That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 06, 1998 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep i thought

    in this ep of that 70s show president ford is coming to vist the city. and there is a thing for him to talk to the people of the city and jackies dad organized it thing is eriks dad red does not really care for ford but he is asked by bob to ask the question. and red is think what should he ask. but also in this ep the guys are thinking what should they plan and they plan to streak in front of the president but when it comes time the guys dont do it and donna has a to wear an american flag jumpsuit with her family thing is when reds time to ask the question he has trouble and that is eriks q to come out and streak wee wee pee pee he says and it was hilrious . very good ep
  • Streaking

    How That 70's Show avoided cancellation during its first season astonishes me. It is not that these episodes were not good, as they were incredible, but the show catered to such a niche audience (people who like 70's music) and not the masses.

    This was such a great episode for numerous reasons. It wisely tackled such issues as President Ford's fall, streaking and the economy.

    But the reason this show succeeded for so many years was because of the great cast. A strong group of young personalities, coupled with veteran actors like Kurtwood Smith, Tanya Roberts and Debra Jo Rupp. Whoever was the casting director for That 70's Show deserves a cookie.
  • The Best episode of season 1. The guys are going to streak during Presidents Ford's adress to Point Place.

    Kitty hears that Jackie's dad organized for President Ford to visit Point Place to give a speech.
    So, Kelso, Hyde, Eric and Fez decide to do something great at the rally. Something that says that they hate the U.S government and they want everyone to know it..... So they streak. Kitty goes crazy when she starts making to many pies and different foods. Red is going to ask the President a question.

    During the rally, Red goes to ask the question, until he gets nervous, there, the guys decide not to streak because of all the dogs. To help his dad out, Eric streaks (with a Richard Nixon mask), but security dosen't catch him.

    Then Red asks Ford how can he pardon Nixon?
    There, the show basically ends.
  • The four guys plan to rally against President Gerald Ford, who is visiting Point Place. Meanwhile, Bob, who is heartbroken over the fact his daughter won't wear a jumpsuit of the American flag, asks Red to ask Ford a question.

    Clean the house! Bake some pies! The PRESIDENT is coming to Point Place! Jackie's father was part of the reason that the whole thing was arranged; Gerald Ford, who is not liked among many of the residents of Point Place, is coming to the whole gathering to answer some questions by some regular people. Bob asks Red to be one of them, and Red spends hours and hours, (well who knows? it never says how many days go by; and there were the distractions, like when Bob said Red was to ask a question the committee chose for him) thinking of a question. Meanwhile, the four guys, Hyde, Kelso, Eric and Fez, think of a way to rally against the president. Eventually, Kelso has the idea to streak. The gang agrees, even though Eric is practically risking his life to do so; Well, if he gets caught. Eventually at the event, the guys chicken out. But when Eric sees that his dad is stumbling upon his question, he does it anyway. He strips, and runs through the field of people: "Wee wee! Pee pee!" and of course, wearing a very nice Richard Nixon mask. With this, Red gets the confidence to ask Gerald Ford, or Jerry, "How the hell could you parden Nixon?" Mr. Burkhart isn't pleased, but Red doesn't care. And if I was him, I wouldn't care either. Red lost his job, and now he was losing his freedom of speech! Good job on Red's part to tell the president off, about HIS feelings. There was also another small subplot with Donna and her parents. Bob wants Donna to wear a jumpsuit with him and Midge. Bob and Midge will be the stripes, while Donna is the field of blue to represent the American flag. Donna refuses, but after a talk with Kitty, comes anyway to be the left edge of the flag, which makes Bob so happy. To me, sure the outfit may of been embarassing; but Donna has to stop listening to Jackie: she IS hot! And to Eric: good job of streaking. Even though he is never shown, I'm sure your critical friend, Hyde, was proud. If only George Bush had visited MY hometown...
  • Wee-wee! Pee-pee!

    When the current president Gerald Ford comes to Point Place, Jackie's father and Bob decided to make Red the questioner. Red wants to ask his own obscene question, but, no one wants to hear that.

    But that's not the case of this episode!

    The case is, Kelso has an idea of a streak during Ford's speech. Hyde and Fez agree, but Eric isn't so sure. But, he agrees anyways.

    The night of the streak. Red is pumped out of asking bubling Ford a question, and the guys are ready to go streaking. But, *gasp!* they guys decline! And such a waste! Eric was gonna....

    ... wait... Eric? Before Red has time to speak, Eric streaks! Yeahh!!!!!

    ANyways, from the ending, it was pretty awesome.
  • this episode rocks and is very well written.

    As Eric & Donna's relationship develops. Hyde, Fez, Kelso, & Eric decide to streak when the president is visiting. Donna is sick of getting dragged along everywhere with her parents. On the day of the streaking. Hyde, Kelso & Fez all chicken out. Eric wants to impress Donna so he does. He streaks. Donna didn't see anything because Eric's jacket was over her face. It was really funny when everything was going in slow motion. How the jacket went over Donna's face. Then Eric gets all scared & runs off. So funny. I think one of the best episodes in the first season. Definite classic.
  • What could be better than seeing someone streak Pres. Ford in a Nixon mask? Expect unless someone mooned Nixon in a Ford mask.

    A great episode where the four guys come up with a brilliant idea to streak in front of the Pres. I really liked the sub-plots, especially the one dealing with Red standing up for what he believed in good for him. and the other sub-plot where Donna must do whatever it takes to make her parents happen. I also enjoyed seeing patriotism with her three pies. The thrid episode was definently better than the 2nd, because it really showed the guys getting together to create a way out there plan that involved a really unusal plot, I mean how many other shows have a character streak in front of a Pres. A classic episode all the way.
  • LOL

    In this episode of That 70's Show. President Gerald Ford visits Wisconsin and everyone is getting ready. Kitty prepares her blue, white and red pie. While Red is asked to ask the President a question. He receives the shock of his life when he finds out that he does not get to ask his own question, but when it came down to it, he gave his own. Meanwhile, the guys are planning to streak, everyone is in. They wear nothing but their footwear and a trenchcoat to the President's speech. When they get there, they discover hounds, so they back out of the streaking, but when Red chokes on his question, he is saved by his son Eric. Eric decided to streak, shouting the words, "Wee Wee Pee Pee." Remarkable and hilarious episode.
  • There is always a streaking episode in most shows, i guss this is it!

    this Episode was soo Hilarious, definately kept me laughing. The lightbulbs were wll planned too. The cafeteria scene is just funny i was laughing my butt off. it is a good 3rd episode definately make you want to see more. Alot of the Ford controversy is also faced here, but Redcomes out as a hero for speaking his mind. I was surprised when Red didn't ground eric for life for streaking, i guess Red realized erci did the streaking for a good cause. IT is even funnier cuz Eric is just a bunch of boneshe is sooo skinny it's funny!
  • Funny plot good writing just a bunch of kids living there teens

    Funny plot good writing just a bunch of kids living there teens

    every fan should see this episode they just have great writing and good plot and randomness that makes this one of the funiest episode durring the 1st 3 seasons. Every one has to see this episode good day.
  • A very comedic third episode

    There's not a dull moment in this comedy filled episode of laughs and nudity.

    The whole episode is very well written and definitely silly at times and has some great input by Hyde.

    Red being asked to present a question then given a question that he would never ask by an all too dimwitted Bob was a great plot aswell but Kelso's fear of the dogs if they decided to streak was definitely one of the highlights of the episode, all of the circle gang realising that they were too chicken to pull off the whole streaking thing.

    My favourite scene of the episode is the lights above the gang's heads, especially Fez's exit sign.

    Overall, a very hilarious episode.
  • WEE WEE!!! PEE PEE!!!

    A great addition to the 70's show series. The guys decide to streak during the presidential campaign, but chicken out once they get there. Red struggles with his moral ethics of being allowed to say what he wants or to ask the question he's been 'Ordered' to present. Eric helps Red the only way he can and the results are non stop laughs. Great episode.