That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 10

Sweet Lady

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2006 on FOX

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  • 810

    Possibly one of the worst episodes of That 70s Show. I don't even consider this That 70s Show, just a spin off that most definitely is not funny. From idiotic scenes such as Hyde & Fez as floating heads to Hyde seeing the "hounds," this episode was completely awful and I did not laugh once. I once said that Danny Masterson held this season together, but no one helped this episode at all. Mary Tyler Moore was just a bad addition to the cast, just like Randy and Samantha.

    Donna continues to be incredibly annoying as this season has been following a formula. Donna and Randy, Fez and Jackie, Hyde and whoever they match him up with, in this case: Red. What I used to love about this show, is that it was about a group of friends hanging. Now it's as if, none of these characters knew each other.

    Not a funny episode, pales to the past seasons. And the end of this episode with the credits was just not funny and awkward. Why do people laugh? Honestly.
  • When do they learn to stop

    What to say ?
    They should have stopped at season 7!
    The 3 old characters cannot carry the huge expectations alone.
    The new \"Dude\" is really annoying in his all-knowing-ways.
    The jokes are all tried and heard and the earlier so funny remarks from Red, especially towards Eric are worn out.
    The Innocence of Fez is turning slowly but surely to something rather creepy.
    I just hope that the final episode will be something of a hit. Something to reminiscence the good old times. How many hours could have been used to do important stuff, but no, One had to watch the next episode of a show that is at least in my top 10.

  • Jackie gets a new job.

    This episode is pretty funny, with Jackie becoming an assistant at the job from hell, Donna meeting Randy's band under suspicious circumstances and Hyde hanging out at the Viking Club.

    The cabin plot just seemed to be a way to put Randy and Donna together, or at least set it up, but the floating heads were hilarious, especially the first scene, and Hyde hearing old men complain about their wives was a fairly funny plot too. As for Jackie getting a job, that too had some great moments, and while I don't get a few American references, Fez agreeing to let Jackie deliver the hair products in exchange for a peek in the shower, and Jackie's harsh boss make this a promising setup for Jackie's new job, and overall, the three plots make a good episode.
  • I wouldn't call this episode a classic, but it certainly had some quality gags and inside jokes.

    Although it was better than the previous episode, it still wasn't great. I would give any episode from seasons 1-5 a ten without question. Yet, for the past few seasons, the series has been declining. And even though That 70s Show still remains one of the best American sitcoms, if this episode were compared to great british comedy, I would have rated it a lot lower. However, since I am comparing this to the likes of all of the terrible sitcoms ABC currently features and British sitcoms have been steadily declining since the departure of the office, I give "Sweet Lady" a 7.9.

    This episode contained some very funny jokes and gags. Although nothing as funny as was featured in the first 5 seasons. Many of the jokes were inside jokes targeted as homages to classic tv shows of the 70s. And even though the show is set in the 70s, this is content that the show rarely covers. Therefore, I've described the episode as "adventurous". Another good quality that this episode had was, suprisingly, Randy and Donna's subplot. The writers really seem to be working hard to make Randy's character likeable. To me, he still isn't part of the gang, but he's getting closer to that status. There were also a lot of other great gags. Many of them focused on Red and Hyde. And Samantha is proving to be an interesting
    character and a much more likeable one than Randy. Finally, Hyde and Fez's heads showing up at the cabin was the highlight of the episode. 7.9/10

  • Bring back the good ones!!!

    Now don't get me wrong, I love this show. But no one can convince me that this show has any kind of merit anymore. I am getting sick of these stories because they don't even fit with what the show is about. I dislike this episode but not as much as I dislike Reality TV.

    I hate all reality shows. Not only that but they are not reality. I believe that people who watch these types of shows are really dumbing down society. And even worse are the people that are behinde making these types of shows. I just wish that one day these people will sit back and reilize that they are making america dumber. And america, stop watching this garbage. I Love Tv, but I refuse to watch something that is so unoriginal that they can't even muster up a script. Now my last attact is that these are NOT Reality Shows. These are NON SCRIPTED SHOWS. or GAME SHOWS. Get it right.

    Now That I am done with my rant about that back to this show. This was a great show and they jump the shark alot. I really hope that they fix themselves. Well heres to hoping!!!
    "Quote Nevermore"