That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 22

That '70s Finale

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • What a great series finale.

    What an awesome finale. I liked how many things came full circle. Eric, Hyde, Kelso and Fez in the final 360, Hyde talkin about the car that runs on water, the six of them in the final scene, Kelso falling off the water tower, the characters reminding us who they were, and Eric and Donna back together (that's my own conclusion). Though it was sad to see the series end, it was time to call it a series. Gonna miss this show. Good thing there are re runs and DVDS.
  • Wonderful closing episode!

    Well, in spite of the doom and gloom predictions, the finale was wonderful. I have to admit, when Kitty did her speech in the living room and then Donna and Eric kissed by the Vista Crusier, I kind of lost it!

    My only thought now is thank god for re-runs on cable. Even though I did not find this last season satisfying, I will miss this show greatly.

    I relate to this show in so many ways. I am from the prior generation, and I have so many memories attached to much of the music, the TV shows, the clothes, the games, and the movies, that were used in the series.

    Watching this series was like looking back into my own life when life was simpler and a heck of a lot more fun!

    As Bob Hope used to say "Thanks for the memories".

  • Everything is as it should be and everyone is back. The Circle has reunited the originals.

    This is a great way to end the series. I wouldn't have done a better job. Everyone is reunited for the New Year. They're stepping into a whole new decade with a whole new perspective on life. Why not go out with one big bash?
    Recapes of Red's threats about putting his foot up everyone's @**. Of Kelso and others falling off the water tower and then doing it one last time. Kelso is so gullable. Eric gets back and mends things with Donna. The end can only end with THE CIRCLE. The way it all started. Great finale to a great 8 season run!
  • I can honestly say that the end of an era occured here. I was happy about most things like Hyde talking about the car that runs on water and Eric ending up with Donna. Some things however angered me like where the hell is Fez from.

    Well it was the finale of my favorite TV show on currently. It was just as I anticipated but they did leave out a couple things that would have helped. First of all they never said where Fez is from which dissapointed me. I also didn\'t like how Donna and Eric didn\'t say they were back together they just hugged and said I love you. Things I loved were that Kelso and Eric were back. Hyde mentioning the car that runs on water made me laugh. Kelso falling off the water tower one more time was fantastic. All in all it could have been alot worse and I did appreciate the ending with the gang singing just like the end of the first episode. Well the era is over time to find a new show but I will always have the seasons on DVD.
  • Glad to see the circle together again.

    They did a good job. Kelso slowly but surely blended back into the group and once Eric finally arrived there was a sort of nostalgia. Really makes you wish that Topher and Ashton had been there the whole season. I think the scenes in the last two episodes involving Randy were totally unnecessary and that Topher Grace deserved more screen time but other than that, a pretty satisfying finale. Every pointless scene was counterbalanced with one good one.

    Seeing the footage of the gang from the beginning of the series singing in the car was really moving considering all the funny moments \'That 70\'s Show\' delivered to us and when Donna cried on Kitty\'s shoulder, you could sense those were actually Laura Prepon\'s tears.

    I think we should all thank the creators and cast of \'That 70\'s Show.\' They\'ve been good friends to us.
  • The gang reunites for the close of the decade.

    I don't know what's worse: This finale or the finale of Enterprise. I'm giving it credit because it lasted twice as long as Enterprise. I'm giving it credit because Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher came back, but not much else. They could have made the episode an hour long and wrapped everything up, so what about the sl**s in the oc. That 70's Show deserved a better send off. The Final Goodbye didn't do much for me. I can't say much more than that I'm pissed and disappointed at how FOX ended a staple in their primetime line-up for almost a decade so poorly.
  • So sad!!!!!

    I was so glad Eric ended up coming back for the finale! I honestly couldn\'t figure out if they were going to bring him back or not, because I heard both stories. I like that they didn\'t show us any clips with him from the finale last week, so it really was a surprise.

    I love how most things came full circle. Hyde talks about the car that runs on water, as he did in the pilot episode. Michael has the Packers helmet. Red gets a couple \"foot in your ass\" remarks. Eric and Donna are together again, we think.

    The only thing that didn\'t work for me was the Jackie and Fez thing. I still think she should have ended up with Hyde. They worked so much better.

    Finally, everyone counting down to 1980 offscreen was so heartbreaking. And the license plate that said \"80\" on it...what a great way to end the series!
  • I\'ve watched this show from the first episode. I cannot believe it is over. I have the 4 seasons on DVD and cannot wait for the rest to be available. I am gonna miss them very much! Thank you all for great entertainment for 8 years. Red Foreman is right!

    I wished Eric and Donna’s situation was more clear.Was good to see them back where they started, at the Vista Cruiser. Being, I wanted them together, They will end up that way. Each and every character on this show holds a special place with me! Red Foreman, finally a strong male on TV. Kitty also wonderful! Donna, I loved her red hair and the prettiest she ever was, was from the episode where she wrote the wedding vows for Bob and Midge, reading them to Eric. Hyde, Kelso, Jackie & Fez.... Thank you all! I miss you already! GOD Bless! Well done!
  • All good shows come to a Great End. This was one Fox didnt can and im really happy they gave it a shot. I was happy with the ending. The Foremans werent Moving and Eric didnt get Donna. I wasnt suprised by this. Fez got to finally be with Jackie.

    I can not believe this show is over. Many good Times. Many good laughs. At the end 8 years go by. Then its time to say goodbye. Theres so many words I wanna say but ill say this. When im really old and someone asks me many many years from now about That 70s show. Ill tell them I saw that show from the beginning to the end. It was something Great. Ill never ever forget it. That show was apart of my life. And im really happy it got a damn great ending.
  • 9.9 rated, but is there not enough revealed?

    This episode of the series is the final episode. I wish that it would have been more of a tearjerker. At first when I heard Jakie and Fez were getting together I said, "What?!?! They have little chemistry!". But now I think it made the episode more.. heppy.

    When Red came home, Eric-less, I was about to scream! "What! He's not coming back for the finale?". I was so relived when he finally came back. I wish that the last seen would have not just ended at Midnight on the dot. I wish mabey in the beging of the '80s, Donna and Eric kissed. In the end the finale, kinda closed it up. I'm very happy with it.

    I wish we could know about what happens to the gang in the future. Did Donna and Eric fall in love again? Did they get married? Did Fez and Donna get married? Those I'm upset arn't included. Though the finale itself was awesome!
  • The 70's come to an end as New Years-1979 arrives. Everyone's leaving. Happy news only comes when the Foreman's decide to stay in Wisconsin, Hyde gets the record store, Fez and Jacki get together, and Kelso and Eric return for one last goodbye.

    It's sad to see the end of such a wonderful and memorable show. I didn't like the idea when i first heard of the pilot. I wasn't even alive in the 70's. But it's since become such a big part of my life. I hate the idea of never seeing new episodes. It seems the last few years all the great shows have been coming to a close. It's litterally the end of an era. This episode had most of the main characters and all the ones that it needed. I'm glad Eric came back for the last one along with Kelso. It's depressing to say this, but..... Goodbye.
  • Eric and Kelso are back,everyone is together, the 70\\\'s are about to end.

    That was, in my mind, a flawless finale. This episode brought a sense of closure to the whole series in a great way, but it didn\\\'t forget at all the roots of the show. It was great to see the flashbacks of the most memorable part of the series. It was also nice that thet put every allusion they could to what they had done in the past. And I especially love the ending with Eric coming back and have an nice moment with Donna, around the car, where they had their first kiss. And to end the episode on a circle and a countdown to the 80\\\'s was superb.

    Congratulation to this show: 200 episodes, that\\\'s impresive. It managed to do so with only one director. And the actors have been so great from the beginning. Well, not great at the beginning, but fun to watch nontheless! They seem to have enjoyed a lot what they have been doing and they fully deserve the succes of the show.

    Thanks for the great years and for the memories. Farewell, That 70\\\'s show!
  • The best series finale of the best sitcom of all times!

    The show stayed true to the series. Eric returns at the last minute. Wow. This is the closure the fans needed and what a way to end a spectacular series.
    The show paid tribute to many classic scenes, and made several nods to classic scenes from the very first episode.
    The plate on the Vista Cruiser at the end showed \'80, but the final scene was from the pilot when they are singing in the car after leaving the concert.

    The 360 was perfect! It is now the best 360 of the series. They ended with the same conversation they had in the very first 360 from the pilot - talking about the car that runs on water. Then ended it with one last race up those stairs - well, the last we will see, because they still live on.....

    cheers, one last time.
  • I\'m very sad to see such an amazing show leave!! don\'t now whether to be sad or to congratulate the success of the show!!

    I didn\'t realize that I would be this sad until i whatched the \"That 70\'s Show: The Final Goodbye\"!! I realized that this show has brought so many laughs over the years, it has cheered me up when I have been sad!! Even though I can still watch it in repeats it\'s not the same as sitting down and watching it for the first time. I can not think of a better way to end the show than on the Eve of the 80\'s. I\'m very happy to see some old faces turn up to pay their respects to the show. I know it will be a very good episode and i hope i don\'t cry, Good Bye That 70\'s show!!
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