That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 14

Stolen Car

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 1999 on FOX

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  • perfect

    Red won't let Eric drive the Vista Cruiser because of a scratch, so Kelso borrows a car from his cousin. All is going well until the car has been reported stolen, so the guys are taken into questioning by cops. In the end it turns out to be one big misunderstanding. Oh, and at the end of the episode Kelso and Jackie lose their virginity.

    Good episode, the scenes of the guys in the police station were hilarious. Kelso on the phone with Jackie was probably my favorite part. Or when Fez was about to attack him. I liked Red's line about 'buying Disneyland'. Overall a hilarious episode from season one, definitely getting an A from me
  • Stolen Car

    That 70's Show's first season was groundbreaking, it was revolutionary, but sometimes it was not that great, and while this was definitely a memorable one, there are quite a few episodes out there that are superior. For what this was though, a cheap cop out of a way to finally have Kelso and Jackie do it, it was still a funny episode at times. You will definitely laugh when watching this, either at Red or at Kelso or at Fez when he attacks Kelso in prison.

    Not too many quotable lines, but that is not always necessary for an episode to be good.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show erik gets a scratch on the car and loses his car because he was irrisponible and he and the gang have no car and cant go no where and jakie and donnna are spending time togeather and they talk about sex and so kelso comes by and says he has a car but turns out it was stolen and they got pulled over and had to go to lock up and then they let kelso use there only phone call and he calles jackie and she says she will give her virgintiy to him for the first time after he gets out and erik saves them and they get out and erik gets the car back and jackie and kelso have sex for the first time at the end this was a good ep
  • For getting a tiny scratch on the Vista Cruiser, Red takes away Eric's keys, so Eric is carless. Kelso gets a hold of a car, though, and drives the gang around for the night - until they get arrested for driving a stolen car.

    Another funny episode. Red makes a big deal out of a little scratch that was hardly Eric's fault. If he wouldn't of allowed himself to get a "purple nurple" while he was driving from Kelso, then we never would of had this whole situation. But guess what. He did allow Kelso to give him a "purple nurple" while he was driving, so Eric's driving priviledges are taken away temporarily, until Eric can show, 'a little responsibility'. But Kelso gets a hold of his cousin's car, so now, the gang has a set of wheels. While Eric complains about being in the back seat and everything, a police pulls the car over, claiming it is stolen. So Eric, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez spend about the entire night in prison room that has nothing but four chairs and a phone booth. Kelso takes the dime the police give him to call Jackie to come and bail them out. But leave it to Kelso to get distracted and pretend that he got treated badly while in prison, and Jackie says that when he gets out of prison, they're going to make beautiful love! Kelso is excited and hangs up the phone, without asking her for help. So they're in even more trouble. That is, until Eric steps up and becomes the man. He asks the officer to let them go, while another officer comes and report the car was not stolen. So the guys are set free, and Eric is the hero, again. And Jackie keeps her promise. Kelso arrives in her bedroom, and the scene sets off as the two lovebirds begin making out slowly on the bed.
  • Kelso steals a car.

    Eric is in the slammer, when he borrows Kelso's stolen car. I love this episode because it seems like it was an Eric & Red episode, Red always catching every mistake, and Kitty bringing it up over & over again, I loved when they got pulled over by the cops, something strange occurred to me while watching this episode, haven't Kelso & Jackie been doing it since the first episode, that seemed strange to me. That in this episode, they make it all special. And Donna & Jackie talk about sex. An amazing lot with great key points on the 70s.
  • Simple plot, great story

    Eric gets a purple nurple, causing him to bump a fire hydrant, causing a scratch on the car, causing Red to find out, causing him to lose his car, causing him having to walk everywhere, causing Michael Kelso to borrow a car, causing them to have no pickles in their burgers, causing Eric to get crampped in the back seat, causing the cops to catch them, causing Jackie to want to do it with Michael, causing the whole gang to hate Michael, causing Eric to step it up and be a hero, causing them to get out of jail and causing them to shut themselves in prison.
  • The gang go to prison!

    This episode is very important because Jackie and Kelso will finally "do the deed" so to speak but Kelso, upon hearing this gets so excited he hangs up the phone. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but this was the one phone call that you can get from jail.

    The whole episode is entertaining especially Red noticing the tiny scratch and the old woman simply forgetting she lent the car to someone which is why the gang are in prison.

    Eric's speech about why the rest wouldn't get in trouble with their parents (Hyde's mother probably the next cell over, Kelso's family being so big they won't notice he's gone, Fez's parents don't live in the country) was a very memorable scene and the episode is truly deserving of a perfect score.
  • Red overreacts and the guys end up in jail, no, not like that.

    When Eric scratches the car with a barely noticable (except to Red) "scritch" due to Kelso's teasing, Red suspends Eric's driving privilages. When Kelso borrows his cousin's car, Eric is in the back seat, which is a big step down for a guy who didn't have such a high place on the totem pole to begin with. Once they find out that it was stolen from an elderly woman, and get busted by the cops.

    As they stew away in the interrogation room, Eric worries about what Red will do when he finds out. When it turns out that the woman did lend the car but just forgot later, Eric makes it seem as though he just laid down his own law, when in reality he crumbled under the pressure.

    The other storyline sees Jackie preparing to lose her virginity to Kelso, and when he gets sprung, they do it... in like 20 minutes.

    And Red reconsiders his punishment, and hands over the keys.

    The big moment here is Jackie and Kelso doing the deed, but the prison trip provides most of the laughs.