That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 14

Street Fighting Man

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2005 on FOX

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  • When Donna gets 6 tickets to the Green Bay Packers game, Eric convinces the gang to give one of the tickets to Red. Eric invites Red to the Green Bay Packers game which makes Red super duper happy.

    This is by far my favorite Season 7 episode of "That 70s Show". It was well written and absolutely hilarious from start to finish. I had no problems with this episode and it was just all-around hilarious. There are two things that we have never saw Red do until not this episode. One, Red was crying for the first time. Two, Red is happier than he ever was in the past episodes. We also see Eric get into a fight for the first time ever which was awesome and hilarious. It's also cool that we actually saw Red stand up to Eric. It was nice when Eric decided to invite Red to the Green Bay Packers game and then Red starts to cry. Red crying after Eric showed him the tickets and invited him was absolutely hilarious and cracked me up. It was hilarious Hyde offers to do the ticket stub switch with Kelso and Fez but they don't understand the plan. Red giving Eric money and Eric buying a Chicago Bears jersey which makes Eric the most hated person in the game was hilarious. Jackie trying to make Hyde miserable at the game and failing was hilarious. Also, the Kitty/Bob plot was absolutely hilarious. It was hilarious when Bob touched Kitty's butt and then things got awkward for the both of them. Eric getting into a fight with that crazy Green Bay Packers fan was absolutely hilarious and Red getting excited seeing Eric fight was very funny. I definitely loved the interaction between Red and Eric. This is possibly the most closest relationship that Red and Eric have ever had. The very ending with Bob ringing the door bell and telling Red "I touched your wife's butt" cracked me up so hard. Overall, I loved seeing Red super duper happy and crying for the first time ever and I loved seeing Eric getting into a fight for the first time ever... this is just an all-around hilarious episode of "That 70s Show" and it's definitely Season 7's best. 10/10
  • good episode

    in this episode donna did something to get free tickets to the packers game and eric decide to bring red at the game and they do a little more bounding and jackie trys to get hyde too feel bad that he broke up with her and it is funny when bob put his hands on kitty's butt and eric gets a bears team jersey and how can kelso and Fez how trouble doing a ticket stub switch and hyde see jackie crying was she crying that her plan wasn't working or Hyde just doesn't care about her and Eric earns more of Red love
  • 714

    I am the first to complain about Seasons 7 and 8 of this show, but I can admit when I am wrong and this was a great episode of That 70's Show. It featured some serious moments for you people who like that, as well as plenty of comedic moments for the people who watch for that. The bit with Kelso and Fez not able to figure out Hyde's plan was great, as was them using it later on at the movies.

    It was just a well-written story from top to bottom. The only thing I did not like was the stuff with Bob and Kitty.
  • The aftermath of the aftermath.

    A great episode since finally they shoot an episode outside, which is rare for That 70's Show, but not only that but actually go to a packers game & Red's nice, and it looks like Jackie is doing very well, until everything comes crashing down. Jackie ends up crying by the end of the day, Eric is the most hated person on the field, and Fez can't even get in without Kelso being there, which made the episode painful to watch. I like how Jackie tries & fails to make Hyde miserable, finally Eric gets in to a fight which was the most awesome part of the episode! A great episode that was shot outside!
  • Donna gets the gang tickets to a Packers game against the Bears, Eric invites Red who is a giant Packers fan. How can Eric possible screw it up?

    I love this episode. It's a That 70's show classic, and one last good episodes the series had, because of the God awful Season 8. The gang gives us a great episode with tons of funny moments. When Eric gives Red the 50 yard line tickets, Red begins to cry and runs out of the room. While the gang attends the game with Red, Kitty and Bob have a nice Sunday afternoon betting on the Packers game, until Bob grabs Kitty's butt. Red is super funny, drinking with the kids, laughing, giving Eric hugs and money. The funny thing is Eric still manages to screw it up by taking the 50 dollars Red gave him and going to buy a Bears Jersey. Although you can't buy away teams jerseys at a sporting event, it was still a hilarious plot twist. Jackie and Hyde fighting was pretty funny. Eric gets into a fight after a Packers fan insults him and his father. I love Red reactions. First, He doesn't even try to break up the fight, Second, He is so excited for Eric to be in a fight and wants everyone to see. The classic part of the episode when Red asks Eric where he learned to fight, he responds "Star wars". Red is funny and is like "I had to ask". Overall I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10.
  • A hilarious example of 70s humour

    This hilarious instalment of 70s show comedy is one that is both memorable and original, with the gang at a football game, and many interchangeable stories happening at once, including Kelso and Fez's moronic understanding of the ticket stub switch, Hyde and Jackie's back and forth, Eric and Red's bonding, backfire, and rebonding, and watching the game at home Bob and Kitty's awkward moment.

    All of the stories had some hilarious moments including tradesies, a hole in the fence, the Bears' jersey, and everybody somehow leaving, willingly or otherwise, before the game was over.

    Once again, a great episode from the seventh season, with complications and simple comedy going hand in hand.