That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 12, 2004 on FOX

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  • Lets make sparks fly!!!!

    I love this episode because finally That 70's Show talks about superstition. And Donna is a great person to worry about it. Eric is a great person to not care. I did not like how they broke their celibacy, they were so good at it, but I guess they got what they deserved when Eric destroyed the wedding dress. The B plot was just an okay plot, Kelso trying to go down a mountain was not a very developing plot. I also like the faint C plot, Red trying to get something sentimental for once. My favorite part is when Fez is trying to cover for Eric.
  • Destroying a wedding dress... the only resolution is to destroy the Earth!

    Well, this episode has a moral that no other show could ever top and that advice is to never come home drunk with a canoe, or if you’re brain-damaged, never drive a canoe down a mountain without a helmet.

    A hilarious instalment of 70s comedy is once again brought up in this episode with Eric destroying Donna’s wedding dress, Red trying to come up with a sentimental gift, Fez pretending, or rather exaggerating his stance, to be a pervert as a cover for Eric and Kelso trying to steer a canoe.

    This episode has a lot of hilarious moments and is a terrific instalment in That 70’s Show’s sixth season.
  • a great epsiode! Very funny and right in character with the rest of the series. And a little sentimental at the end.

    Eric and Donna break their celibacy pact and things go awry from there. Eric, in true Eric fashion, messes up again and rips Donna's dress, stains it twice and then shrinks it in the dryer. Typical Eric. But Bob comes through in the end for his daughter. He calls Midge and gets her permission to get her wedding dress out fo the attic so Donna can wear it at her wedding. Aww! How sweet!

    And in the other major plot, Red brings home a canoe that Hyde, Kelso and Fez take possession of. I love how stupid Kelso can be and that sometimes Fez and Hyde try to be the voice of reason (in putting on the helmet as they try to canoe down the mountain) but Kelso is so dumb he can't see it.
    I also love the part at the end when Red says that Kelso can't tie the canoe to the back of the car... without a helmet. Leave it to Red to let them do something stupid and dangerous... as long as they wear a helmet. Typical Red.

    And I love Red’s advice to Eric at the end. Never get drunk and buy a canoe. Some very appropriate heartfelt advice.