That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 22

That '70s Finale

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Best episode of the season.

    This was a really great episode and it was really sad. I am very happy Donna and Eric got back together and I'm happy that Randy had only a few lines and then he disappeared. I didn't mind the whole Jackie and Fez stuff. I loved the ending with the countdown and everything. I will truly miss this wonderful show, which has made millions of people laugh for 8 years. The 8th season wasn't as great as the other seasons, but this finale episode really made the season a little better. R.I.P That '70s Show. You will be missed forever.
  • Possibly the geatest series finale ever!

    This finale rocked my socks. I loved all the flashbacks especialy the flashback of all the times Red said to kick someones ass but never did. I liked it when Fez showed Jackie the water tower when he wanted to replace Micheal + Jackie with Fez + Jackie but it was dark so it ended up as Micheal + Fez. The last circle was hilarious. When Donna nad Eric reunited I cried. This was possibly the greatest series finale of all time! 10 out of 10! A must see!
  • To put it simply, the only bright spot in the entire episode was the fact that Eric and Kelso were back. Otherwise, it was like the rest of season 8: crap.

    Believe me, I'm not going into some rant on how Jackie and Hyde were practically soulmates and they needed to end up together- even though I totally could. No, this is about the abomination the writers like to call the final season of a wonderful show.

    It sickens me to think that such beautiful characters would become caricatures of themselves, some even reverting back to old season 1 tactics (Jackie in particular), and them all just being plain cruel to each other. Jackie and Hyde seem to forget that they were together at all while making fun of each other for the hell of it. And of course, the stripper was brought in. I'm one of those few people that liked Randy, but what. was. the. point. of. the. stripper? Hell, all she did was make the blow of JH not ending up together worse.

    Ugh, and I don't want to get into the pathetic and sad relationship that Jackie and Fez apparently have. Whatever. It's not worth my time anymore.
  • That 70's show series Finale... The Gang parties into 1980!

    This episode was actually disappointing. Why did Jackie and Fez end up together? That was a really stupid ending. Eric who was really the most main character was barely even in it. They should've tried harder to get him to come back for a full episode, not just a scene with Donna and a scene in the basement. We don't even get to see Kitty and Red's reaction to their son coming home. On the bright side, Kelso, Hyde, and Red are really funny like normal. Bob is his good old self. I was also really happy they got rid of Randy before the series finale, he was a terrible character and super annoying. I wish we would've had Eric in it for the whole episode with the rest of the gang for old times. I give it 6.5 out of 10. I give the series a 9 out of 10! But the Last season was really sad to watch how it fell off.
  • a very dissapointing final episode. the basic story line to have the gang get together for new years eve and say good bye to the 70s is great...however the rest of it fails miserably.

    I really felt like the entire 8th season was forced. The fact that Ashton Kutcher was in several episodes softened the blow of this series jumping the shark...which I believe happened when they replaced Lori's character with another actress (a better solution would have been to just leave her out of the story line all together) and then they tried to fill the void of Kelso and Forman with the new Randy character...that just didn't work. Proof of this is that Randy's character is ignored at the end of the final episode...weird. The show just isn't the same without Topher Grace who wasn't in any of season 8's episodes...except for like the last few minutes of this final episode which was a major let down. The closure for Eric and Donna really isn't there, I think it would have been fine either way if they decided to be together or not but it should have been clear one way or the other because its the final episode. Fez and Jackie's relationship wasn't developed well enough for me to accept it, frankly its bizarre that she had relationships with 3 of the 4 main guys. And I thought Ashton Kutcher as Kelso in this episode was a little he forgot how to play the character or something, just not quite on the mark there. Its only noticeable because he is usually brilliant in this role. Sigh...what a shame. This show used to be really awesome. I doubt anyone will buy the final season on DVD cause it totally sucks.
  • Quite a disapointing ending to one of the funniest shows of all time!

    I can't understand how after every outrageously funny thing that's been done on this show, why they ended it with such a bland last episode. It wasn't all emotional, mushy and touchy feely like most last episodes are with everybody crying, but they could have at least given it a little bit more pleasing ending.
    It was nice though to see the retrospective clips of all the funny running gags over the years and Kitty's praising of the whole cast, as well as Jackie and Fez's hooking up, but what I can't believe is that Eric and Donna didn't end up getting back together! That would have made a perfect ending to the series. It might even have been neat to see them get married like they always wanted to.
    At any rate, it still wasn't too bad an ending despite it being somewhat of a letdown. I also think it might have been nice for Fez to finally reveal what country he's from. But I guess that's an unsolved mystery to leave for future debate from fans of the show.
    I must admit though, that in the final seconds when everybody is upstairs counting down to the new year and all you see is the empty basement, I did feel a little lump in my throat. That part was good. No flashbacks. No corny music. No warm fuzzy group hugs. No tears. No uproaris cheers from the audience. Just the countdown to the new decade as the image of the place we remember most from the show sits vacant and alone, without a sign of a circle in sight. Cut to the orange liscense plate with the words "That '70's Show" stamped on it. And an '80 expiration date sticker...
  • A bittersweet ending to one of the best shows in... 8 years!

    This was really, not a bad ending. It actuallr wraps off the story all so well. But, of course, there is adebate of some gliches.

    First of all, the plot; Less thn 2 hours before 1980 arrives, and the gang wants to do something to end well. This is where all the knots are tied; no more. And, for the fate of the characters;
    Randy... does absolutly noting.
    Kitty and Red decide the stay in Florida
    Leo is staying in Point Place
    Kelso found a good place for hi family.
    Hyde's going to Chicago.
    Fez and Jackie - they're together - finally kisses.
    And, the biggest spoiler, Eric and Donna are back!

    So, everything went well at the end. Well, still, there is the funny part where Kelso blasted the rocket.

    BUT there is a few glitches. Nothing so big, but, still,gltches,none the less.
    Randy was only there because... well, I dunno. He just appered and dissapered.
    They reused the ending from the first episode.
    They were accrate with the flashbacks on Donna and Eric, but Kelso, Hyde, and Red's flashbacks were a bit off.
    We still don't know what the future still has back. I know, we see a brief look of now. But what about the rest of now?

    It was overal one of the best endings to one of the most magnificent shows FOX has made. I just hope that this could go more than the 70's.

    they have to bring back that 70s show
    its one of my favorites
    atleast they can do is make a spinoff from it called that 80s show
    then wed have 10 more years
    and we still never found out were fez is from
    i mean from the first epi sode to this one , the last one , its been a real tear - jerker
    it was funny how eric missed his flight at the end
    l o l
    but we saw him at the end so it was good
    but the last season was very good and my cousin has them all on dvd so i watch em often ,
  • Great way to end the series...

    With the dreadful 8th season coming to an end, this episode definitely brightened up things.

    The 8th season was pretty lacking. Without Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher, the show didnt really have the same feeling. Randy was a horrible replacement character that just never fit and made fans long for Eric and Kelso even more. The writers did the best they could with the situation. I did like the evolution of Jackie and Fez's relationship.

    The finale had good jokes and a great storyline. New Years Eve and the last day of the 70s is the only way this show could have possibly ended. I was very happy to see Michael and Eric come back for this episode, it made it feel like That 70s Show again.

    The scene with Eric coming home and talking to Donna was very well done and a great way to wrap up their relationship. I also loved the final scene with everyone in the basement.

    Quality writing and laughs = Classic That 70s Show
  • The Perfect ending for the Perfect Show

    This was a perfect ending for That 70s Show.

    I was SO MAD when Red got home without Eric. I was SO DISAPOINTED that Topher Grace didnt come back. When he go there me and my brother freaked out!

    I loved the whole episode. Kitty not moving, Kelso coming back, and "Wheres Laurie?" Lol funyn, this was a great ending

    Im still upset they never revieled where Fez was from. But in a way it will give us something to do while the show is gone, think about where Fez was from

    As i loved that Hyde used his money on the season tickets, i dont understand. Red became a supervisor and Hyde still payed em?

    But still, i was pleased with the finale.
  • nooooooooooooo

    i just found out that it exists a show named that 80s show
    but it dont have anything to do with it......anyway why didnt they say where fez came from and his real name....
    but anyway the episode is the best ever

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  • Great Show...Pretty Bad Season...Sad Episode

    I was obsessed with this show for the fact that it really was a great show
    i started watching it in the summer of 2004,(Also the Summer I started watching family guy...But its overrated now) i was 13 i think and i loved it
    i bought every season, but i watched it so fast it felt like they didnt make the series long enough
    Well, the episode was very emotional for me and .... I cried...
    eh, only because i was so used to watching the show for so long ...when it ended , i couldnt believe it was over
    yeah well im just glad Eric came back for this episode and got back with Donna...
  • That 70s Show is over im SO sad ive cried like 10 times already it was the greatest show ever created and im so sad to see it end =[ I dont think i can go a day without at least seeing 1 episode thank GOD for re runs and DVDs! what a great show!

    That 70s Show is the best show i have seen in my entire life its so funny and theres nothing else to describe its just funny.. the last episode was amazing i loved everything expect that it was sad to see it end where Kitty says how much she loves the kids that was VERY touching and of course made me cry where Red flashes back to the good ol kicks in the ass and where Hyde flashes back to where he punched Kelso i was so happy Kelso came back for one last time to celebrate the new year with the gang and where he jumped off the water tower that was so funny i also liked that Fez and Jackie got together cuz Fez always liked her he deserves it but i loved the scene with Eric and Donna where Donna flashes back to the good times that was very sad too and then for the last minute of the show where they sit in the circle for one last time =[ and then the countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 boom 1980 and then it shows That 70s Show on the license plate omg im so sad!!!! like i said ive cried a lot because that was the best show ever and i know everybody is so sad to see it end .. i hope someday it will come back i loved everything the place everything i especially loved where they hang out in the basement ahhhh man all the good times the laughs everything .. i sure will miss it and i will never NEVER replace this show with anything else because this show really is GREAT and im gonna cry right now i would like to thank everybody that made this show and the characters they have been great for 8 years i just wish it would still go to more seasons the ending is great where they countdown and they have their last circle together it was so sad =[ great show i will miss it and i will never forget this show and one more time i would like to thank all the directors and characters for making this show the best show on EARTH! and once more "Theres this car that runs on water, man"
  • A graet finale...

    This is a great finale for a great series... Fez and Jackie are finally a happy couple and begin to believe that they are going to have a future together, meanwhile, Kelso finally returns after almost a year of absence and wants to reunite with his friends, there they go out to the water tower where Kelso falls over again, which was really funny... and everyone is expecting the arrival of Eric, especially Donna, to prove she does not loves him, later Red comes telling them that Eric missed his airport, and with that, dissapoints Donna. Eric manages to arrived before the new year, and kisses Donna, and the show ends with the arrival of the 80's. A great episode...
  • what a great way to end the series....... great series finale!

    wow.... what can i say? eric comes home again from africa.... fez gets hooked up with jackie ..... kelso comes back from being a bouncer for play boy ..... or something like that ....... and hide quits the circle and comes back to it again! too dramtic but ..... who cares! they really shouldnt have cancelled it and all because its a really great show! my gosh ... ive run out of things to say! o well what a great way to end the series....... great series finale! what a great way to end the series....... great series finale! goodbye
  • i hope it comes back

    that 70s show was the best i hope they make something like a that 80s show [ not like the crappy one ] that would be the best thing ever . becuse that 80 show was more boreing than watching paint dry. uh huh u hu hu hu huh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uuh hu uh uh uh hu uh uh hu uh uh uhuh uh uh uh uh uh uh huh uh uh uh ./ what is it even about was the writer high or something .
  • It's December 31, 1979 and the gang celebrates New Year's Eve. So sad..........

    It's December 31, 1979 and the gang celebrates New Year's Eve. Eric returns and him and Donna have a reunion which made me and probably millions of others extremely happy. Fez and Jackie had their first official kiss, which I loved. Kelso also returned and Bob revealed he is going to move to Florida to open a bate shop and he asked Red, but Red said he didn't want to go, so Kitty and Red decide to stay and the gang and the parents look back at the past decade with memopries of all the foot in ass jokes and the times people fell off the tower and a couple other flashbacks. this was a very sad episode. I've grown up with this show and it was sad to see it go.
  • Its New years eve 1979 and the gang is all back together again.

    In this the final Episode, the gang all comes back together, Eric comes back and tells Donna he never stopped thinking about her and she says the same and then they share a hot as kiss which i must say we had all been waiting for!! Thank god they did that BTW, jackie and Fez finally have their first kiss, on the water tower of all places and Red and Kitty decide not to move to florida. Such a sad episode going to miss Reds foot in a.s.s. comments and fez's "you son of a b!tch". Best last shot ever, the Number plate finally turning to 80...the end of an era.
  • i loved this show great eposide its sad that it was the last eposide

    i loved this eposide to bad this was the last eposide this show was the best fez and jakie ened up toghter i was hopeing that kelso ends up toghter. i loved that kelo was a rino and the said woof woof that was funny i could not stop laughing i think it was unny when kelso says that he is going the blast himslf into the future that was funny i loved it when donn like i don't love erick and the kitty said he is here she said how is my hair that was very funny it was sad that the series ended .i wached it since 1999 and i think the should hae kept the shoe going does anyone else agree o uya then there like the last circle of the decend abnd then donna and jakie cme down staies ans sat here u burn outs are come on it almost new years then they say last person up stirs calls red a dumass the it was kelso he puts on he helmet then goes up staris then they where like 54321 the it ened i was so sad .well thats all 4 now bliar xoxo
  • Give Credit Where Credit's Due.

    Finally, all the seasons are released on DVD and I can get all the specials. For me, this bearable 8th season was saved by Tommy Chong and the Finale. I was hoping to see Martin Cheech as a guest star somewhere, but it was not to be. So why did they not give Eric Forman's star, Topher Grace, a credit? Ashton was listed as a guest star and Josh Meyer (Randy) wasn't even in the finale and he got opening credits. The finale wrapped up nicely leaving us to imagine a potential happy future for Eric and Donna. Here's to the best TV tribute to the 70's. Bravo.

    That's 70's Movie anyone?
  • the last episode and the end of the 70's

    in the last episode of that 70's show we learn that Donna is leaving point place for college and Hyde is the owner of the last grooves and Jackie and Fez have they first kiss and Kitty and Red decide to stay in point place and Kelso returns and falls off the water towner one last time and at the party donna gets mad at eric for some reason and Eric returns and Eric and Donna get back togeter and the guys do one last circle and the show ends and begans the 80's and we never know Fez's real name or his country
  • a bad conclusion of a great show which has been drowning for a season

    Since the departure of Forman and Kelso, the show has been worse and worse from episod to episod.

    This is really to bad because this used to be one of my favourite show.

    This episod was totally predictable Donna and Eric getting back together. We only seen Forman and Kelso for like 5 minutes each.
    I was hoping the last episod would go back to the great episodes we've seen from Season 1 to 7 but it wasn't

    This episod shows how little imagination the writters of That '70s show had during the 8th season.
    I'm guessing that after this season, Fox would have never signed for a 9th one
  • An extremely painful ending to a once great show. Jackie and Fez were the worst idea ever.

    This episode was extremely painful to watch just like the rest of season eight. It would have almost been the perfect ending had it not been for the Jackie/Fez storyline. This ruined the ending for the majority of the fans. They decided to throw this couple together at the last minute without any build up. It was a slap in the face to everyone who loved the show.

    The only part that made the show worth watching was the Eric/Donna ending. It was perfect. The final scene was great with the countdown to 1980.

    In conclusion, the ending sucked!
  • What???

    I watched the series finale and I have to say that I was really disappointed. Ever since Jackie and Hyde broke up, I wanted them to get back together, even though Hyde was married to that dumb stripper. I would have liked to know what it was she did to Hyde. One episode she was there and then the next episode, she was gone with no explanation. I don\'t like Jackie and Fez together. I know he has been crushing on her the whole time, but I just loved Jackie and Hyde together. I liked the fact that Donna and Eric did get back together before the show was over, however, it would have been nice for him to arrive at least half way through the hour long finale, instead of the last few minutes. I am really going to miss this show. I loved every season and episode, except for the last one. I hope that maybe someday we will get a reunion show, and they will let us know what happened to all of the characters and the actors since the show wrapped. I am going to miss hanging out with the gang, but I will definitely love reminising with the DVD collection. Goodbye That 70\'s show, you will be sorely missed!!
  • Not worth a series finale.

    I expected better from "That 70's Show." there was hardly any memories. The whole "Jackie & Fez never kissed plot" was tiresome and not good for a series finale. Usually a series finale isn't a kiss, it's a wedding. For closure & all. It also sucks that Eric didn't return until the end. And I'm always wondering to myself. Did Eric & Donna get back together? When Kelso comes back, also wastes time. The memories that they had were funny but not worth 8 seasons of memories. It was sad when Kitty was speaking to Donna. That was closure right there. This episode should of been like a farewell movie. Please I want this show back!!!!!
  • What better way to end the seventies

    this was a great episode
    even though hyde quit the circle for a short period of time
    the was a lot of great things about this episode
    kelso and eric returned
    leo was there
    forman scored tounge with donna
    everyone got baked
    kelso fell of the water tower
    fez scored tounge with jackie
    that stupid randy guy left
    and we had to say goodbye as we hit the end of an era
    not the 70's
    but the 70's show
    we had to say goodbye to prehaps the greatest show ever created
    i could have cried if i wanted to
    but the writers decided to end it well
    all of the places they go to were there
    the basement
    the kitchen
    the driveway
    the water tower
    except i dont think they went to the hub
    that was weird but it doesnt matter
    the seventies went out in style
  • Farewell to the 70's, it was one groovy ride.

    The finale, you never really can prepare for these, not when you've invested in the show from the beginning.

    Well, for starters, Donna stays broken up from Randy, not really a big thing because I was never really into them as a pair, but at least Randy got a nice sendoff.

    Hyde's dad gives him the record store that he had since season 7. Which is pretty cool seeing as how Hyde's always pretty much been his own boss since the beginning, now he can say that with a paycheck.

    Fez's cousin was a hoot, very proper and regal compared to Fez's 'native' sort of demeanor (from the other side of the island). Unfortunately, it still was not revealed where exactly Fez is from, it seems even Sherlock holmes wouldn't be able to crack that case.

    OF course, this was eclipsed by Hyde's period of freaking out over a "circle", seeing himself in all of his friends faces. This results in him quitting for a while, leading to a session at the record store where "he needs help" and he's once again back on the herb.

    Kitty and Red decide to stay in Wisconsin, even though Bob still plans to go and open up his own baitshot.

    Fez and Jackie get together as a couple, and as a tribute to Fez's never ending perviness, his final words to her are "So when do we get to second base?"

    Kelso's back baby!!! And Kutcher didn't miss a beat from the moment he stepped back onto screen, the burns, the water tower, the helmet, it was just *Bam* *Bam* *Bam* one after the other.

    And finally, Eric returns, and the anticipated talk between him and Donna on the hood of the car, ending with her kissing him, and, I suppose indicating that they're back together.

    The final closes out with all of them in a last circle, strutting up the stairs as the final countdown closes out the 70's.

    All, in all, great finale, but not without flaws, for reasons which prevented me from giving it a perfect score.

    - Leo wasn't given enough to do. I mean, it was nice having him there, but he should have had something revealed about him.

    - Midge? Laurie? Where for art thou? Sure, Laurie was mentioned, but only to ask where she was. Very disappointing not to see them there.

    - While I was more partial to Hyde/Jackie than Fez/Jackie, but if you're going to put them together, would it have killed the writers to mention when Fez gave Jackie "the best kiss of her life" or when he didn't take advantage of her after helping her win the skating competition?

    - Eric never really did explain why he broke up with Donna to begin with.

    - And, like I said, where is fez from?!!?

    But aside from that, great show that will be sorely missed.
  • What a great series finale.

    What an awesome finale. I liked how many things came full circle. Eric, Hyde, Kelso and Fez in the final 360, Hyde talkin about the car that runs on water, the six of them in the final scene, Kelso falling off the water tower, the characters reminding us who they were, and Eric and Donna back together (that's my own conclusion). Though it was sad to see the series end, it was time to call it a series. Gonna miss this show. Good thing there are re runs and DVDS.
  • I can't beleive it...

    9.4's the end of That 70's Show. Oh well, at least Donna and Eric are back together from their second break-up from when Eric whent to Austrailia.
    Also, Fez finally wins Jackie's heart. A ton of unforgettable things happened in this episode, that I'm never gonna get outta my mind. This show was one of the best thongs that ever happened to TV. Now it's under the bridge... *sigh*. I wonder what the Formans, Pinciottis, Kelsos, Hydes, and Burkharts are doing now... probably saying, "I want to roll that camera again..."... oh well, bye bye, sweet memories. I'm off to play my Gamecube...
  • I'll never stop laughing at the reruns, it's soo sad to see a good show stop

    That 70\'s Show always kept me laughing through my hard times and theirs. I\'ll probably never stop watching the reruns on FX and my family will probably hate me for it. But it\'s so sad to see it ending and I hope that one day I\'ll be able to show my kids what it was like to live in the 70\'s. And hopefully, they\'ll laugh as hard as I have.
    A Devoted Fan of That 70\'s Show Always,
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