That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • This episode features the only scene transition in the whole series with Bob in it.

    • Eric's Star Wars action figure collection is anachronistic: first, the Millennium Falcon carrying case is a modern era case. The 1979 case was a vinyl box with two stackable trays; second, a glimpse of the figures in the case reveals a number of characters he shouldn't even know about in 1979. Looking past the fact that some of the figures are the 1997 remakes of Episode IV characters, his collection includes a Yoda that appears to be from Episode I (released in 1999, and Yoda as a character was unknown until Episode V in 1980), a Chewbacca with c-3PO parts and mesh bag (from Episode V) a B-Wing Pilot (From Episode VI, released in 1983), and an Emperor Figure (also from Episode VI). The only era-correct figures he had appeared to be the Darth Vader and an R2-D2. Also, the B-Wing pilot appeared to be the vintage 1983 variety, not the current ones.

  • Quotes

    • Mitch: So, do you think I have a chance with Donna?
      Eric: Mitch, she's my fiance.
      Mitch: So that's a maybe!

    • Donna: Alright Kelso, truth or dare.
      Kelso (anxiously): Uuuh, truth.
      Donna: Have you have snuck into my bathroom when I was showering?
      Kelso: I mean, dare.
      Fez: We have snuck in there! I was there, and I saw you! (frowns) I mean, dare.
      Jackie: Ok, Steven truth or dare. The truth will be whether or not you love me, and the dare will be telling me that you love me.
      Hyde: Ok, (exhales) Pass.
      Mitch: Ok Mitch, truth or dare. Um, I pick dare, Mitch. Ok, Mitch. I dare you to kiss Donna. (gasps) Mitch! Naughty Mitch!
      Donna(laughs): Mitch, you goofball! That's not how it works. It would have to be like, I dare you to kiss me.
      Mitch: Okay. (Hops onto Donna, and they start making out)
      Eric: WHAT THE HELL?!
      Kelso(surprised): Oh, he did it!
      Fez: Look at him go! He's like a hummingbird!

    • Eric(In the basement alone): Hello? Anybody here? Hyde? (goes over to the couch to play with his action figures, and sits down) Well, it's time for me and 24 of my collectible action figure friends. It was a dark time for the Force. After the Forminion Wars, young Luke Skywalker had to face his most formidable enemy yet, Darth Vader with the rare and deadlier GREEN lightsaber. (opens his Millenium Falcon carrying case, and sees his Darth Vader with GREEN lightsaber toy is missing) What? No! MIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!

    • Kitty: Eric, were you playing in the bathtub with your little doll?
      Eric: ACTION FIGURE!!! Oh, no.
      Hyde: In the tub, Foreman?! It's getting really hard to be your friend.

    • Mitch: I can't believe you've got a hold of the Darth Vader with the green lightsaber! (Starts playing and swinging the toy around, and making noises with its lightsaber) Phew! Phew! Phew phew!
      Eric: What? No! It's mostly like (making gestures that he's holding a lightsaber) Bezuuuuu! Chhh! Chhh! Bezchzuuuuuuuuu! Ablublo! Blub! Chh! (to Kelso, and laughs) What a geek!

    • Eric: So, yesterday I was at this garage sale, I look down and there it was: the Darth Vader action figure with the incredibly rare GREEN lightsaber.

    • Eric: Mitch, congratulations. This seems like the perfect job for someone your size, what with the free lodging in the little castle on Hole 6.
      Mitch: Yeah, there's just enough room in there for me and your mom.

    • Kelso: Here's more bad news - when you return to the course, you're going to find that some punk drews boobs and a butt-crack on the clown statue. And don't try to wash it off because I used permanent marker.

    • Kelso: Well, that was brutal. I feel bad for the little guy. I just want to put him on my shoulders and buy him a balloon.

    • Kelso: What are you doing?
      Mitch: I'm not touching you.
      Kelso: Well, stop it!
      Mitch: But, I'm not touching you.
      Kelso: Well, stop not touching me!
      Mitch: Okay. (pokes Kelso) Wasn't it better when I wasn't touching you?
      Kelso: Yeah.
      (they both laugh)

    • Mitch: My only regret is that I haven't fought for my country.
      Red: Really? Eric's only regret is that he doesn't live in space!
      Eric: That's not my only's just one of them.

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