That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 1998 on FOX

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  • This sucked,man.

    This was one of the lower hate when Donna overreacts for something stupid Eric did even after he apologised and seemed sincere about know its incredibly cliched for the mother in law to hate the daughter in law but I could never get used to it. Plus I can't stand Laurie and her stupid slut friends. Hyde as always killed,man.
  • Although not one of my all-time favorites, it was an excellent Thanksgiving episode of "That 70s Show"


    Laurie comes home for Thanksgiving with her friend Kate. Eric is annoyed that he'll have to give up his room for their guest, until he sees how hot Kate is. Jackie alerts Donna to the trouble she could be facing now that a college girl is sleeping in Eric's bed. Kitty tries vainly to avoid her mother-in-law's phone calls as she prepares for Thanksgiving dinner. I thought that this was an excellent Thanksgiving episode of "That 70s Show". I know that Thanksgiving is over and that it is the 1st day of December but I've been wanting to review this episode as one of my Thanksgiving episode. "Thank you" will be my final Thanksgiving episode to review this year which I will review when I get a chance. Anyways, this episode wasn't my favorite and the storyline could have been a little better but I still really liked it. Eric's thoughts after he made out with Laurie's hot college friend Kate was very funny. Kitty trying to avoid her mother-in-law's phone calls was very funny. It was also hilarious when Red and Bob got stuffed eating the Thanksgiving dinner and give their stomachs a rest. More humor from this episode made me laugh as well. Overall, an excellent Thanksgiving episode of "That 70s Show". 9.5/10

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show its thanksgiving time in the 70s and so they have to invite the grandmother and kitty is all arrivated about her and erik is mad that he has to sleep in the basement for his sisters friend but when he sees how hot she is he gets excited and they end up kissing and that makes donna upset and she is mad at him and not really talking to him and then they have thanksgiven meal and end up forgeting grandma and she does not come and during thedesrt party donna and erik make up and turns out to be a good time
  • Laurie brings a college friend home for Thanksgiving who Eric finds very attractive. When she flirts, Eric's relationship with Donna is put to the test.

    An episode afterwards you had to be pretty much, well, 100% convinced that Donna and Eric were official, their relationship is in hot water. Laurie brings Kate, a college friend, home for Thanksgiving and she is to sleep in Eric's room while he has to sleep in the basement. Eric can't resist when Kate flirts, and they end up making out. This wasn't a wise decision by Eric. It might of looked good that he got to make out with a college girl, but I'd rather keep the great relationship with Donna. Kate is pretty, but not what I would call, 'hot'. Call me crazy, but not only is Donna prettier, but she's more down-to-earth, and they've been friends longer. One thing Eric does do right, for once, is tell Donna. It's better than lying to her. But apparently not to Donna, who gets mad and doesn't forgive Eric until the very end of the episode. It may have been a long wait, but hey, Eric and Donna are nearly a couple now, and all couples fight. In the subplot, Kitty has to fight off constant phone calls from Red's mother, who is supposed to come to the Forman household for Thanksgiving, but Eric and Laurie forget her. When Eric and Laurie finally go her home and come back, they are grandmaless. Kitty thanks the Lord that she doesn't have to deal with Grandma Forman for Thanksgiving, and the Formans celebrate a...well, there are many words to describe it; But the Formans celebrate Thanksgiving '76 and the END!
  • Donna & Eric's first fight.

    This episode is another episode which shows that the Donna & Eric relationship is developing, which is quite amazing. Their first fight cause Eric was so stupid, he made out with another girl, which of course made Donna upset. Ha, I love when Kitty forgets Red's mother at the airport. That was hilarious, I like the fantasy in which when Donna & Eric are getting it on, they have to think of strange things to get it off their mind. That was hilarious, especially Donna's thoughts. Bob tries to offer Red a job without hurting him & Red quit before he started. A great amazing Thanksgiving episode.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Laurie comes back from college with her friend, Kate for thanksgiving. Eric automatically feels a connection with Kate. And Kate isn't exactly making it easy for Eric to resist her. One night, Eric goes in his room and Kate seduces him and makes out with him. With the tongue! Anyway, him and Donna have difficulties through out the episode, but the situation just ends up spicing up their relationship.

    Kitty and Red are getting annoyed by Red's mom, who calls so often. During thanksgiving, Kitty forgets to pick up Red's mother and she send the kids. When the kids get there, Red's mom decided not to go.
  • Eric makes out with a college chick

    This episode had some funny scenes such as the head rants and Red's mother not getting picked up because Kitty forgot after all those phone calls. I also liked Hyde's quote "On behalf of men everywhere..." and hitting Eric in the head. In fact, most of the basement scenes were quite funny.

    However, the episode was also serious at times with very few laughs, especially in the scenes with Eric and Donna discussing what happened though Midge feeling sorry for Eric was quite funny.

    Overall, the episode is not regrettable but not fantastic either and could definitely have been improved.
  • Eric's frantic mind babble is the highlight.

    Eric falls for Laurie's college friend who is a stereotypical, skanky, dumb blonde. He ends up kissing her and then tells Donna about it, needless to say, she is less than enthused. Eric must now try to find a way to make it up to her, and he does so by giving Donna a kiss that makes her weak in the knees.

    Eric's frantic head rant followed by Donna's sexy one make the episode worth while.