That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 20


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

In a movie theater, Eric and Donna find two seats and sit down. Donna comments on how nice it is, now that they're not having sex, they can just go to a movie and actually watch the movie. Eric agrees; a blonde girl passes by in the row behind them and says hi to Eric. He looks quite nervous as he says hi back to her. Donna asks if that was the Slurpee girl; Eric says yes, she is. Donna asks why she said hi to Eric; he says he doesn't know. The movie starts, and rather than concentrating on the movie, both are thinking about having sex. Eric tries the "yawn and grab" but Donna's on to his moves and dumps her popcorn in his lap to distract him.

In the upstairs hallway of the Pinciotti house, Pam is moving in. Bob and Pam thank Kelso and Fez for helping; Kelso says that it's a privilege just to carry a box of her underwear and Fez comments that they won't have to pay him as he's already taken a souvenir. Pam goes into the bedroom and closes the door as Red and Hyde come up with more boxes. Bob tells them that he'd help, but he doesn't want to wear himself out, because he's going to be up all night, welcoming Pam, then leaves them there in the hallway. Hyde opens the door to the bedroom, and both he and Red stand there, stunned to see Pam standing there, naked. She smiles at them and says, "Hi boys!"

[Opening credits.]

[Scene change: Jackie jumping towards the camera.]

In Donna's bedroom, MItch is looking around. Jackie comes in and asks him what he's doing there. He says that he's just dropping off a peach cobbler that he forgot to leave last night when he was there. Jackie says that he wasn't there last night; Mitch says "that you know of...." Jackie tells him to give up any hope of getting Donna as he's too small for her, and Donna's still growing. Donna comes rushing in; she doesn't see Mitch. She tells Jackie about being at the movies with Eric, and that now she's so wound up that she'll jump the first man she sees. From behind her, Mitch says hi and asks her to turn around. Donna tells him to leave, that she needs to talk to Jackie and it's girl-talk.

[Scene change: Fez dancing.]

In the Forman kitchen, Hyde hold two grapefruit halves up to his chest and in a high-pitched voice says, "Hi boys" to Red. Kitty comes over with a plate of uncooked chicken and asks Red if he thinks the breasts are big enough? Red, feeling uncomfortable and guilty, is unable to answer clearly. Kitty asks him what's wrong; Red tells her that it's nothing. Hyde tries to talk to Red about what they saw at Bob's place, but Red tells him that they can't talk in the kitchen and that they should go out to the car.

In the Toyota, Red explains to Hyde that if he were single, then what they'd seen would be like a reward for a lifetime of disappointments; but since he's not single, well, it's just another disappointment. Hyde says that he's single and that he wants everyone to know what he saw. Red explains that Kitty must never know about it, and that if Hyde tells, Red will take him down, just like he took down North Korea. He says that he's vowed to keep three things secret for his lifetime, and now that number is four....five.

In the Forman basement, Eric is complaining to the guys about Donna's 'no sex' policy while working on a Star Wars model ship. Mitch laughs at the model, pointing out that Eric has put some of the parts on backwards. Donna comes in and tells Eric that she's reconsidered and now thinks that they should have sex.

In the Forman livingroom, Red and Hyde sit on the sofa looking nervous while watching tv. Kitty comments that they're both being very quiet and asks what's wrong? Before they can answer, the doorbell rings and they both jump up to get it. Bob and Pam have come over for drinks, and brought some Kahlua with them.

In the Toyota, Red and Hyde sit talking about Pam again. Hyde asks about the look that she gave them when they walked in on her. He says that he's never gotten that kind of look before, and wants to know what it means. Red tells Hyde that this has to be the last time that they talk about this, and from this point on, they have to act like it never happened.

In the Forman basement, Eric continues to work on his model. Mitch says that he can't believe that Donna wants to have sex with Eric. Kelso comes in and tells the gang that he's got a test coming up at the Police Academy and needs to practise his interrogation techniques; he asks Jackie if she'll be his subject. She tells him that he's still new, so he needs someone weaker than her and suggests Eric. Kelso starts yelling in Eric's face, asking him where he was yesterday. When Eric doesn't play along, Kelso knocks the model out of his hands, smashing it on the floor. Eric is really angry and asks Kelso what he thinks he's doing; Kelso explains that that was the bad cop, now he's going to be the good cop, and continues asking where Eric was yesterday. Eric says that he already answered the question; Mitch points out that Eric left out the part about talking to the blonde Slurpee girl at the model shop. Donna asks if that's the same girl who said hi to him at the movies; then asks what's going on. Eric explains that he sort of went out with the blonde girl while Donna was dating Casey Kelso. Donna's angry that Eric lied to her about the girl while they were at the movies, then tells Eric to forget about coming over to her place for sex. Jackie comments that they've prevented a crime from happening - Donna having sex with Eric. Mitch tells Donna that he's glad he could help her.

[Scene change: Hyde dancing.]

In the Forman kitchen, Bob and Pam thank Red and Kitty for making Pam feel so welcome. Jackie and Hyde are also there; both Hyde and Red look tense and nervous. Bob also thanks them for the help with the move and then mentions that everyone benefitted, as Red and Hyde both got to see Pam topless. Kitty and Jackie stare in disbelief; Red and Hyde say nothing. Bob says, "Yeah, the first time I saw them, I was speechless too."

[Scene change: Red looms at the camera.]

In the Forman kitchen, Red admits what he and Hyde saw; Hyde comments that they just have good timing. Jackie corrects him, telling him he meant 'bad timing.' Kitty asks Red, "How could you?" and Red tries to explain that he didn't do anything, he just had his eyes open and he couldn't help seeing; he asks if they were supposed to scratch their eyes out. Pam tells them that her body has caused riots before, so this reaction isn't surprising. Bob says that it's time to leave, and after they go out, Jackie starts to yell at Hyde; Kitty is angry with Red, so Hyde and Red leave too.

[Scene change: Donna and Eric jumping towards the camera.]

In Donna's bedroom, she complains to Mitch and Fez that Eric didn't tell her the truth about who the blonde girl was. Mitch suggests that she get it all off her chest, including her top. Fez warns Mitch that there's only room for one pervert in the group, and Fez has that position tied up. Donna asks if they think that Eric had sex with the Slurpee girl; Fez says that she'll do anyone, although she hasn't had sex with ~him~.

In the upstairs hallway of the Pinciotti's house, Kitty and Jackie stand outside the closed bedroom door, talking about Pam and what they want to say to her. They open the door, and see Bob, standing there, naked. He smiles at them as they stand there in shock and says, "Hi girls."

In the Forman basement, Hyde is telling Kelso and Eric about seeing Pam topless. Donna comes in and asks Eric if he had sex with the Slurpee girl; Eric says no and Donna asks him why she should believe him. Eric proves to her that nothing happened by pulling out a box filled with model ships from Star Wars, and tells her that ~this~ is what he did all those nights that she was going out with Casey Kelso. Donna is touched by this, and calls him her "horny nerd-boy." Eric tells her that the Slurpee girl wasn't important, and that he never stopped loving Donna. Kelso turns to Hyde, and in a high-pitched voice, tells Hyde that he never stopped loving him. They laugh, and Fez wonders if they're really joking or not. Eric suggests to Donna that they complete the apologies with some make-up sex, as is traditional. Donna tells him that she has a new tradition to start: she'll buy him a milkshake and a Playboy. Eric tells her that he doesn't need a milkshake. As they leave, Mitch comments, "Well, this sucks."

[End credits: In the Forman livingroom, Kitty and Jackie sit and look stunned. They start to talk, but then realize that they can't talk about it in the house, so head out to the Toyota, but find Red and Hyde already in the car. Kitty asks what they're doing in the car; Red looks guilty as he starts up the car and drives away.]
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