That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 5

Stone Cold Crazy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on FOX

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  • Does anyone know what song played during Fez's dream sequence when he has the "Fez and Jackie Show" dream. It's drivin me crazy! Anyways I think it is the second best episode of That 70's Show next to the finale.

    I definitely loved this episode because of Jackie and Fez's love interest starting to unravel. I liked how the writers brought Caroline back into the series as an even crazier women than she was before. I think that the writers should have given Fez more focus in episodes because here we see a lot of Fez and it makes this episode at least 10x funnier than most of the episodes. I also loved the reactions from Kitty and Red after seeing Donna's nude pictures. I mean, the whole situation of the pictures was funny but having them get leaked to everyone else was hilarious.
  • A new roommate and an old girlfriend.

    Crazy Caroline was a hilarious character and bringing her back in this episode is great, and with terrible timing, given that Jackie had just become Fez's roommate and naked pictures of Donna just happened to be making their way around Point Place. The plot was very funny, and brings up some great moments of Fez and Jackie starting to live together in their made up, sitcom world.

    Kitty trying to get Red to notice her was also a pretty funny plot, as was everyone managing to see Donna's naked photos, except who we originally presume, with Bob being in charge of mailing. Of course this is also a plot Kelso would have killed at, but I guess getting rid of two main characters is something you have to get used to and the episode was funny nonetheless.
  • That '70s Show is back!

    I've been waiting two years for an episode like this! This was the first episode in about...well, two years, to actually make me laugh and have a good storyline. This episode reminded me of the classic seasons of That '70s Show in so many ways, I can't count them. (I think it's eleven, though. Eleven. That sounds about right.) The Fez/Jackie stroyline with the return of a past character from Season 3 was the highlight of this episode, and set up a great ending. The alternate storyline with the pictures was also fun to watch... especially Red's reaction. The writers did a good job working with just the eight (or nine if you count the new guy) remaining characters, and I'm hoping all new episodes are like this one.
  • Nice episode with funny things happening.

    I really liked this episode. Finally they've given up relationships stuff and the gang is involved in weird and funny things again, like Donna's pictures being seen by everybody.

    Still, I miss Eric and Kelso, but I guess we'll have to live with that... unless the rumours of them wanting to come back are true, which would really be something great to end this show with.
  • Interesting direction.

    JAckie and Fez's snooping have revealed an interesting plot twist as Eric has apparently broken up with Donna over the phone from Africa. I wonder how they'll deal with this situation during the rest of the season. Assuming this is only the second last, is it possible that we could find out about a new girl in Eric's life.
  • a good episode

    in this episode after kelso left point place he gives his room to jackie and Fez thinks of the wacky adventures they will had it was so funny and then later on Donna asks Sam to help donna make some sexy pictures of her but she was naked in then and they get lost and a past love of Fez returns and it is that crazy Coaline and Donna goes on a rangage looking for the pictures and Leo puts then in a record that Fez buys and later on Jackie wants to watch the wizards of Oz and crazy stuff happens
  • 805

    Another one of the "better" episodes of season eight, comedy wise, but other than that, it was rather mediocre. The absence of Kelso & Eric completely broke this show. They managed to utterly ruin one of my favorite guest stars on That '70s Show. Allison Munn as Caroline, Fez's crazy girlfriend. Her character was extremely exaggerated, and all of her crazy moments that were comedic golden in season three were ruined in this episode with not so special crazy moments. The "Fez & Jackie" montage was entertaining, but the writers continue to be rushed. Jackie moving in all of a sudden, taking Kelso's room? The writers obviously just did that to fulfill the plot. Hyde has become a side character, and I always thought he was going to take center stage after Eric and Kelso left, not Jackie and Fez.

    A quite clever ending, with Donna's naked picture floating around Point Place and eventually falling in the hands of Fez, but again, completely exaggerated in all places. Kitty's trademark hairstyle was ruined and just made the season all the less original, now that it feels as though were not in the 70s anymore, it's just a backdrop for the show now. Oh, and Randy is awful