That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 22

That '70s Finale

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Farewell "That 70s Show"

    I thought that this was an excellent series finale of "That 70s Show". Man, this show has always brought me so many laughs and it ended just like that. The good thing is that this show lasted 8 seasons so I am happy about that. I'm glad that Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) returned to celebrate New Year's Eve with the gang and I'm glad that Eric (Topher Grace) returned at the very end of the episode. Season 8 wasn't my favorite season but it wasn't bad either but I just wish that Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) and Eric (Topher Grace) weren't gon na all Season 8 long. Anyways, it's December 31, 1979 and the gang is getting ready for their last New Year's Eve of the 70s before it hits 1980. The flashbacks from all of the past "That 70s Show" episodes were great such as the flashbacks with Red saying those "I'll put your foot in your @$$" jokes and when Kelso was being punched in the shoulder so many times over the years. The flashbacks with Eric and Donna's relationship together over the past years was also very nice. Kitty telling Hyde to shave off his mustache because he looks like some kind of prostitute was absolutely hilarious. It was also funny when Eric said "Last one upstairs has to call Red "dumb@$$" and Kelso was the last one up there. The ending was also interesting when everyone counted down and then the episode ends. The ending went like this "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" (episode ends). Overall, it is sad to see this show end forever because I love this show so much and it always makes me laugh hard... Farewell "That 70s Show" and you will always be missed by millions of fans including me. 10/10
  • perfect

    Kitty does not want to leave Point Place and go to Florida, because of all the friends and family her and Red have. She tries telling him this, and they both agree not to go (because Red does not care where they live, as long as they are together).

    Donna is excited for Eric to return, but he misses his flight. She is bummed because she wanted to see him. However, Eric eventually does show up, and they talk, and they even share a kiss.

    The gang gather round to The Circle one last time before the New Years'. Eric decides to make it interesting coming up the stairs; whoever is last has to call Red a dumbass (something he has called others consistently throughout the series). Kelso is last, grabs the "Stupid Hat", and the episode, and series, ends.

    Good. Not the best finale ever but it was handled pretty well. It had some humorous parts as well as emotional parts, like the talk between Donna and Eric near the end. Overall, satisfying end. A+
  • This episode is the greatest, yet most hilarious episode to date. There are montages of famous scenes within this episode to make you remember why we all love this show!

    I know most people might think this is not the best episode from the series. And I agree to a certain extent. But this finale is a symbol of what the 70\\\'s really meant! To party and live life to the fullest. Whether it\\\'s climbing water towers and drinking boos, to coming home to meet old friends for one last night. Since Eric and Kelso were absent for most of season 8, they reprise their roles better than ever in this episode from the series. I\\\'m not saying this could possibly be the best episode from the series, but it lives up to all the fan\\\'s expectations of what a real series finale should be all about. I give it a 10 out of 10! Long live the \\\'70s!
  • That 70s Show is over im SO sad ive cried like 10 times already it was the greatest show ever created and im so sad to see it end =[ I dont think i can go a day without at least seeing 1 episode thank GOD for re runs and DVDs! what a great show!

    That 70s Show is the best show i have seen in my entire life its so funny and theres nothing else to describe its just funny.. the last episode was amazing i loved everything expect that it was sad to see it end where Kitty says how much she loves the kids that was VERY touching and of course made me cry where Red flashes back to the good ol kicks in the ass and where Hyde flashes back to where he punched Kelso i was so happy Kelso came back for one last time to celebrate the new year with the gang and where he jumped off the water tower that was so funny i also liked that Fez and Jackie got together cuz Fez always liked her he deserves it but i loved the scene with Eric and Donna where Donna flashes back to the good times that was very sad too and then for the last minute of the show where they sit in the circle for one last time =[ and then the countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 boom 1980 and then it shows That 70s Show on the license plate omg im so sad!!!! like i said ive cried a lot because that was the best show ever and i know everybody is so sad to see it end .. i hope someday it will come back i loved everything the place everything i especially loved where they hang out in the basement ahhhh man all the good times the laughs everything .. i sure will miss it and i will never NEVER replace this show with anything else because this show really is GREAT and im gonna cry right now i would like to thank everybody that made this show and the characters they have been great for 8 years i just wish it would still go to more seasons the ending is great where they countdown and they have their last circle together it was so sad =[ great show i will miss it and i will never forget this show and one more time i would like to thank all the directors and characters for making this show the best show on EARTH! and once more "Theres this car that runs on water, man"
  • A graet finale...

    This is a great finale for a great series... Fez and Jackie are finally a happy couple and begin to believe that they are going to have a future together, meanwhile, Kelso finally returns after almost a year of absence and wants to reunite with his friends, there they go out to the water tower where Kelso falls over again, which was really funny... and everyone is expecting the arrival of Eric, especially Donna, to prove she does not loves him, later Red comes telling them that Eric missed his airport, and with that, dissapoints Donna. Eric manages to arrived before the new year, and kisses Donna, and the show ends with the arrival of the 80's. A great episode...
  • what a great way to end the series....... great series finale!

    wow.... what can i say? eric comes home again from africa.... fez gets hooked up with jackie ..... kelso comes back from being a bouncer for play boy ..... or something like that ....... and hide quits the circle and comes back to it again! too dramtic but ..... who cares! they really shouldnt have cancelled it and all because its a really great show! my gosh ... ive run out of things to say! o well what a great way to end the series....... great series finale! what a great way to end the series....... great series finale! goodbye
  • i hope it comes back

    that 70s show was the best i hope they make something like a that 80s show [ not like the crappy one ] that would be the best thing ever . becuse that 80 show was more boreing than watching paint dry. uh huh u hu hu hu huh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uuh hu uh uh uh hu uh uh hu uh uh uhuh uh uh uh uh uh uh huh uh uh uh ./ what is it even about was the writer high or something .
  • It's December 31, 1979 and the gang celebrates New Year's Eve. So sad..........

    It's December 31, 1979 and the gang celebrates New Year's Eve. Eric returns and him and Donna have a reunion which made me and probably millions of others extremely happy. Fez and Jackie had their first official kiss, which I loved. Kelso also returned and Bob revealed he is going to move to Florida to open a bate shop and he asked Red, but Red said he didn't want to go, so Kitty and Red decide to stay and the gang and the parents look back at the past decade with memopries of all the foot in ass jokes and the times people fell off the tower and a couple other flashbacks. this was a very sad episode. I've grown up with this show and it was sad to see it go.
  • Its New years eve 1979 and the gang is all back together again.

    In this the final Episode, the gang all comes back together, Eric comes back and tells Donna he never stopped thinking about her and she says the same and then they share a hot as kiss which i must say we had all been waiting for!! Thank god they did that BTW, jackie and Fez finally have their first kiss, on the water tower of all places and Red and Kitty decide not to move to florida. Such a sad episode going to miss Reds foot in a.s.s. comments and fez's "you son of a b!tch". Best last shot ever, the Number plate finally turning to 80...the end of an era.
  • i loved this show great eposide its sad that it was the last eposide

    i loved this eposide to bad this was the last eposide this show was the best fez and jakie ened up toghter i was hopeing that kelso ends up toghter. i loved that kelo was a rino and the said woof woof that was funny i could not stop laughing i think it was unny when kelso says that he is going the blast himslf into the future that was funny i loved it when donn like i don't love erick and the kitty said he is here she said how is my hair that was very funny it was sad that the series ended .i wached it since 1999 and i think the should hae kept the shoe going does anyone else agree o uya then there like the last circle of the decend abnd then donna and jakie cme down staies ans sat here u burn outs are come on it almost new years then they say last person up stirs calls red a dumass the it was kelso he puts on he helmet then goes up staris then they where like 54321 the it ened i was so sad .well thats all 4 now bliar xoxo
  • Give Credit Where Credit's Due.

    Finally, all the seasons are released on DVD and I can get all the specials. For me, this bearable 8th season was saved by Tommy Chong and the Finale. I was hoping to see Martin Cheech as a guest star somewhere, but it was not to be. So why did they not give Eric Forman's star, Topher Grace, a credit? Ashton was listed as a guest star and Josh Meyer (Randy) wasn't even in the finale and he got opening credits. The finale wrapped up nicely leaving us to imagine a potential happy future for Eric and Donna. Here's to the best TV tribute to the 70's. Bravo.

    That's 70's Movie anyone?
  • The best endings are the ones that don't tell you what happens next... Contains spoilers.

    The ending was pretty simple... Yet, there was too much that still needed to be told. They had to cramp every second they could into this episode, (They even took out the begining theme song). I knew that somehow when it came down to the countdown, we would truly never actually see them IN the 80's. The countdown ends with Eric's basement. A truly deserving place for the last scene.
    Where was Laurie (The sister). In the first few seasons she was always gone, then in the 6th season they got a new actor.
    Since That 70's show is a Comedy show there was always jokes and punch lines in between serious moments. But when they do have serious moments they cause a great impact on us because they are not as common as the punch lines.
    The show credits end with the whole gang singing : "Hello It's Me" (1972) Todd Rundgren. (But they tried to sing it) That credit is rather ironic because it actually comes from the Pilot: That 70's Pilot.
  • asome

    this episode was so asome fez is finally with jackie en eric at the end finally come back adn the flashback form donna was awsome i love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and kitty ( the mom of eric ) was drunken and dindt sold the house there staying in wisconsin hapy eding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so exiting i just can hide it yeyey!! i dont know more to say.
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  • The end of a decade.

    This was the greatest show ever. We will miss the shenanigans of Hyde, Kelso, Donna, Jackie, Fez, Eric,Laurie, Bob, Midge, Kitty, and Red ( not Randy, but no one liked him anyways), they will always be some of the funniest characters imaginable. It is sad to see such a good show go. If only we could see them one more time *Cough* Movie or reunion*cough*, that would be great, but since we likely won't this will be the end of the '70s. I loved the last scene where the gang sing like they did at the beginning. Good bye That '70 Show.
  • the last episode and the end of the 70's

    in the last episode of that 70's show we learn that Donna is leaving point place for college and Hyde is the owner of the last grooves and Jackie and Fez have they first kiss and Kitty and Red decide to stay in point place and Kelso returns and falls off the water towner one last time and at the party donna gets mad at eric for some reason and Eric returns and Eric and Donna get back togeter and the guys do one last circle and the show ends and begans the 80's and we never know Fez's real name or his country
  • good bye 70's

    the show ended while it was still fresh. they could have gone on for a few more years but erick and kelso have left the show leaving jakie, hyde, donna, and eriks parent's. which is fine but it wasn't going to be the same. and this was the end of the 70's. they couldn't do that 70's show in the 80's. as donna is ready to leave for college it is revealed erick is coming home. so she stay's. as red pulls up to the house from picking up erick from the air port red get's out of the car and say's "the dumb ass missed his flight!" kelso returns for the last episode to hang out with his friends. as they are all in the living room ready for the new year start's kitty tell's everyone that they are staying. and also telling hyde that he is her second son. and donna as her daughter. she also tell's donna that she is "so sorry thigs did not work out between her and erik." donna then leaves the living room as kitty say's "speaking of daughters were's laurie"
    it then show's donna sitting on the car hood thinking about erik. and like any good ending of a story.. he come's back as we hear a "hey" and we see erik. fez,hyde,kelso, and erik are all in the circle when hyde say's "there's this car... and it runs on water!!!" (hyde has mentioned this car in the first episode and many other episodes" jakie and donna then come down stairs and say's mrs. forman is starting. and erick says' "last one up has to call red a dumb ass!!!" they all rush upstairs as kelso is about to beat hyde but hyde pushes him down. kelso prepairs by putting a helmet on. the camera stay's on down stairs but we hear a count down upstairs 3..... 2..... 1.... that 70's show.
  • The end of 70s.

    Concluding a season that I usually wish to just completely forget is the series finale in which we finally get to see two of the missing characters again. Now, the others may have carried the show somewhat during this season, but it always felt like there was something huge missing, that being Eric and Kelso.

    I am very glad that Kitty and Red decided to stay in their house. The memories would have gotten to me too, and I would have done the same thing, even though the prospect of moving to Florida sounds interesting. As for Fez and Jackie, I never bought into that and I will continue not caring for it. The Jackie we knew for years never would have done it, it was too off character for her.

    Thankfully, we had Kelso falling off the tower again, and Eric finally making a return at the very end (where I was already fearing he might not return after all). We can only imagine what happened after that, but it's safe to say Donna and Eric were back together. The only thing missing was the slutty Laurie doing mischief around. Heh, it was a good conclusion after all. Thank you for making me laugh.
  • Another great show bites the dust...

    I hate to see such a great show come to an end but all great things must. I like the way the series ended with the turn of the decade and all the characters coming together to celebrate. The montage of Red's "foot in the ass" statements was hilarious, as was the montage of various people falling from the watertower. Previous episodes were gearing toward Jackie and Fez ending up together and they finally do. Kitty gets drunk and goes from person to person stating how she feels about them and this is just a reminder of how much we will miss these colorful characters.
  • Wow, I can\'t believe how much I am going to miss this show.

    That 70\'s Show will always be one the funniest and most enjoyabe TV shows ever. The first episode I saw about a year ago got me hooked. I don\'t think I can go a day without at least one episode of it. It\'s very sad that it\'s done, and there will never be another episode. When I saw That 70\'s Show: The Final Goodbye, it hit me, and I know it\'s sad that I got emotional over a televison show ending, I just couldn\'t help it. This show is so special. It always puts you in a good mood no matter how crappy you\'re feeling. I could watch the same episode over and over again withput getting bored. I was especially upset it ended about 10 minutes after Eric came back. To sum it all up, here\'s what happened (spoilers ahead): Jackie and Fez are now together, most likley for a long time, Kelso is doing great in Chicago with his daughter and his job at the Playboy club, Hyde officially owns the record store, Kitty and Red are not moving to Florida, Bob is still moving, and of course Eric and Donna are back together. As for Leo and Randy, Leo is just gonna keep on keepin on, and Randy...well I don\'t recall seeing him in this episode, so Randy\'s dead. And it ended in perfect fasion, the circle and the car that runs on water.

    Thank you That 70\'s Show.
  • it was a good espiode,but i hate the way it ended.We still don't know where Fez is from but i am gald that Eric came back. since he left i lost interest in the show.I was so mad when he left.To me he was the funniest character in the show

    yeah it was a good espiode but i hate the way it ended. and we still don\'t know what Fez\'s name is and where he\'s from. you would think they would aleast answer that question! but i am gald that Eric came back =] since he left i lost interest in the show. he was such a huge part in the show then he just left. to me he was the funniest character in the show =]
  • A great ending to a great show.

    After 8 years of airing, this show is finally going to end. The first 7 seasons were great, but I didn\'t like the way the last season was going. The 8th season was pretty painful to watch. However, the pain and suffering from watching the 8th season finally pays off with this last special episode.

    In this episode, it is December 31, 1979. Some people get ready to leave while some special people comes back.

    Kitty and Red plans to leave Point Place for Florida, but Kitty has regrets about it, so she confesses them to Red and Red is convinced to stay. The scene where everyone was in the living room for the New Year\'s Eve Party and Kitty talk\'s about the special characteristic of everyone and reasons why she doesn\'t want to leave Point Place was very touching.

    Bob is going to Florida by himself, Hyde gets to own his own store, and I\'m not sure what\'s up with Leo or Randy.

    Michael Kelso comes back for some fun and joy and it was really good seeing him again. As always, he made me laugh.

    The tension between Fez and Jackie all series has been resolved. Fez FINALLY gets his dream girl and Jackie FINALLY realizes that Fez is the one for him. They FINALLY get together. I was very excited that this happened; plus I didn\'t like it much when Hyde and Jackie were together.

    The last special part of the last episode was when Eric came back from Africa. He confesses his sorrow to Donna, Donna forgives him, and they kiss and make up. Of course he had to come back. The first 7 seasons would be pointless if Eric didn\'t come back for the series Finale.

    And finally, the show ended like the way it began: Eric, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez - one last circle.

    To sum up, the series finale was great. It was a great ending to a great show.
  • why!!

    Why'd it have to end I used to Love That 70's show!! It was always sooo funny and Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) was soo Hot and clueless! I miss it, it shouldn't have ended! It was so good, and funny. I loved all the story lines and the cast! I loved the hole thing! It should have kept going on, after 8 or 9 seasons how ever long it lasted I still would have watched it! I am so mad at the director for ending it! But it was cute when Fez and Jackie got back together they do belong together!
  • A good finale For A Great show

    that 70s finale was a good finale i mean red and kitty staying was a little disaponting i though they were going to move kelso was back that made it great seeying fight with hyde fez and jackie i think they make a cute couple im glad they got together and have problems it was funny im am so glad they guy randy was in it much thank you writers and For Eric and donna is a mysterie it looks like they got back together it was a good ending if your going to end a show like this better do it a certain time and place
  • The 70's are over...

    I hate the last episode of a series. It's so hard to see it end. So many memories, Im only 19 I've been watching this show half my life. Its hard not to feel like they were all my friends, I wish I could tell them all how much I appreciate what they did. Even though the season started off pretty rough, they couldn't of finished any better. Tho I wish Eric would of shown up at the beginning of the episode, and Lori at the end. But they will always be there, Kelso wearing the helmet, Eric and Donna sitting on the Vista Cruiser, Hyde at the record store with Leo , Fez and Jackie with some little aborigines, Red and Kitty with all of there kids. Hangin out in good ole Point Place. The greatest show there ever was has come to an end, the 70's are over...

    August 23, 1998 - May 18, 2006, Hyde your tears, heres to the 200 days we hung out in Eric Formans basement
  • Best episode of the season.

    This was a really great episode and it was really sad. I am very happy Donna and Eric got back together and I'm happy that Randy had only a few lines and then he disappeared. I didn't mind the whole Jackie and Fez stuff. I loved the ending with the countdown and everything. I will truly miss this wonderful show, which has made millions of people laugh for 8 years. The 8th season wasn't as great as the other seasons, but this finale episode really made the season a little better. R.I.P That '70s Show. You will be missed forever.
  • Possibly the geatest series finale ever!

    This finale rocked my socks. I loved all the flashbacks especialy the flashback of all the times Red said to kick someones ass but never did. I liked it when Fez showed Jackie the water tower when he wanted to replace Micheal + Jackie with Fez + Jackie but it was dark so it ended up as Micheal + Fez. The last circle was hilarious. When Donna nad Eric reunited I cried. This was possibly the greatest series finale of all time! 10 out of 10! A must see!
  • What a way to go: with style!

    WoW!! This was a great episode. The humor reminded me of Season One, and having Eric back with the gang in that 360 was perfect. They all have grown up so much these past eight years. Even though I stopped watching it for a while- season eight episodes just didn't satisfy me-I am glad I got back into it, I don't know how the writers, directors the whole crew and cast did it, but this is 70's show at its best.
    Kelso comes back to ring in the new year with the gang. He falls off the water tower (so funny!). Hyde's father gives him the store to own. While Fez and Jackie finally get together ( they look quite cute together actually). Donna and Eric get back together (which is my own conclusion)Eric tells her how much she means to him and they kiss (vista cruiser in the backgrond) what symbolism! Almost like their first kiss! The flashbacks were hilarious, Red saying his favorite words (ah, he is so loving!), Kitty showing the house to perspective buyers, (she made me go weepy. And her and Red finally agree to stay in Point Place.

    The scene between Red and Kitty when she tells him she doesn't want to move, literally, stole the show. I think it is definitely one of the best scenes in the finale. Red Forman a softie! Talk about showing his soft side, he made me cry, "I don't care where I live as long I am with you" that was so sweet.

    I never thought I would cry, but I did. I have enjoyed most of the episodes, it taught me that laughing is the only way to live-thanks for the laughter and great memories!
  • I\'ve watched this show from the first episode. I cannot believe it is over. I have the 4 seasons on DVD and cannot wait for the rest to be available. I am gonna miss them very much! Thank you all for great entertainment for 8 years. Red Foreman is right!

    I wished Eric and Donna’s situation was more clear.Was good to see them back where they started, at the Vista Cruiser. Being, I wanted them together, They will end up that way. Each and every character on this show holds a special place with me! Red Foreman, finally a strong male on TV. Kitty also wonderful! Donna, I loved her red hair and the prettiest she ever was, was from the episode where she wrote the wedding vows for Bob and Midge, reading them to Eric. Hyde, Kelso, Jackie & Fez.... Thank you all! I miss you already! GOD Bless! Well done!
  • All good shows come to a Great End. This was one Fox didnt can and im really happy they gave it a shot. I was happy with the ending. The Foremans werent Moving and Eric didnt get Donna. I wasnt suprised by this. Fez got to finally be with Jackie.

    I can not believe this show is over. Many good Times. Many good laughs. At the end 8 years go by. Then its time to say goodbye. Theres so many words I wanna say but ill say this. When im really old and someone asks me many many years from now about That 70s show. Ill tell them I saw that show from the beginning to the end. It was something Great. Ill never ever forget it. That show was apart of my life. And im really happy it got a damn great ending.
  • The 70's come to an end as New Years-1979 arrives. Everyone's leaving. Happy news only comes when the Foreman's decide to stay in Wisconsin, Hyde gets the record store, Fez and Jacki get together, and Kelso and Eric return for one last goodbye.

    It's sad to see the end of such a wonderful and memorable show. I didn't like the idea when i first heard of the pilot. I wasn't even alive in the 70's. But it's since become such a big part of my life. I hate the idea of never seeing new episodes. It seems the last few years all the great shows have been coming to a close. It's litterally the end of an era. This episode had most of the main characters and all the ones that it needed. I'm glad Eric came back for the last one along with Kelso. It's depressing to say this, but..... Goodbye.
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