That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 23

Take It Or Leave It

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 11, 2005 on FOX

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  • The classic ultimatum.

    This really enters in to the season finale arc, with new beginnings. First of all Charlie is introduced, he is the greatest! I like how Hyde vents about Jackie throughout the episode, definitely in the beer warehouse, how he just seems to need another beer & his mind changes. Now Charlie ends up in a dress in the end, I love when Eric says "Welcome To Point Place" Looks like Charlie is in for a wild ride, I didn't like how Jackie just left without giving time for Hyde to think, that was a bit rude. But the Donna & Eric plot was sad because this time you know it's for real that Eric is leaving & that's just unsettling.
  • Beer Warehouse!

    Beer episodes are always great, and while this is not as hilarious as the Canada episode, the Beer Warehouse is just too good an opportunity to miss, and I regret not having a warehouse like that in my town watching it.

    The ultimatums were great, and had good conflicts involving Eric leaving and Jackie leaving, and the consequences of the events.

    With replacement Fez or "Charlie" coming into the show, it was quite funny, and shows that nice guys certainly finish last, and can be changed quite quickly by the gang.

    Overall, yet another great, beer filled 70s show episode from season seven.
  • Donna tries to stop Eric from leaving to Africa.

    As always, the show is awesome but I hate that Toper Grace is going to be leaving. They introduced a new character so, yep. Donna tried to stop Eric from leaving to teach in Africa and Jackie had a job offer in Chicago. The boys go to a beer warehouse with Charlie. I loved the comedy from everybody and the jokes and scenes were really funny.
  • Jackie gives Hyde and ultimatum and Donna tries to stop Eric from going to Africa.

    This episode was really good. It was a little sad because no one wants Eric to leave and, although it's only for a year, it's still a big deal. Donna tried to trick eric into staying by saying she had a date with a co-worker.

    Hyde and Jackie are also having problems. She wants him to commit and tell her that one day they will get married. If he doesn't say yes, she's going to leave for a job she got, far away.

    A new guy comes, who is [I think] the son of Red's old war buddy. His father owns a beer warehouse and the gang goes over there and drinks a lot.

    This new guy seems like he'll be playing a big role in the next season, maybe taking Eric's [Topher Grace] place. He's a virgin, like fez was and very unexperienced.
  • A producer makes an offer to Jackie, and she gives Hyde an ultimatum, stay and get married or accept the job in Chicago? A friend’s kid visits Red, and warns the gang not to mess with him, as Donna tries desperately to make Erick stay and not go to Africa

    Closure Time
    As Erick’s plot about his departure to Africa progresses, a new character is presented in this very well written episode, that is placing the players in their right positions for the departure from the show of Topher Grace.
    The new character that was introduced in this chapter, is named Charlie, a very clean, nerdy kind of guy, whose biggest rule-breaker was to left school 5 minutes before the sound of the bell , which made his heart pound like never before, to which Kelso states, in such a way, just Kelso can do it: “Because you were naked?” Of course, when Red warns the gang to not mess up with Charlie, you know very well that they will manage to somehow spoil the guy. Not before long, they are bored and he invites them to his daddy warehouse, a beer warehouse that is and soon the guys are completely drunk, in the trademark scene showing them sitting in a table, but in this case, instead of all the smoking stuff, it is the beer that has them on a very good trip. Of course, when Erick and Hyde are completely drunk, they began talking about their problems with Donna and Jackie, respectively, being the funniest Hyde, changing his mind every time he drinks one more beer.
    The other part of the episode corresponds to the ladies of the show, Donna is still mad with Erick because he is leaving and lies to him about having a date with a coworker, to make him miserable and depressed so he doesn’t go to Africa, and Jackie, having received an offer from a TV producer for a show in Chicago, gives an ultimatum to Hyde, whether she accepts the job, and moves to Chicago, or she stays in Point Place and marries Hyde (she is really obsessed about the marrying part). Also, Erick has to face more problems with Kitty who is mad for the idea of him going to Africa.
    When Erick returns of his boozing night, he encounters Donna and they fix their problems so quick, that is a little hard to believe, of course, considering how Donna forgave Erick about leaving her at the altar, is justifiable at this point. At the same time, Jackie asks Erick where is Hyde, Erick tells her that he has just passed out, but she nevertheless believes that he will leave her and not marry her.
    The next day, when Erick and Hyde are resting, Red urges them about the whereabouts of Charlie, at that moment, the police knocks the door, and brings Charlie in, dress like a woman, with Fez at his side, in that moment, Erick gives a perfect closure to the episode: “Dress like a woman... welcome to Point Place, Charlie” signaling the introduction of this character to the world of That 70’s Show. I don’t know yet if he is going to be the next member, replacing Topher Grace, but he is a well character, innocent enough to be teased by the gang (although Fez is a little jealous of this).
    I liked this episode, it was well written, the jokes were funny, and the characters are making the right decisions for us to have a smooth transition between this season and the eighth one, in which the main character leaves, looking for cinema glory.