That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 10

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1998 on FOX

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  • Again with the mother in law

    Horrible was consistently good. And I know all too well what it's like waiting for the day before to start an assignment. Plus the thing with Kitty and the ciggie will bother me no end. Who gave it to her?
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show grandma has to spend the sunday with the family and kitty is really upset about it and it drives her crazy and red is upset and so he tries to stay away from her the whole time and erik has a paper due and he has to write 1,000 words about the branches of the goverment and the grandmother only ends up liking fez since he can rub her feet really good this was a funny ep i thougth and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower
  • Red's mother attends church with his family and spends the Sunday at his house, driving Kitty to another few smokes. Meanwhile, Grandma Forman distracts Eric from working on his term paper.

    This episode really shows the relationship between Grandma Forman and Kitty. Red's annoying mother has to go to church with them. That's not all; After church, she comes home with them, and gets in the way of a lot of things. She constantly complains about everything: Kitty's cooking, Red's car, Kitty's dairy, um - KITTY! So she's a big distraction for everybody: I'm glad she's not MY grandmother. Eric even has to help out even though he has to work on a 1,000-word term paper on the three branches of the government, and their functions. Well, the main thing is..what!?! He offers to rub her feet!? He can tell Kitty hates being harassed by Red's mother, but he could of offered something else other than rubbing her feet! But once Fez meets Grandma Forman, he is amazed by her feet; He explains feet are practically bowed to in his country. So he takes care of her feet while Eric TRIES to work on his term paper. He stops when Jackie says she thinks she did a paper of the same subject last year. She and Kelso go to get the paper, but return late, only to announce the paper was on the four food groups. So Eric is practically dead. So he stays up late, until what we know is past 1:00 A.M. During that time, he watches his mother take her final smoke of the show, and that's good. It's kind of weird how she's a nurse and she smokes. I thought people with those kind of jobs don't smoke or do any kind of drugs. But maybe I was wrong? Or maybe it's just this show. Oh well, the episode was decent. It could of been better compared to some of the previous episodes, but it's was still pretty good.
  • It wasen't much fitting to Season One. But, then again, it's Season One. It's supposed to be the test episodes.

    For this episode, it didn't contribute to the story much. I mean, sure, Kitty wants to quit, and Jackie and Kelso are still in love. But, I feel like it was just a funny (yet, nearly dissapointed) filler.

    Okay, so the basic primise was that Grandma Forman comes in the house, and Kitty smokes to get in. Is it me? Or did Fex give the ciggaruate? Anwyas, Eric is bamboozled because his homework is not done. So, everyone pitches in to take over to homework.

    It was all very funny and all. I mean, I loved the ciggauratte scean, and the relation ship of Grandma Forman and Fez was all to reales, it's... it's just another filler.

    But, it was still very funny.
  • I am guessing this was a "bottle episode".

    When I was watching this I was thinking, this is definitely a "bottle episode". In case you don't know what a "bottle episode" is. it's when an episode is low budget & usually they stay in one room or set. The family stayed in the house for most of the time. Just wanted to say that. Eric trying to do his project was hilarious, well I should say Donna trying to do the project. Kelso trying to break up with Jackie & when he's going to do it they need her. Wow how unlikely. Fez liking Eric's grandma. Oh & with that running gag with the cheesy potatoes, perfect! Awesome "bottle" episode.
  • A 1000 word review?

    It's saturday and everyone questions Jackie about doing her homework on a saturday when there is a whole boring sunday to do it.

    It's sunday and the Forman's have to take Grandma Forman for the day. Kitty has stopped smoking, but grandma Forman pushes enough of Kitty's buttons to push her back to the habit again. Grandma becomes close to Fez, while Eric trys as much as he can to keep the peace in the family while he has a 1000 word term paper due that his friends tried so desperately to accomplish. Grandma finally goes home and Eric is up 1:00am doing his term paper.
  • The "evil" Grandma Forman appears

    After standing the family up for Thanksgiving (since Kitty forgot) in the episode before, Red's mother comes to the Forman residence, destroying many things in the process, including Eric's paper which he couldn't do, Kitty's smoking which she was trying to resist and Fez's...well, Fez actually seemed to enjoy her.

    This episode had many good scenes such as Jackie doing a completely different paper and Grandma Forman's shenanigans to ruin the family's lives.

    Red's attitude towards his mother is priceless and really explores his outlook towards his family and the character himself.

    This episode is entertaining and introductive and a worthwhile watch.
  • What a bitch-a roonie-doonie.

    This is the episode that first introduces grandman Forman to the series. And boy does she ever make an impact.

    Kitty attempts to quit smoking, yet Grandma constantly smokes in front of her, making it a difficult battle to say the least.

    Red is constantly trying to do busy work just so he can't spend time with her.

    Eric has a paper due the next day but he is forced to spend time with grandma and thus it's up to the gang to do the paper and bail him out, of course, being them, they completely screw it up with wrong reports, lack of encyclopedias and just plain laziness.

    Basically, nobody likes her, except Fez, who apparently gives her such a good foot rub that she completely does a 180 in personality at the end of the episode.

    This was an episode that would give Debra Jo Rupp the opportunity to stretch her comedy muscles. Great stuff.