That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1999 on FOX

Episode Recap

In Eric's bedroom, Eric and Donna are in bed together; Donna tells Eric that she wants him, she needs him, and Eric says that he would never turn down a woman in need. Donna tells him that being there, on his Spiderman sheets, makes her feel so ready and willing; Eric says for her to call him "Able." He reaches over and turns up the radio, which is playing I Like Dreaming, and begins kissing Donna... He wakes up and realizes that he's alone in bed and says "Damn!" From beside the bed, Donna asks what's wrong and Eric screams, then tries to cover his shock by saying, "I mean, ...Hey, Baby." [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Eric jumps up and does karate moves.] In Eric's bedroom, he tells Donna that he can't believe that she's there, and that she crawled through his window to see him; he hears something at the door, goes over and opens it up; Hyde is standing there, listening. Eric tells him that Donna is there, and Hyde looks at him and says, "Duh!" Eric closes the door on him; he gets back into bed which is where Donna now is. They begin kissing, and Eric says to her, "You've never been in my bed before..." and then has that thought echoing in his head as he imagines... The $20,000 Virgin Game Show. A woman is giving him clues (very much like the $20,000 Pyramid) such as: the walls are thin, your parents will hear, and Eric guesses "Reasons why we shouldn't do it!" She move on to the next category: It was so hot that we just took our clothes off, and Eric guesses "What I'd say if we got caught?" The next category is famous Henrys, followed by the final category, for which the clue is: there's a girl in my bed; Eric finally guesses, "Reasons to go for it!" They win the big money and hug, then wave goodbye to the audience... Eric looks at Donna and says, "So..." and kisses her. In the Forman kitchen, Kitty talks to a co-worker on the phone, then sits down at the table and says that she's going to be picking up extra shifts for a week; Red says that he doesn't want her working double shifts, but she tells him that they need the money, and they have to take advantage of the opportunities when they come. She says that since she'll be working, she'll put some meals together for them, but Red tells her that he'll be able to do the cooking; Hyde looks at Kitty but says nothing; Kitty tells Red that the fire extinguisher is in the garage, and goes off to work. Hyde asks if money is tight, but Red tells him that everything is fine. Eric comes in, beaming; Red tells him that he'll be cooking for the next while and Eric comments that the fire extinguisher is in the garage. Red leaves the kitchen; Hyde asks where Donna is; Eric asks, "You mean that girl who spent last night in my bed?" then adds that she went home this morning, and was very happy. Hyde asks if Eric and Donna finally did it, and Eric says yes, then says that "it" can have so many meanings, but Hyde informs him that "it" only means one thing, and they either did it or they didn't. Eric admits that they didn't do "it" but they did a lot of things, new things, good things. Hyde tells Eric that he should have lied and said that they did it, so Eric does, and Hyde calls him a liar. [Scene change: Hyde jumps towards the camera.] At the Fotohut, Leo asks Hyde if he likes pictures; Hyde says yes and Leo tells him that he's hired. Hyde asks if that's it, and Leo says yes, mostly because he's the only one who showed up for the interview. Hyde asks what his duties will be and Leo tells him that he can do pretty much anything, because as long as the Fotohut doesn't burn down, he considers it a good day, then adds that even if it does, he has three or four more of these little huts... somewhere. He tells Hyde that if he sees one, he should tell him. Leo asks if Hyde will mind if he pays him in cash, as he doesn't like big brother knowing about his business; Hyde says that he doesn't like the government either, but Leo says that he means his big brother, who is always borrowing money from him. Hyde asks if Leo is the responsible one, and Leo says yeah, and then says that he has to go do a thing at a place. Hyde says that he'll lock up, and Leo thinks that that's a great idea, and he can tell that Hyde is an idea man, and one day, Leo will be working for him. In the Forman driveway, Donna tells Jackie that she was bad last night; Jackie asks if she shoplifted; Donna tells her that she slept with Eric, then explains that they really slept. Jackie asks for clarification, asking if anything happened, and Donna says that some things happened, but mostly they just slept. Jackie asks if Eric didn't whine for two hours until Donna finally just gave in to make him shut up, and says that Kelso is always after her to have sex, and always asks why they should cuddle when they could do it? Donna asks if Kelso was always that way, and Jackie says that he changed after they had sex. [Scene change: Hyde jumps up towards the camera.] In the Forman basement, in the circle, Hyde tells the guys that he got a job; Kelso wonders how they make Pringles Potato Chips. Eric says that his job is to study hard and get into college, because if he doesn't, Red has threatened to kill him, and he might be serious about that. Hyde tells the guys that Eric didn't do it with Donna; Kelso calls Eric a bonehead. Eric tells them that he and Donna cuddled and it was great; Fez says that he loves to cuddle when he's alone. Hyde asks why they only cuddled, pointing out that Donna went to all the trouble of crawling in through his window, and adds that he didn't read that letter in Penthouse. Kelso asks why they'd cuddle when they could be doing it; Eric says that there'll be lots of opportunities for other things later, but Fez says that no, opportunity only comes once, it doesn't knock then call on the phone. Hyde tells Eric that he blew it and Kelso agrees. In the Forman kitchen, Red offers burnt food to Eric, which he turns down; Red throws it in the garbage, and tells him that if he wants it later, he knows where it is. Donna tells Eric that the other night was great; he says that he loves that she came over. Donna asks if it bothered him that they were squished together in a single bed, and he says that it did, but in a good way. Eric tells her that he's available; she says that she'll see him tonight. She kisses him and leaves; Eric stands up and starts dancing in the kitchen; Red comes in and sees him, then asks if he ate the fish, because he was only kidding about wanting it later. Eric says no, he's fine; Red tells him to stop acting weird and leaves. Eric starts dancing again. [Scene change: Eric jumps in the air and plays air guitar.] In Eric's bedroom, while music plays, a montage scene of Eric getting ready for the evening: he fixes the bed, checks to make sure that the window opens easily, checks his hair in the mirror, checks the bed again, hides his dirty clothes under the bed, checks the window again, checks his clothes, and checks the bed again. In the Forman kitchen, Fez comes in and says hello to Red, who is cooking. A pot on the stove boils over, and Red blames the pot. Fez tells him that it wouldn't have happened if he'd put some salad oil in the water. Red asks him if he doesn't have someplace to be, but Fez says no, if he goes home too early, his host-parents make him read Scripture. Red tells him to go to the basement; Fez does, and Red pours some salad oil into the water, which immediately stops boiling over; he's surprised and says, "Haji was right!" At the Fotohut, Kelso pulls up in his van; Hyde opens the window and billows of smoke come out. Kelso asks if he won't get into trouble with his boss, and Leo sticks his head out and asks if the boss is there, then remembers that he's the boss. [Scene change: Kelso jumps in the air.] In the Forman kitchen, Kitty is sitting at the table while Red gets dinner ready; she tells him that maybe the third time is the charm. He puts a plate of food in front of her, and she's surprised; it's fried chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob and coleslaw. Red comments that it looks nice, then gets the biscuits out of the oven. Kitty starts eating, and then asks him where he hid the bucket? Hyde comes in and looks at the food and asks, "Colonel, huh?" He then gives Kitty some money, and admits that he got a job, and he wants them to take the money and says that he's not going to argue about it, then leaves. Kitty looks at Red and tells him that Hyde is a keeper. Red says that he's going to put the money in a bank account as a college fund for Hyde, or maybe just spend it on booze. In the Forman basement, Fez is sitting alone playing paddle ball; Eric comes down, but tells Fez that he can't hang out with him, he's just there to get his Barry White album. He goes back upstairs, leaving Fez alone. [Scene change: Eric and Donna dance on the screen.] In Eric's bedroom, he's ready for Donna; she comes in through the window, and they kiss. They hop into the bed and pull the covers up; Donna comments that he's changed the sheets, and they're not the Spiderman ones like they were before. Their clothes start flying out from under the covers, then Donna asks him to slow down, telling him that the other night when they cuddled, it was really nice; Eric asks why cuddle when they could do it? Donna comments that he's been talking to the idiots in the basement, and he admits that he has; she tells him that it's a long road, and they'll get there, but she'd like to see some trees along the way. Eric stares at her for a few moments, then agrees, but asks if he'll be the one driving? She assures him that he will, then tells him that she loves him, but she's not going to take her pants off. Eric asks if she'd be more comfortable if he put his back on, and she tells him that she might sleep better if he did. [End credits: At the Fotohut, Hyde comes in and sees Leo just sitting there listening to music on headphones; he pulls the earphones off and yells at Leo to get ready for work. Leo says that he can't go to work because he has an ear-ache. Hyde says "Ear-ache, my eye!" (reference to Cheech & Chong's comedy sketch Ear-Ache, My Eye from the album Up In Smoke, and leaves. Leo says, "what a hard-ass," and puts the earphones back on.]