That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 13

Spread Your Wings

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on FOX

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  • Donna moves on with Randy and Fez finds a girl..

    Ok I know with Eric leaving that they had to do something with Donna but, why this? I wish they would have just kept Donna and Eric together since the show is over soon anyways. But no they had to do some crappy romance with some new guy at the end of the series. Are we loyal fans really supposed to except this as the end of Donna and Eric? I did like the episode though. I liked the music number with Fez and watching Kitty freak out over seeing Donna with Randy. It would be nice if they could write some decent stuff for Jackie and Hyde instead of using them as scenery.
  • Donna & Randy...Who Cares!

    Well, we have had another installment of the Donna and Randy show. The only good moments was the scene with Randy on the hood of the car where Donna see him as Eric and has second thoughts. The rest of this story arc is just dull and boring.

    The "new Fez" arc was a lot of fun, and frankly the interaction between Fez and Jaxkie is really the only thing keeping the show going at this time.
  • Nice episode, but the end is near

    Do you know what the problem is? That what we see now no longer deals with a *group* of friends. We now have couples, like Donna+Randy, Fez+Jackie, Hyde+Red, which barely meet, and their stories are almost independent from each other, which tends to be boring.
    Also, the guys have grown up (both the actors the characters, actually), and they\'ve become more serious, which means less fun.
    Anyway I was glad to see that Donna thought twice about dating Randy. Before it all looked like Eric just disappeared, and like his \"heritage\" was nothing at all.
    The episode itself is nice, but being a That 70s episode, you always expect too much...
  • spread your wings

    Okay, the episode was not completely void of laughs, I did chuckle a few times, but this was just another disastrous episode of Season 8 of That 70's Show. I do not know why the show was so bad during its final year, it is not like Topher Grace was even that vital to the show, but it just went from one of the top comedies on TV to complete rubbish in a matter of months.

    Fez having a weird book, Jackie being super annoying, Randy being on my television screen period, what on Earth happened to That 70's Show?
  • 813

    I get what the episode was all about. It was trying to fade out Eric and it was trying too get the fans to like Randy. Well, I'm sure it didn't do any of that. Honestly, I saw it as an insult to the Eric Foreman character and probably all of the fans of the show.

    Randy & Donna on the Vista Cruiser? Seriously? Donna making out with Randy in Eric's room? I don't mean to sound like Kitty but I just couldn't take that. And Josh Meyers is probably good in other things but he just does not belong on That 70s Show. He's a weak character, and none of his lines are funny.

    Everything Fez says now is devoid of laughter, especially that ridiculous fantasy. And Fez gets girls now? Are the writers getting high themselves? Since when is Fez the "player" of the group? Things just get worse as the season continues. I mean yes, I would be lying if I said the complete episode was devoid of laughter but there was just too much flaws in this episode to count.
  • Fez has an alter ego.

    This episode is great, with "work Fez" and his fake clubbing, bachelor lifestyle, Hyde trying to find his stash before Red does, and Donna trying to get used to dating Randy. While I think the latter is a fairly dull relationship, it is still funny in this case, with Randy practically being Eric when it comes to Star Wars, and Kitty's overreaction to Donna moving on.

    Fez had the funniest plot in this case, as he gets Jackie a job as a sweep up girl, and tries out his fictional life in order to try to get the girl, and going from one extreme to the other, and being himself actually works for once in his life, as he cries over spilled candy and has a book on self love.

    Overall, the episode is funny, and well written, making it a good example of what that 70s show is all about.