That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 22

That '70s Finale

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Eric\'s painful departure should have represented the transition into the meat-grinder known as the 80\'s - he should have stayed gone!

    While Eric\'s departure was a big blow to the rhythm of the show, it should have led to a truly memorable eighth season. For seasons 1-6, Forman\'s basement was the gang\'s sanctuary against impending adulthood - the Circle a celebration of that insular feeling available only to high-school kids of that era. By season 7, they all realize that their world is changing faster than they can cope with it - welcome to being 18 or 19 - and they struggle to cling to what got them through the high-school years: each other. By season 7, we all know that the warm confines of Forman\'s basement will soon have to fade into fuzzy memory. The characters have outgrown it, and are, in a sense, drifting apart from each other - welcome to being 18 or 19.

    Kelso\'s departure was unwelcome, but not fatal to the story-line. This was, after all, a show about Eric and Donna. (\'Friends\' could have lost anyone except Ross or Rachel.) The writers properly used the presence of Eric\'s constant absence to pry the characters out of the basement, and into adult life. But they failed to wrap things up believably or profoundly. Jackie and Fez? PLEASE! By 1982, Fez would have come out of the closet! Eric\'s departure hurt - we felt his loss, as did his fellow characters. The writers should have capitalized on that mood, and used it to acknowledge the end of an innocent era - not just for a few kids in Point Place, but for the entire country (the 80\'s sucked!).

    Contrary to popular demand, Eric and Donna should NOT have ended up together - part of growing up is leaving that high-school sweetheart behind. However - and this was the biggest failure of the writers - Eric should never have come back from Africa! He should have died in a plane crash on his way back - the last scene should have been Donna, in 2006, thinking back to those days ... when we buried Eric. Or, he could have just not been acknowledged beyond a New Year\'s toast, and the last scene could have been him in 2045 (as Newhart, of course), daydreaming about Donna, wondering what became of her.

    Thanks to the cast - one of the greatest ever!
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