That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2004 on FOX

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  • Hmmm, Cringe-worthy anyone?

    This was painful to watch because Pam is a slut!I really hate Pam! In this episode or even maybe overall. I cannot believe Pam cheated on Bob & Jackie & Donna were right all along & Bob yet still takes her back. That is so stupid! I like the japanese restaraunt though throughout the episode. They should have the restaraunt throughout the series. But still I sensed so racism against asians. I like the A plot just a little cause I don't really like the character Mitch, the only good scene with him is when he jumps toward Donna & makes out with her in fron t of Eric! So funny!
  • the whole episode but shorter

    Episodes starts off with Erik hitting Seth Green with a golf ball. Seth ends up in the hospital, so Erik invites him to the basement. Seth moments later appears in the basement playing with a startwars action figure Erik had recently bought. Bob asks Jackies mom to move in, but she says shes seeing someone else (ouch) burn. Seth starts hitting on Donna. Seth then fixes Foremans car, whatever ok so then everyone is in the basement in the 360 and they start playing truth or dare. Then Seth dares himself to kiss Donna and then he goes for it and attacks. Jackie lectures her mom about how she treated Bob. Erik kicks Seth out the house because he thinks taht he stole his new action figure. OoOps seems it was in the tub...where Erik left it. Aww Jackies mom agrees to move in with Bob. Erik appologizes to Seth and all is well with the world. The End
  • a good episode

    in this episode the guys run into Mitch and eric hurts him and eric asks him to join the group and then Bob ask Pam to live with him she breaks up with him and Donna and Jackie try to get them back together so bob will be happy and Mitch gets the hots for donna and he kisses her and one think i like about eric is that no matter how old he his he sit plays with action figures but he got Star wars action figures and a funny thing is that mitch says do i have a shot with donna and eric says mitch me and her r geting married and mitch say so thats a maybe LAMO
  • Mitch joins the group.

    This episode is hilarious, with the annoying Mitch guilting the gang to hang out with him, and Bob and Pam breaking up, at least temporarily. Eric’s obsession with his star wars figurines or as Red insists, dolls, and the fact that Eric’s priorities are if his action figure is stolen, it’s a lot more drastic than if Mitch makes out with his fiancé, which is just an annoyance.

    Jackie and her mother actually having a real conversation was great, and as far as comedy goes, Mitch’s annoyance, Fez referring to him and Hyde as almost a couple, and the mini golf scene are all hilarious moments in the show, from a terrific episode.