode.

    More J&K insanity as Kelso finally cheats on Jackie, which is something that was probably been expected since the beginning.

    Jackie dumps Kelso for almost a whole episode as the gang goes up to Jackie's cabin for the weekend. Kelso hitches a ride with a 'friendly' truck driver as he attempts to make things right, with Eric moreso than Jackie, which the driver 'more than understands'.

    Jackie spends the entire episode being all melodramatic over losing Kelso and basically brings everyone down.

    Fez tries to stay warm by getting drunk off schnops and ends up passing out in the snow in his underwear.

    And Hyde is his usual nasty self and continue to try to get Donna, who is just about fed up with his constant come ons.

    Solid episode with good character interactions.
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