That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1999 on FOX

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  • The introduction of Leo the hippie (Tommy Chong). LOL

    First of all, I love the introduction of my favorite character Leo the hippie who is played by Tommy Chong. Second of all, this episode was excellent and I really enjoyed it. Leo the hippie was the highlight of this episode. All of his lines were hilarious. Eric getting excited when Donna climbed through the window of his room to surprise him was very funny. It was funny when Eric told Hyde that he didn't have sex with Donna when they were in bed together... all they did was just sleep. Red cooking the food while Kitty is gone at work was very funny because all of Red's food were burnt. It was very funny when Fez is hanging out in the basement all bored with nothing to do. It was also good that Laurie was absent in this episode because I can't stand that girl and she definitely is my least favorite character in this show... I'm just glad that she is hardly in the later episodes and not considered a main character anymore. The very ending with Hyde bossing around Leo and then Leo says "What a hardass" was so hilarious. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • we meet leo the hippie a great episode.

    in this episode we learn that Eric and Donna had sex..... not really all they did was some together and just cruddle and everyone was disapointed in eric so he is just going to try better. then red has to start trying to cook dinner. to think a guy in his 50's doesn't know how to cook and i know how to cook really good. Then Hyde gets a photo/camrea selling store and we meet Leo the hippie one of the funnest charters of the show and he likes to do the Circle too. and the Funny thing of Red's cooking is that he bought Kfc and pretend that he cooked it LMAO
  • Eric gets made fun of for having multiple opportunities to do it with Donna when she sneaks in to his bed at night. Meanwhile, Hyde gets a job at Fotohut.

    Donna sneaks into Eric's bedroom in the middle of one night, and in the end, Eric wakes up a happy man. But when he expresses his joy to Hyde, Hyde thinks he and Donna finally did it. But they didn't. So Hyde is disappointed again, and disgraced. So what does he do next? He gets a job at a photo developing place called Fotohut, ran by the show's greatest representative of the 1970's: Leo. As we later find out, he's a veteran, but he acts like he's been dropped hundreds of times as a baby. Well, he may not be stupid, but he is high. All the time. Hyde gets the job easily, and makes some good money after his first week or so on the job, and gives the money he makes to Red and Kitty to help when money is tight around the house. That was a good deed by Hyde, and I admire him for that. Red admires him, too, and says he's going to open up a banking account for Hyde with that money. Or just spend it all on booze! Meanwhile, after some pep talk from Hyde and Kelso, Eric tries to get Donna to do it the next time she sneaks into his bedroom, but she's still uncomfortable with it, and Eric understands. So they just cuddle for the remainder of the night, and sleep.
  • Eric and Donna sleep together for the first time, but nothing happens.

    Eric is sleeping in his bed, on a normal night, and he dreams that Donna is in bed with him, right by his side. He dreams that they have sex. Then, when he wakes up, he discovers that Donna IS in his bed. She snuck in through the window from her room, in her house, next door. That's an advantage of having a girlfriend who lives right next door to you, I guess. But, they don't have sex. Eric just holds Donna all night, they cuddle all night. It was incredibly romantic. But, Hyde tells Eric that he has to have sex with Donna, and he goes crazy.

  • Leo is introduced!

    This episode was great because just when you think Donna & Eric have slept together, it turns out they actually slept. My favorite part is when Donna is explaining to Jackie how it was & she said "Great, I was asleep" and Jackie thinks they had sex when Donna was asleep, that was my favorite part, then Eric thinks they are going to do it so he pimps out his room which is so Eric, meanwhile Hyde is working at the FotoHut & Leo is introduced! He is so funny, he's like one of my favorite characters, the C plot, hilarious, Red's pathetic attempt to cook!
  • Above Average

    Eric dreams of Donna coming to his room and them doing it. When he wakes up Donna is there and he misses his shot when all they do is sleep. When Kelso, Hyde and Fez find out all they did was cuddle they make fun of him. Which encourages Forman to sleep with Donna. In the end all she wants to do because she may not be able to do it yet.

    Hyde gets a job in the photo hut because Red and Kitty dont have enough money. Kitty works double shifts which leaves Red to the cooking.

  • Donna is in Eric's dream.....

    .....and in his bed for real! But instead of doing "it", they do "stuff" and cuddle. So the guys make fun of Eric and Jackie is in disbelief that Eric did not whine and beg for sex for two hours until Donna gave in - obviously something that has happened between Jackie and Kelso before.

    Hyde decides to get a job and applies at fotohut and we all meet Leo for the first time. This is the first perfect job hyde gets, where he can be Hyde and get groovified on the job.

    The 360 is good. The guys make fun of Eric, and Kelso marvels over Pringle's chips, while holding a stack. Then he eats like 10 at once - remember how much fun that was when they first came out?? such a novelty back then....

  • A brilliant way to introduce Leo

    This episode was hilarious, Hyde getting a job at the Foto Hut with Leo, his new boss, being as hilarious as he is in the rest of the series.

    Donna "sleeping over" with Eric was hilarious especially when it is revealed that Eric missed his chance again since all they did was sleep.

    Red obviously knowing nothing about cooking and finally resorting to buying the "colonel" was a great plot aswell but not nearly as hilarious as the other two.

    Overall, this episode is fantastic, my favourite plot probably being Hyde doing something he's not proud of - getting a job.