That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 10

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

Point Place, Wisconsin; October 23, 1976; 9:37 p.m.; Eric Forman's Driveway. Eric, Donna, Hyde, Kelso and Fez are playing basketball; Jackie interrupts and tells Kelso that she's going to go home to do her homework. The rest of the gang is amazed that she does her homework on Saturday night, and after she leaves, Hyde tells Kelso that Jackie isn't hip. Kelso says that he's going to break up with her, he's just waiting to pick his moment.

[Opening credits.]

In the Forman kitchen, Eric is eating breakfast, Red is pouring coffee and Kitty is getting orange juice from the fridge. She dances over to the table to pour some for Eric. He asks her if she's quit smoking again; she says that she has. The phone rings; it's Grandma Forman saying that she can't go to church with Uncle Paul as he's broken his ankle, so she wants to go with them. Kitty doesn't want that at all. She angrily gets a chicken out of the freezer and takes the ham out of the oven, as Grandma Forman doesn't like ham. Kitty and Red start to argue about Grandma Forman, and Eric tries to stop them by offering to hang out with his grandmother so that she'll leave Kitty alone.

[Scene change: a green flower-power flower with a lit fuse explodes on the screen.]

Red and Kitty sit in the Toyota with fake smiles pasted on their faces while they wait for Grandma Forman to come out to the car with Eric. Kitty says that she doesn't think she can do this, and Red suggests that she just have a cigarette. Once in the car, Grandma Forman [played by Marion Ross, who played Mrs. Cunningham on Happy Days in the 70s] begins complaining about the car and comparing Red to his brother. She tells Kitty that she's glad to hear that Kitty quit smoking; while she says this, she lights a cigarette and blows the smoke in Kitty's face.

In church, we hear the Forman's prayers: Kitty gives thanks for being able to quit smoking; Grandma Forman wonders why there are so many Polish people in the church; Eric asks for help with his homework; Red asks for a winning season for the Packers.

In the Forman's basement, the gang sits around watching tv. Eric comes down and tells them that he needs help with his homework - a 1,000-word term paper on the three branches of government and their functions. Donna suggests that he just tell his parents that he can't stay with his grandmother because of his homework, but he says that he's trying to keep peace in the family. Hyde says that Eric wants the "Hallmark card family," a happy, loving family.

Red comes downstairs and tells Eric to get back upstairs and look after his grandmother. Donna tells Eric that they'll take care of his homework for him so he can go back upstairs. They start to look at what he has so far and Jackie announces that this would never happen to her. Hyde whispers to Kelso that this is a moment for him to pick; Kelso tells Jackie that they need to talk. She continues talking, saying that she did a paper on the same topic last year and got an A on it, and offers to get it. Kelso tells her to just wait a minute, but Donna stops him from breaking up with Jackie. After Jackie has left, Hyde says that they don't need Jackie because he knows more about the government than she does, and starts with his conspiracy theories.

[Scene change: A Dorothy Hamill poster, saying "Love!"]

In the Forman kitchen, Kitty is preparing beans while Grandma Forman smokes. Kitty mentions that they're having chicken for dinner and Grandma Forman tells her that she can't eat chicken and Kitty should have made a ham. Eric tries to change the topic of conversation, mentioning the mass that they went to, but Grandma Forman complains about that, saying the pastor talked too much about forgiveness. Their discussion turns into an argument, and Grandma Forman starts to say how she doesn't understand how her son could have thrown away everything....but Eric interrupts and offers to rub her feet.

As they enter the livingroom, Red jumps up from the sofa where he was watching a Packers game on tv. Eric tells him to stay, but he insists that he has to do something in the garage. As Eric tentatively begins to rub his grandmother's feet, Fez comes through the livingroom, saying that he's going home. Eric introduces him to Grandma Forman and Fez is immediately entranced by her feet. She asks if he wants to rub them, and Eric tells Fez to knock himself out, then leaves.

In the garage, Red sits listening to the Packers game on the radio. Eric comes up behind him, scaring him, and asks if Red is coming back inside. Red explains that while he loves his mother, he just can't spend any time with her.

In the Forman's basement, Hyde is pacing back and forth, expounding on his theories about the government. Donna sits in the lawn chair, looking bored. She suggests just using an encyclopedia; Hyde rejects that idea. Kitty comes downstairs looking for Eric, but he's not there. She invites Donna upstairs to eat dinner with them, but tells Steven that he can't join them because Grandma Forman doesn't like him. She tells him to help himself to the deep-freeze.

[Scene change: lava lamp.]

In the Forman's dining room, Red compliments Kitty's cooking. Donna and Eric also say nice things about the food, but Grandma Forman has nothing but complaints, claiming that the cheesy potatoes make her sick as she's allergic to dairy. Red tells her that she's not allergic, and Donna points out that she puts cream in her coffee. Grandma Forman announces that she doesn't like Donna much; she likes Eric's new friend (Fez) better. Red, Kitty and Donna all desert Eric; he suggests that he'll watch tv with her, but she turns him down, telling him that she's going to watch tv with Fez.

In the Forman's basement, Hyde is heating up frozen french fries in the dryer. Eric and Donna come downstairs as Kelso and Jackie come in the door. Kelso looks quite dishevelled. Donna asks what's taken them so long to get Jackie's term paper and Kelso tells her that some stuff happened. Eric points out that Kelso's shirt is inside-out, and Kelso tells him, "Yeah, that's the stuff." Donna asks about Jackie's term paper and Jackie tells her that the paper wasn't on the three branches of government, it was on the four food groups. Donna says that she'll go home and get the encyclopedias; Jackie says that she'll go with her and runs out. Donna tells Kelso that he can break up with Jackie now. Eric's upset that none of the have done anything to help him, other than Donna. She comes back and announces that her mother sold all the encyclopedias except the volumes for B, X, and R. Kitty comes downstairs just then, and tells the kids that she's had an extremely stressful day and needs a cigarette. They all claim that none of them smoke, but she tells them, "I know that one in five teenagers smoke." She counts the kids in the room, "one, two, three, four, five!" and tells them that she's going to close her eyes and when she opens them, she wants a cigarette between her fingers. She holds her hand up expectantly, and a mystery arm reaches out and places a cigarette between her fingers. She demands a light, and all five kids produce lighters for her. As she takes the first drag of the cigarette, Red comes downstairs, and she hurriedly passes the cigarette to Eric, who throws it in the freezer. Red tells them that his mother said that the cat bit her, so he's looking for the cat. Eric points out that they don't have a cat, which is what Red thought. He turns on the tv and sits down to watch. Kitty suggests that they shouldn't just leave Fez upstairs alone with Grandma Forman, but then she sits down too.

Red, Grandma Forman, Kitty and Eric are coming out of the kitchen door; Grandma and Red are laughing and Kitty looks happy. She thanks Kitty for a wonderful dinner; Kitty gives her a plate of leftovers to take with her. When Grandma Forman asks if Kitty remembered to put some cheesy potatoes on the plate, Eric loses his composure and starts to point out that earlier, she'd hated the potatoes. Red stops him, telling him that "this has been a perfectly nice Sunday. Let's not spoil it."

In the Forman's basement, Eric sits alone, in his pyjamas, doing his term paper. Kitty comes downstairs for another cigarette and asks what he's doing there at one in the morning. She then thanks him for his help with Grandma Forman. Eric asks why Grandma hates Kitty so much; Kitty tells him that Red had been dating a beautiful, rich woman, but then married Kitty instead, and Grandma Forman has never forgiven Kitty for that. "That bitch!" Eric says. Both he and Kitty start laughing.

[End credits: Fez sits in the Forman's livingroom with Grandma Forman, watching The Lawrence Welk Show and discussing the dancers.]

Of note in this episode:

Red has a brother named Jerry.

Fez speaks Spanish.