That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 22

That '70s Finale

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • a very dissapointing final episode. the basic story line to have the gang get together for new years eve and say good bye to the 70s is great...however the rest of it fails miserably.

    I really felt like the entire 8th season was forced. The fact that Ashton Kutcher was in several episodes softened the blow of this series jumping the shark...which I believe happened when they replaced Lori's character with another actress (a better solution would have been to just leave her out of the story line all together) and then they tried to fill the void of Kelso and Forman with the new Randy character...that just didn't work. Proof of this is that Randy's character is ignored at the end of the final episode...weird. The show just isn't the same without Topher Grace who wasn't in any of season 8's episodes...except for like the last few minutes of this final episode which was a major let down. The closure for Eric and Donna really isn't there, I think it would have been fine either way if they decided to be together or not but it should have been clear one way or the other because its the final episode. Fez and Jackie's relationship wasn't developed well enough for me to accept it, frankly its bizarre that she had relationships with 3 of the 4 main guys. And I thought Ashton Kutcher as Kelso in this episode was a little he forgot how to play the character or something, just not quite on the mark there. Its only noticeable because he is usually brilliant in this role. Sigh...what a shame. This show used to be really awesome. I doubt anyone will buy the final season on DVD cause it totally sucks.
  • To put it simply, the only bright spot in the entire episode was the fact that Eric and Kelso were back. Otherwise, it was like the rest of season 8: crap.

    Believe me, I'm not going into some rant on how Jackie and Hyde were practically soulmates and they needed to end up together- even though I totally could. No, this is about the abomination the writers like to call the final season of a wonderful show.

    It sickens me to think that such beautiful characters would become caricatures of themselves, some even reverting back to old season 1 tactics (Jackie in particular), and them all just being plain cruel to each other. Jackie and Hyde seem to forget that they were together at all while making fun of each other for the hell of it. And of course, the stripper was brought in. I'm one of those few people that liked Randy, but what. was. the. point. of. the. stripper? Hell, all she did was make the blow of JH not ending up together worse.

    Ugh, and I don't want to get into the pathetic and sad relationship that Jackie and Fez apparently have. Whatever. It's not worth my time anymore.
  • That 70s Finale

    The finale was extremely disappointing. Especially after a terrible 8th season. I would have been happier if they decided that season 8 was a bad drug trip, and the last episode was them waking up. The noticed the actors seemed stiff being in their characters this season, stereotypes of themselves, but it was especially after Kelso came back. The dream sequences were not great, they were filler, where they could have been putting an end to some of the stories. I did not need to see Red putting a foot up someones as* 100 times, I have watched the show, I know. Donna and Eric are not back together. They gave an indication that they were ok with each other, and even though they kissed, it did not mean they got back together, because they did not explain it or develop it. Even seeing them walk back in the house with their hands held would have been a better development of what exactly is going on between them. It seemed like they tried to hit all the spots one more time, the water tower, the basement, the 360 but it seemed rushed, and awkward. After this many years you would expect a lot more from the writing. Nothing happened. After all the time I put into this show it could have been better.
  • Eric\'s painful departure should have represented the transition into the meat-grinder known as the 80\'s - he should have stayed gone!

    While Eric\'s departure was a big blow to the rhythm of the show, it should have led to a truly memorable eighth season. For seasons 1-6, Forman\'s basement was the gang\'s sanctuary against impending adulthood - the Circle a celebration of that insular feeling available only to high-school kids of that era. By season 7, they all realize that their world is changing faster than they can cope with it - welcome to being 18 or 19 - and they struggle to cling to what got them through the high-school years: each other. By season 7, we all know that the warm confines of Forman\'s basement will soon have to fade into fuzzy memory. The characters have outgrown it, and are, in a sense, drifting apart from each other - welcome to being 18 or 19.

    Kelso\'s departure was unwelcome, but not fatal to the story-line. This was, after all, a show about Eric and Donna. (\'Friends\' could have lost anyone except Ross or Rachel.) The writers properly used the presence of Eric\'s constant absence to pry the characters out of the basement, and into adult life. But they failed to wrap things up believably or profoundly. Jackie and Fez? PLEASE! By 1982, Fez would have come out of the closet! Eric\'s departure hurt - we felt his loss, as did his fellow characters. The writers should have capitalized on that mood, and used it to acknowledge the end of an innocent era - not just for a few kids in Point Place, but for the entire country (the 80\'s sucked!).

    Contrary to popular demand, Eric and Donna should NOT have ended up together - part of growing up is leaving that high-school sweetheart behind. However - and this was the biggest failure of the writers - Eric should never have come back from Africa! He should have died in a plane crash on his way back - the last scene should have been Donna, in 2006, thinking back to those days ... when we buried Eric. Or, he could have just not been acknowledged beyond a New Year\'s toast, and the last scene could have been him in 2045 (as Newhart, of course), daydreaming about Donna, wondering what became of her.

    Thanks to the cast - one of the greatest ever!
  • a bad conclusion of a great show which has been drowning for a season

    Since the departure of Forman and Kelso, the show has been worse and worse from episod to episod.

    This is really to bad because this used to be one of my favourite show.

    This episod was totally predictable Donna and Eric getting back together. We only seen Forman and Kelso for like 5 minutes each.
    I was hoping the last episod would go back to the great episodes we've seen from Season 1 to 7 but it wasn't

    This episod shows how little imagination the writters of That '70s show had during the 8th season.
    I'm guessing that after this season, Fox would have never signed for a 9th one
  • Letdown

    Too many flashbacks. Perfunctory guest comebacks. And wouldn\'t it be cold in Wisconsin on Dec 31st?

    Usually entertaiing on Tivo, but this was a bit dull. I\'m a man of few words, so this minimum is annoying. I have to keep writing. I like to watch not write. Is this enough?
  • An extremely painful ending to a once great show. Jackie and Fez were the worst idea ever.

    This episode was extremely painful to watch just like the rest of season eight. It would have almost been the perfect ending had it not been for the Jackie/Fez storyline. This ruined the ending for the majority of the fans. They decided to throw this couple together at the last minute without any build up. It was a slap in the face to everyone who loved the show.

    The only part that made the show worth watching was the Eric/Donna ending. It was perfect. The final scene was great with the countdown to 1980.

    In conclusion, the ending sucked!
  • That '70s show has come up with clever and innovative ways to portray teens in the '70s. Jakie, Hyde, Kelso, Fez, Donna, and Eric all were unique characters that make the audience laugh on a regular basis. However, the season finale is disappointing.

    That '70s show grabs you from the first episode on mainly because the show talks about angst, conflicts, love interests, and parental problems that all teens go through. Occasionally, the show would also stress issues that were going on in the '70s. The most important thing about the show is the characters all six of the main characters brought you to keep watching it. The season finale has a good premise its the end of the '70s and they are going to have a new years party. Eric returns from Africa and Kelso returns from Chicago, that was a good idea. When Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher leave the show I think a lot of the genuine spark of the show left but the remaining cast pulled through. No questions are answered in the season finale. I would think a show that celebrated Eric and Donna throughout the entire show would at least let the audience know whether or not they were going to get together in the end. Most season finales either pose questions that the characters may have for the future or lets you know what will be happening to the cast this season finale did not. I was very sad and almost could not watch the ending because I kept saying to myself, "This cannot be the end," but I was wrong.
  • Such a great series deserved such a better ending.

    I definitely agree with the last review- my feelings exactly. I am not a huge TV watcher but I am addicted to That 70's Show. It's the only show I watch all the time. It was so sad to see it come to an end even though we all knew it was time because this past season has been very lame. I was definitely disappointed by the finale, and felt they could of done so much more, they really didn't resolve anything. I understand they wanted to leave some things unanswered, but there was still so much more they could have done. I think it's OK that we never learn where Fez is from, because the writers and cast don't even know and I think that was appropriate. But I do have kind of bad feelings for Topher for so obviously showing up for so little of the show like he couldn't take the time to do it, but maybe that was the writer's idea and not his. It appeared that his 2 scenes were not filmed in front of a live studio audience, so maybe that was intentional to keep up the "big mystery" of whether he was going to actually appear in it or not. If that was supposed to be the big suprise of the show, it kind of fell flat on its face. We all either expected he was definitely going to be there, or else Topher is a jerk, so when he appeared I felt more like "well it's about time you finally showed up" not "wow! what a shocker!" I also felt that Ashton was not really in character - he seemed more like Ashton than he did Kelso (although the distinction between the two of them really is a fine line). Personally I would have liked to have seen Hyde and Jackie end up together because I wanted Hyde to be happy and I think deep down inside he really loved her. But Jackie and Fez is OK.

    If I had written the series finale: I would have had Eric and Donna end up together (of course), Hyde and Jackie together, and so as not to leave Fez's happiness out, I would have had him come "out of the closet" for the big suprise. (Maybe Fenton - was that the jewelry store clerk's name? can't remember - could have made an appearance) Midge would have come back to Bob, and Laurie would have shown up, either a reformed person or not, with an illegitimate child so Kitty could have a grandchild like she so desperately wants.

    But I'm not a sitcom writer, so what do I know.
  • The gang reunites for the close of the decade.

    I don't know what's worse: This finale or the finale of Enterprise. I'm giving it credit because it lasted twice as long as Enterprise. I'm giving it credit because Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher came back, but not much else. They could have made the episode an hour long and wrapped everything up, so what about the sl**s in the oc. That 70's Show deserved a better send off. The Final Goodbye didn't do much for me. I can't say much more than that I'm pissed and disappointed at how FOX ended a staple in their primetime line-up for almost a decade so poorly.
  • That 70's show series Finale... The Gang parties into 1980!

    This episode was actually disappointing. Why did Jackie and Fez end up together? That was a really stupid ending. Eric who was really the most main character was barely even in it. They should've tried harder to get him to come back for a full episode, not just a scene with Donna and a scene in the basement. We don't even get to see Kitty and Red's reaction to their son coming home. On the bright side, Kelso, Hyde, and Red are really funny like normal. Bob is his good old self. I was also really happy they got rid of Randy before the series finale, he was a terrible character and super annoying. I wish we would've had Eric in it for the whole episode with the rest of the gang for old times. I give it 6.5 out of 10. I give the series a 9 out of 10! But the Last season was really sad to watch how it fell off.
  • The gang comes back together one last time!

    I was glad to see Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace returning to their breakout series, and bid their final farewell. My real issue with their return is how poorly their lines were written. I think had a little more thought gone into the writing process the fans could have had some more final great Kelso and Eric Foreman moments.

    A lot of the elements of this season and this finale felt contrived and forced. Like Jackie and Fez getting together? Fez should feel like the sloppy seconds definitely. Donna getting back together with Eric? Although it made sense, her breakup with that other guy, what's his face, went to fast. She could have at least made Eric squirm a little, because that's one thing Eric is good at.

    For instance, how could the writers miss out on providing a nice little last "BURN" from Kelso! They had a perfect shot at it when Kelso was teasing Hyde about his stripper wife. This among other things were a big slip on the writers' part.

    Also, the overall sensation of this issue felt dull to say the least. Considering the writers got all of the gang back together one last time, they could have spent some time in making this a big tribute and send-off for the fans. They got the material but never properly uses them. A big diappointment for fans I should say even if it was good to see Eric and Kelso one last time. I don't think all of Red's "foot in your ass" flashback moments and Hyde's punches on Kelso sums up the things that was great with this series. A neat touch indeed, but not sufficient to satisfy the fans I believe.

    To make any sort of comparison, the Charmed series finale provided with more closure and tribute to the past seasons than this That 70's finale really did. In overall, this series finale while entertaining in parts, it lacked the epic or closing feel as a series finale of this scale should have. Disappointing close for an otherwise excellent series.
  • Quite a disapointing ending to one of the funniest shows of all time!

    I can't understand how after every outrageously funny thing that's been done on this show, why they ended it with such a bland last episode. It wasn't all emotional, mushy and touchy feely like most last episodes are with everybody crying, but they could have at least given it a little bit more pleasing ending.
    It was nice though to see the retrospective clips of all the funny running gags over the years and Kitty's praising of the whole cast, as well as Jackie and Fez's hooking up, but what I can't believe is that Eric and Donna didn't end up getting back together! That would have made a perfect ending to the series. It might even have been neat to see them get married like they always wanted to.
    At any rate, it still wasn't too bad an ending despite it being somewhat of a letdown. I also think it might have been nice for Fez to finally reveal what country he's from. But I guess that's an unsolved mystery to leave for future debate from fans of the show.
    I must admit though, that in the final seconds when everybody is upstairs counting down to the new year and all you see is the empty basement, I did feel a little lump in my throat. That part was good. No flashbacks. No corny music. No warm fuzzy group hugs. No tears. No uproaris cheers from the audience. Just the countdown to the new decade as the image of the place we remember most from the show sits vacant and alone, without a sign of a circle in sight. Cut to the orange liscense plate with the words "That '70's Show" stamped on it. And an '80 expiration date sticker...
  • a series finale that went terribly wrong

    As I stated I did attend the finale, and when I got back on here and wrote I said that some people would be very disappointed, and I will admit now, that I am one of them, and it\'s terrible that I feel that way because I attended so many over the last couple years and it\'s one of my favorite shows. It felt like there was no conclusion to these characters lives, and it upsets me that the actors basically lied on the special because there is nothing that indicates a conclusion or at least that they\'re moving on, and if the actors really believe that there was, then that\'s sad.

    Eric had no screen time, and not only that, he wasn\'t even credited. I think Topher Grace is a disgrace LOL, because this show made him who he is, and he was the star of it, and this is what he gives back? How lame! Kelso was the funniest, but even he didn\'t seem to be as exaggerated and as funny as he usually was. Red\'s foot up the ass was used way tooo many times that it became obnixous and boring, and they didn\'t even use it in the right sense. And also, like I thought when I was there, how could they not show a scene with Eric and Red and Kitty, I mean they\'re his PARENTS for goodness sake. Did Gregg Mettler put NO thought into this before he wrote it?! This is a SERIES FINALE, and I don\'t even think it fit for a season finale. Granted it was better than some of the episodes this season, but in no way fits for a proper series finale.

    Basically, just another slap in the face by FOX.
  • Seemed more like a season finale than a series finale....

    There were some good things about this episode, and there were some so-so things.

    Honestly, the best parts were Kelso's couple of scenes, and the car scene with Eric and Donna.

    I also liked the last circle, and how it ended with them all counting down off camera.

    I appreciated all the continuity, with Eric and Donna being on the hood of the Vista Cruiser, Kelso jumping off the water tower, and wearing the same outfit she had on in the pilot.

    I didn't like Kitty's useless little drunken speech where she told everyone how much they meant to her, etc, etc. It just seemed kind of out of character for the entire show, and it was kind of sappy.

    They disapointed me with pretty much all of the romantic relationships among the kids. First of all, they never cleared up Eric and Donna. Did they get back together, or not? Why did he break up with her while he was in Africa? Are they going to college together now, or what? Personally, I think that Eric and Donna's relationship was basically the main storyline for most of the show, and their ending didn't do them justice. I mean, don't you think the writers owed it to their loyal fans to at least let you know what happened? Eric and Donna deserved more air time, period.

    They also never addressed Jackie and Hyde's relationship at all. I'm not saying they had to get back together or anything, I just think maybe a scene could have been dedicated to them maybe trying to work things out and go back to being friends again. You got to admit, ever since the whole Sam thing, their relationship never got any real closure.

    I would have liked some sort of feeling of a real ending, too. The way they ended it kind of left me thinking there was going to be more, with everything being left in the air like it was. I guess I would have appreciated a brief synopsis of what happened to the gang maybe done by Kitty or Red. Kind of showing them all going off their own ways but still remaining friends.

    All in all, I'd say it was slightly above average.

  • What???

    I watched the series finale and I have to say that I was really disappointed. Ever since Jackie and Hyde broke up, I wanted them to get back together, even though Hyde was married to that dumb stripper. I would have liked to know what it was she did to Hyde. One episode she was there and then the next episode, she was gone with no explanation. I don\'t like Jackie and Fez together. I know he has been crushing on her the whole time, but I just loved Jackie and Hyde together. I liked the fact that Donna and Eric did get back together before the show was over, however, it would have been nice for him to arrive at least half way through the hour long finale, instead of the last few minutes. I am really going to miss this show. I loved every season and episode, except for the last one. I hope that maybe someday we will get a reunion show, and they will let us know what happened to all of the characters and the actors since the show wrapped. I am going to miss hanging out with the gang, but I will definitely love reminising with the DVD collection. Goodbye That 70\'s show, you will be sorely missed!!
  • Just not good enough

    I Just wish it would have done an epilogue of some sort you know show what happens to them and Eric got almost no screen time I know topher did not want to come back but it was still very disappointing. I hate this episode and I hate that I hate this episode because it is the last one ever; It is just not fair I expected better than this I want better than this. Also Jakie and Fez do not make a good couple he is too silly to be in a relationship with someone who wants a real commitment like Jakie even putting her with Kelso would be better but i would prefer Hyde.
  • Not worth a series finale.

    I expected better from "That 70's Show." there was hardly any memories. The whole "Jackie & Fez never kissed plot" was tiresome and not good for a series finale. Usually a series finale isn't a kiss, it's a wedding. For closure & all. It also sucks that Eric didn't return until the end. And I'm always wondering to myself. Did Eric & Donna get back together? When Kelso comes back, also wastes time. The memories that they had were funny but not worth 8 seasons of memories. It was sad when Kitty was speaking to Donna. That was closure right there. This episode should of been like a farewell movie. Please I want this show back!!!!!
  • I can honestly say that the end of an era occured here. I was happy about most things like Hyde talking about the car that runs on water and Eric ending up with Donna. Some things however angered me like where the hell is Fez from.

    Well it was the finale of my favorite TV show on currently. It was just as I anticipated but they did leave out a couple things that would have helped. First of all they never said where Fez is from which dissapointed me. I also didn\'t like how Donna and Eric didn\'t say they were back together they just hugged and said I love you. Things I loved were that Kelso and Eric were back. Hyde mentioning the car that runs on water made me laugh. Kelso falling off the water tower one more time was fantastic. All in all it could have been alot worse and I did appreciate the ending with the gang singing just like the end of the first episode. Well the era is over time to find a new show but I will always have the seasons on DVD.
  • it was pretty clever that they brought back eric after 10 minutes, didn\'t give a preview with him in it, and left him uncredited, because it made me wonder if they would bring him back.

    This episode really made you wonder if you would hear from eric and then he appears, and that was one of the good things about this episode. Another plus had to be that randy was pretty absent from here. this episode would be perfect if they only brought back erics sister and finally say fez\'s name and country. but this episode really felt like one of the classic episode\'s and not one with stripper brides, unfunny fez, or randy.
  • A bittersweet ending to one of the best shows in... 8 years!

    This was really, not a bad ending. It actuallr wraps off the story all so well. But, of course, there is adebate of some gliches.

    First of all, the plot; Less thn 2 hours before 1980 arrives, and the gang wants to do something to end well. This is where all the knots are tied; no more. And, for the fate of the characters;
    Randy... does absolutly noting.
    Kitty and Red decide the stay in Florida
    Leo is staying in Point Place
    Kelso found a good place for hi family.
    Hyde's going to Chicago.
    Fez and Jackie - they're together - finally kisses.
    And, the biggest spoiler, Eric and Donna are back!

    So, everything went well at the end. Well, still, there is the funny part where Kelso blasted the rocket.

    BUT there is a few glitches. Nothing so big, but, still,gltches,none the less.
    Randy was only there because... well, I dunno. He just appered and dissapered.
    They reused the ending from the first episode.
    They were accrate with the flashbacks on Donna and Eric, but Kelso, Hyde, and Red's flashbacks were a bit off.
    We still don't know what the future still has back. I know, we see a brief look of now. But what about the rest of now?

    It was overal one of the best endings to one of the most magnificent shows FOX has made. I just hope that this could go more than the 70's.
  • What better way to end the seventies

    this was a great episode
    even though hyde quit the circle for a short period of time
    the was a lot of great things about this episode
    kelso and eric returned
    leo was there
    forman scored tounge with donna
    everyone got baked
    kelso fell of the water tower
    fez scored tounge with jackie
    that stupid randy guy left
    and we had to say goodbye as we hit the end of an era
    not the 70's
    but the 70's show
    we had to say goodbye to prehaps the greatest show ever created
    i could have cried if i wanted to
    but the writers decided to end it well
    all of the places they go to were there
    the basement
    the kitchen
    the driveway
    the water tower
    except i dont think they went to the hub
    that was weird but it doesnt matter
    the seventies went out in style
  • Farewell to the 70's, it was one groovy ride.

    The finale, you never really can prepare for these, not when you've invested in the show from the beginning.

    Well, for starters, Donna stays broken up from Randy, not really a big thing because I was never really into them as a pair, but at least Randy got a nice sendoff.

    Hyde's dad gives him the record store that he had since season 7. Which is pretty cool seeing as how Hyde's always pretty much been his own boss since the beginning, now he can say that with a paycheck.

    Fez's cousin was a hoot, very proper and regal compared to Fez's 'native' sort of demeanor (from the other side of the island). Unfortunately, it still was not revealed where exactly Fez is from, it seems even Sherlock holmes wouldn't be able to crack that case.

    OF course, this was eclipsed by Hyde's period of freaking out over a "circle", seeing himself in all of his friends faces. This results in him quitting for a while, leading to a session at the record store where "he needs help" and he's once again back on the herb.

    Kitty and Red decide to stay in Wisconsin, even though Bob still plans to go and open up his own baitshot.

    Fez and Jackie get together as a couple, and as a tribute to Fez's never ending perviness, his final words to her are "So when do we get to second base?"

    Kelso's back baby!!! And Kutcher didn't miss a beat from the moment he stepped back onto screen, the burns, the water tower, the helmet, it was just *Bam* *Bam* *Bam* one after the other.

    And finally, Eric returns, and the anticipated talk between him and Donna on the hood of the car, ending with her kissing him, and, I suppose indicating that they're back together.

    The final closes out with all of them in a last circle, strutting up the stairs as the final countdown closes out the 70's.

    All, in all, great finale, but not without flaws, for reasons which prevented me from giving it a perfect score.

    - Leo wasn't given enough to do. I mean, it was nice having him there, but he should have had something revealed about him.

    - Midge? Laurie? Where for art thou? Sure, Laurie was mentioned, but only to ask where she was. Very disappointing not to see them there.

    - While I was more partial to Hyde/Jackie than Fez/Jackie, but if you're going to put them together, would it have killed the writers to mention when Fez gave Jackie "the best kiss of her life" or when he didn't take advantage of her after helping her win the skating competition?

    - Eric never really did explain why he broke up with Donna to begin with.

    - And, like I said, where is fez from?!!?

    But aside from that, great show that will be sorely missed.
  • I think this episode was decent in some ways and then pretty bad in others as far as a series finale.

    I actually liked the episode to a current point but there could have been more for a series finale. Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher came back for the finale which was pretty good. I would have loved to see Eric and Donna actually do something besides kiss and talk like they use to. I thought it was very special for the last scene with the whole gang to be in a circle, just like the way the show first aired. Red and Kitty made the wise choice not to move to Florida and I wondered did Eric have to go back to Africa or was he home for good, they just left so many unanswered questions for the viewers.
  • What a great series finale.

    What an awesome finale. I liked how many things came full circle. Eric, Hyde, Kelso and Fez in the final 360, Hyde talkin about the car that runs on water, the six of them in the final scene, Kelso falling off the water tower, the characters reminding us who they were, and Eric and Donna back together (that's my own conclusion). Though it was sad to see the series end, it was time to call it a series. Gonna miss this show. Good thing there are re runs and DVDS.
  • Wonderful closing episode!

    Well, in spite of the doom and gloom predictions, the finale was wonderful. I have to admit, when Kitty did her speech in the living room and then Donna and Eric kissed by the Vista Crusier, I kind of lost it!

    My only thought now is thank god for re-runs on cable. Even though I did not find this last season satisfying, I will miss this show greatly.

    I relate to this show in so many ways. I am from the prior generation, and I have so many memories attached to much of the music, the TV shows, the clothes, the games, and the movies, that were used in the series.

    Watching this series was like looking back into my own life when life was simpler and a heck of a lot more fun!

    As Bob Hope used to say "Thanks for the memories".

  • Glad to see the circle together again.

    They did a good job. Kelso slowly but surely blended back into the group and once Eric finally arrived there was a sort of nostalgia. Really makes you wish that Topher and Ashton had been there the whole season. I think the scenes in the last two episodes involving Randy were totally unnecessary and that Topher Grace deserved more screen time but other than that, a pretty satisfying finale. Every pointless scene was counterbalanced with one good one.

    Seeing the footage of the gang from the beginning of the series singing in the car was really moving considering all the funny moments \'That 70\'s Show\' delivered to us and when Donna cried on Kitty\'s shoulder, you could sense those were actually Laura Prepon\'s tears.

    I think we should all thank the creators and cast of \'That 70\'s Show.\' They\'ve been good friends to us.

    they have to bring back that 70s show
    its one of my favorites
    atleast they can do is make a spinoff from it called that 80s show
    then wed have 10 more years
    and we still never found out were fez is from
    i mean from the first epi sode to this one , the last one , its been a real tear - jerker
    it was funny how eric missed his flight at the end
    l o l
    but we saw him at the end so it was good
    but the last season was very good and my cousin has them all on dvd so i watch em often ,
  • I can't beleive it...

    9.4's the end of That 70's Show. Oh well, at least Donna and Eric are back together from their second break-up from when Eric whent to Austrailia.
    Also, Fez finally wins Jackie's heart. A ton of unforgettable things happened in this episode, that I'm never gonna get outta my mind. This show was one of the best thongs that ever happened to TV. Now it's under the bridge... *sigh*. I wonder what the Formans, Pinciottis, Kelsos, Hydes, and Burkharts are doing now... probably saying, "I want to roll that camera again..."... oh well, bye bye, sweet memories. I'm off to play my Gamecube...
  • Great way to end the series...

    With the dreadful 8th season coming to an end, this episode definitely brightened up things.

    The 8th season was pretty lacking. Without Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher, the show didnt really have the same feeling. Randy was a horrible replacement character that just never fit and made fans long for Eric and Kelso even more. The writers did the best they could with the situation. I did like the evolution of Jackie and Fez's relationship.

    The finale had good jokes and a great storyline. New Years Eve and the last day of the 70s is the only way this show could have possibly ended. I was very happy to see Michael and Eric come back for this episode, it made it feel like That 70s Show again.

    The scene with Eric coming home and talking to Donna was very well done and a great way to wrap up their relationship. I also loved the final scene with everyone in the basement.

    Quality writing and laughs = Classic That 70s Show
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