That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 10

Surprise, Surprise

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2004 on FOX

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  • Finally a Red & Donna plot!

    Everyone has interacted with Red in the series, even Jackie in "Career Day" now finally Donna gets a plot with Red &it seems like they are butting heads, since Donna has dedicated her year to feminism, and Red has half naked girls on his calender & Donna unknowingly promotes it as Hot Donna, and finally they mention her working at the radio station again. Then Donna talks trash about Red's muffler shop but realizes it actually makes people want the magazine more which makes Donna unexpectedly happy cause she knows she has fans! While Kelso nailed Hyde's sister which is mentioned about 8 times politely by Eric, it is so funny how Angie & Kelso ending up doing it inn the most weirdest situations. A great episode with a good plot which is unlikely of season 7!
  • A great episode and Kelso nailed Hyde's sister.

    As Hyde joins the Kelso Nailed Your Sister club, Donna promotes Red's muffler shop, then depromotes it when she finds out what the calendars are. This depromotion of course fails, and the Muffler shop is busier than ever.

    The episode was very funny, particularly Eric trying to jam in as much insult to Kelso nailing Angie in one episode as he can to get revenge on Hyde doing it non-stop for the whole season Kelso was nailing Eric's sister. The episode starts another hilarious Kelso relationship, which seem to always look doomed from the start.
    Overall, this is a very funny episode, and has plenty of classic lines throughout.
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