That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 8

Thank You

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2002 on FOX

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  • Laurie's back!

    I really like this episode because Kelso dates a teacher! That plot is so funny & it's exactly what went down in the 70's. Also I loved how it fit in with Eric's plot, the teacher was Ms. Mcgee. The one that gave him the F, & she shows up at Red's house right after he forged the signature, that was cringe-worthy. Also I love how Laurie returns!!! She's one of my favorite characters! Also I like when that night they were just going to introduce their wedding announcements & Fez had to ruin it. That's a thanksgiving at the Formans!
  • Laurie's back for the holiday!

    In this holiday themed episode, a lot happens, Eric temporarily becoming the favourite over Laurie, Kelso dating a math teacher causing an engagement announcement to be called off and the revelation of just where Laurie gets her mean streak from. Then there’s the always funny drunk Fez, added Circle member, and Eric and Donna actually announce their engagement, the fact that they announce it to a dog and an unconscious man making it no less special.

    It was great seeing Laurie again and she really pushed the plot forward, with great lines about Eric forging Red’s signature and Kelso reminiscing about the short period where he was actually happy with her. A great episode from a great show.
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