That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 22

That '70s Finale

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • good bye 70's

    the show ended while it was still fresh. they could have gone on for a few more years but erick and kelso have left the show leaving jakie, hyde, donna, and eriks parent's. which is fine but it wasn't going to be the same. and this was the end of the 70's. they couldn't do that 70's show in the 80's. as donna is ready to leave for college it is revealed erick is coming home. so she stay's. as red pulls up to the house from picking up erick from the air port red get's out of the car and say's "the dumb ass missed his flight!" kelso returns for the last episode to hang out with his friends. as they are all in the living room ready for the new year start's kitty tell's everyone that they are staying. and also telling hyde that he is her second son. and donna as her daughter. she also tell's donna that she is "so sorry thigs did not work out between her and erik." donna then leaves the living room as kitty say's "speaking of daughters were's laurie"
    it then show's donna sitting on the car hood thinking about erik. and like any good ending of a story.. he come's back as we hear a "hey" and we see erik. fez,hyde,kelso, and erik are all in the circle when hyde say's "there's this car... and it runs on water!!!" (hyde has mentioned this car in the first episode and many other episodes" jakie and donna then come down stairs and say's mrs. forman is starting. and erick says' "last one up has to call red a dumb ass!!!" they all rush upstairs as kelso is about to beat hyde but hyde pushes him down. kelso prepairs by putting a helmet on. the camera stay's on down stairs but we hear a count down upstairs 3..... 2..... 1.... that 70's show.