That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 14

Son And Daughter

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on FOX

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    Upon watching the episode for the first time, I do recall laughing at most of the things Kitty said but re-watching the episode now, I definitely can see how insufferable most of the scenes are. The whole episode was basically an insult to Topher Grace, as was the last episode.

    Randy had a lot of screen time which is never good for this show. The only scene I found myself laughing at was when Kitty broke the egg but that's really about it. As for the Hyde story line, it was just a reminder of how butchered the Jackie & Hyde relationship is.

    The whole "I Love Chicago" thing hinted at the past, yet we never really found closure. And the party was totally unrelated to the main story line that didn't seem to tie in any way. The fallout of the guitar and Hyde confessing was predictable and contrived. What happened to my favorite show of all time? Seriously.
  • Hyde housesits and all hell breaks loose!

    Hyde housesits for his father in this hilarious episode, with some humourous moments, like the party, Leo's guitar fixing skills, Fez's obsession with the toilet seat and WB having a son that disobeys him and destroys his valuable possessions, just like any other son does. The plot was hilarious, and mirrors the tension between Donna and Kitty now that Donna's dating again.

    That too had some hilarious moments, like Kitty being stubborn enough to think she did nothing wrong, and Red having to hang out with Bob, proving how bad it is over there. The plot was very well plotted and adds to the hilarity of the episode, with Eric's absence being used to good storylines, even if it isn't the same show anymore.
  • Sad that they are just going through the motions.

    It is so sad to see the actors and writers just going through the motions as this
    once wonderful series produces it\'s final episodes.
    I used to love watching this show but once Eric left the heart is gone.
    Topher left just in time. Mediocre is a kind word to use for this episode.
    It does not even matter what the episode was about. It is all filler.
  • Hyde is left to watch the house for his dad and him and the gang throw a party while he is gone and Randy and Donna make out in the drive way. Yuck!

    I didn't laugh at all during this episode. It was horrible. I didn't like the party scenes and I definetly did not like the Donna and Randy kissing scenes either. This was the worst episode of the season I think. It really needed funnier scenes and it needed more Donna talking about Eric.
  • Shows a new side of Hyde

    This episode was as funny as the other ones and it of course had a problem for them to deal with. Hyde actually shows that he is concerned for his dads home even though he barely ever seen him. So Hyde decides to house sit when the rest of the gang wants him to throw a part, so he does and it does not conclude good. The party of course leaves a huge mess and it recks one of Hydes dads very valuble guitar. This episode was full of funny jokes and of course it Fez makes you laugh a lot. This was a pretty good episode it gets an 8.5.
  • Whatever happened to this show?

    In this episode, Hyde throws a party at his father's house and Donny talks to Kitty about Eric and Randy. I miss the old That 70's Show, but it really seems like they aren't even trying to make good episodes anymore. It must be because the show is almost over, but why not go out with a bang? They should be doing their best episodes right now, but instead, they make mediocre television. I hope the series fanile will be better than this season has been so far, but as it's going right now, I don't expect much of the finale.
  • Did anyone laugh during this episode?

    The real good, solid belly laughs have disappeared from the show this season. The show now reminds me of an athlete who has stayed active a few seasons to long.

    Red setting in a kitchen with Bob to avoid Kitty was boring. Donna and Kitty going at it was mildly interesting but had no real laughs and no OMMPH or WOW factor. The party at Hyde's Dad house was short, predictable, and had no funny moments!

    I find that I am watching now just to finish out hte series and not really for the laughs I used to get.