That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 14

Son And Daughter

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

At Grooves, WB comes in and is impressed by how busy the store is for a Tuesday afternoon; Hyde tells him that it's a fire sale... they put things on sale, then he goes to the high school and pulls the fire alarm. WB meets Randy, then asks what he and Hyde are doing this weekend? Hyde tells him that the Point Place Youth Club is going to be picking up trash, so the two of them were going to go and throw cans at them. WB shows Hyde two tickets to front row seats at an Eric Clapton concert in Chicago; Hyde is amazed and says that no one has ever done anything so cool for him before. WB tells him that the tickets aren't for Hyde and Randy, he just wants to know if they'll house-sit while he's at the concert.

[Scene change: Hyde peers into the camera, Randy jumps in the air and plays air guitar.]

In the Forman kitchen, Donna comes in to talk to Kitty about kissing Randy in Eric's bedroom; she apologizes to Kitty for being inappropriate, but Kitty just insults her by saying that she's surprised Donna has the time to apologize as Kitty thought she'd be making out with the rest of Wisconsin. Red says that Donna shouldn't be showing affection to anyone outside of her own home, and points out that he and Kitty never do, and as far as the rest of the world knows, they're strangers. Donna apologizes again, and Kitty tells her that she won't let one little incident spoil their friendship. She then holds up an egg and tells Red that it's shaped like Randy's head; she cracks the egg into a bowl, throws the shell into the garbage and says that now it's trash... like Donna.

[Opening credits.]

In the Forman kitchen, Red, Kitty and Bob are eating pineapple; Kitty says that it's a little tart... like Donna. Bob tells Kitty not to call Donna names; Kitty says that she just doesn't see what Donna sees in Randy, as he's so charming, friendly and helpful, then adds that he's a jackass. Bob says that he likes Randy, and Red agrees, saying that if Donna doesn't date Randy, then who is she supposed to date? He adds that Randy is bright, good with tools and has never once tried to teach Red the ways of the Jedi. Kitty is appalled that Red likes Randy and storms out of the kitchen.

[Scene change: Jackie jumps in the air; Fez lounges and points at the camera.]

At WB's house, Jackie looks around and says that this is the type of house that she wants, and she knows that if she works hard enough, one day she'll find a sucker to buy one for her. Hyde comments that it's really clean, and WB informs him that he has a maid, who's white. Donna and Randy come in; Donna's telling him about Kitty and the egg, and Randy just says that it doesn't really bother him as Kitty's crazy. Jackie sees a guitar on the wall, signed by Peter Frampton; she's impressed by it and tells WB that she has a hand full of Frampton's hair. WB gives the keys to Hyde, tells him not to touch anything and leaves for the concert. Fez comes into the room and announces that the toilet seat is heated, and it feels good on his face. Randy tells Hyde that looking after WB's house is a big responsibility and that he's sure that the 500 strangers that they invite over for a party will treat the house with respect. Hyde says no, he's not going to trash the house and Donna points out that they'll trash it for him. Fez starts to make fun of Hyde for loving his father and then realizes that it actually is a touching story. Randy tries again to convince Hyde to have a party, but Hyde says absolutely not... Later on, at the house, Hyde, who is totally drunk, is dancing on the bar, and the house is full of screaming people who are all drinking and partying.

[Scene change: Hyde jumps towards the camera, Fez dances in the background.]

In the Pinciotti kitchen, Red is sitting at the table; he tells Bob that Kitty is making life miserable for him ever since he said he likes Randy. Bob comments that it must be bad, as Red's spending time with him; he then gives Red a bowl of food, which Red tastes and comments that it's good. Bob tells him that it's made with five different cheeses and is called "Five Different Cheeses."

[Scene change: Donna in a close up shot, Randy falls into holes in the background.]

At WB's house, the gang is cleaning up; Donna comments that WB will never know that they had a party. Jackie decides that cleaning is satisfying and that her maid must be really happy that she's not a doctor in her own country any more. Fez says that he cleaned all the graffiti off the walls; Hyde looks around and says that he feels guilty about having had the party, and he's never felt guilty before, not even when the judge said, "You're guilty!" Donna and Randy leave, and Hyde notices the Peter Frampton guitar lying on the ground, and freaks out. Jackie tells him that he was using it to spank girls with; he picks it up and inspects it, and when he sees that it's okay, he hangs it back on the wall. As he turns to walk away, it falls, breaking in two.

[Scene change: Fez jumps in the air.]

In the Forman driveway, Donna says goodbye to Randy; she doesn't want to have Bob see her kiss Randy. As they're kissing, Kitty comes out of the house and sees them; she comments that she shouldn't get upset about what people do in the privacy of ~her~ driveway. Donna apologizes again, but then reminds Kitty that Eric broke up with her. Kitty is angry, and says that she doesn't care, and Donna should still wait for Eric to come home, like Kitty waited for Red when he went to war. Donna tells her that it's different, as Eric chose to go away; Kitty tells Donna that Eric wouldn't have left if Donna had been a better girlfriend. Donna gets angry too, and tells Kitty that Eric only left to get away from Kitty's smothering and controlling ways. Both gasp at what they've said, and leave.

[Scene change: Donna's face in a close up shot, Randy dances in the background.]

In the Pinciotti kitchen, Bob is playing an animal guessing game with Red, who looks annoyed, and like he doesn't want to be there, but still knows that he can't go home. Donna comes in and tells Red what just happened in the driveway, and that both she and Kitty said things that they shouldn't have said, and now Kitty's really mad. Red explains to Donna that you can't just go around telling people the truth, and asks Randy why he didn't stop them? Red says that he'll have to go home and fix things, because he can't stand staying with Bob any longer.

[Scene change: Fez looks into the camera, Randy jumps in the air.]

At WB's house, Hyde says that he's screwed, then comments that WB is in the music business and could have him killed and make it look like an accident. Fez calls him a baby and starts to make fun of him again, but then starts crying at how sad Hyde's story is.

In the Forman living room, Red comes in and asks Kitty about her argument with Donna; Kitty says that she was polite and friendly to Donna and Randy, but for some unknown reason, Donna just blew up at her and she doesn't know why. Red tells her that what happened with Donna and Eric is normal, people move away and move on, and then reminds her that she dated other people while he was away at war. Kitty tells him that that situation was completely different; he was overseas, and she had to keep her options open... while Donna's just a whore.

[Scene change: Randy jumps up towards the camera.]

At Grooves, Hyde asks Leo if he can fix the guitar; Leo says yes, but there's just one thing that he'll have to do to prepare...

In the back room at Grooves, the room is all smokey. Leo sits in a chair and asks for gloves, which Jackie gives him. He then asks for a knife, which Hyde gives him, and a napkin, which Fez tucks into his shirt. He picks up a submarine sandwich and starts eating, commenting that you can't work on an empty stomach.

In the Forman kitchen, Kitty is making coffee; Donna comes in and suggests that both of them said things that they might be sorry for; Kitty says that she didn't. Donna tells her that the thing with Randy was all a mistake; Kitty is happy and says that she never thought that Donna and Randy were right for each other. Donna tells her no, she and Randy are still dating, it's just that kissing him in the Formans' driveway was a mistake, and they'll do that in private from now on. She adds that she could get any guy that she wants and that Kitty needs to get over things, because she and Eric are not getting back together. Kitty tells her that she can't get over it because Eric was supposed to marry Donna and they were to have three kids, and how can she forgive Eric for leaving her? Donna realizes that Kitty's mad at Eric, not her; she tells Kitty that she'll always care about Eric, but it's over. Kitty knows that and accepts it.

At WB's house, Leo brings the guitar in; it's fixed. Fez adds that he wiped the graffiti off of it too. Hyde checks the guitar and the signature is gone; he freaks out. Just then, WB drives up; Hyde decides that he can forge Frampton's signature and does so, hanging the guitar back on the wall just as WB walks into the house. WB looks around and is impressed by how clean the house is, and tells Hyde that he might just be getting a bonus; he opens a guitar case and shows Hyde a guitar autographed by Eric Clapton. Hyde obviously feels guilty, but then WB tells him that the Clapton guitar isn't for him, the Frampton one is; he then reconsiders and tells Hyde he can have the Clapton guitar. Hyde admits the truth about the party and the guitar; WB angrily says that Hyde had a party, disobeyed him and broke valuable things in the house... then happily says, "I have a son!" and hugs Hyde. He tells Hyde that he's not mad, but he's not giving him the Clapton guitar either. Fez confesses that he broke the toilet seat while trying to reheat pizza on it, and Leo confesses that he peed in the pool. Jackie comments that Leo wasn't even at the party; Leo says he knows that, and that's why he peed in the pool.

[End credits: At Grooves, in the smokey back room, Hyde, Fez and Jackie are standing behind Leo, who is seated in a chair. He asks for a towel, and Jackie hands it to him; he asks for suction, and Fez holds out a soda for him to drink from. Leo announces that they're losing the patient; a buzzer sounds and the camera pans down to an Operation game on the table. Hyde announces the time of death as 8:29 p.m., and Fez screams, "Murderer!"]
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